This made for a noticeable maturity difference that could seem a little weird at times. Their leader demanded that Zuko relinquish the throne in exchange for his family's lives. Zuko is the first character in the entire. But his ultimate resolution is nothing more or less than a thing of preeminent storytelling. During the final showdown in the Crystal Catacombs, Zuko ultimately chose to ally himself with Azula and fought against Aang and Katara. Katara defeated Zuko, and they prepared to leave with Aang. During the battle for Yu Dao, Zuko's skills were again on display as he managed to single-handedly overwhelm a large number of Earth Kingdom soldiers with minimal effort and stand on equal footing against General How. "I am Zuko, son of Ursa and Fire Lord Ozai. However, Katara still remained bitter and apprehensive after his previous betrayal in the Crystal Catacombs, stating that she would kill Zuko with no second thought if he tried to hurt Aang again. Both were born to upper-class families and lived under the influence of their ambitious fathers. Her disappearance was powerful, emotional, and extremely explanatory as Zuko's rage comes from a place of terror and grief. When Iroh praised him, Zuko eagerly asked to try it out with real lightning, but Iroh refused, not risking the chance of him killing his nephew. However, during the Kemurikage incident, when Azula had made some mental recovery following her breakdown, Zuko was unable to match her skill, and was ultimately defeated. But despite being so popular and talented, he is extremely humble to his fans. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. [18], Zuko was able to show mercy, even to his enemies. Can BTS's Jungkook and Blackpink's Jisoo Be Good Friends. Azula and Zuko eavesdropped on their conversation as Ozai voiced his desire to be made heir in Iroh's place, justifying this course of action by pointing out that Iroh's overwhelming grief and subsequent erratic behavior made the date of his return from war uncertain, and that he now had no remaining heirs to carry on his line. Katara, telling him that he would not be able to control himself in an altered emotional state, managed to calm him down. The way Zuko not only fought for good, but also found inner peace and balance (The Dragon Dance) was stunning and beautiful. Katara and Zuko’s chemistry invited fans to ship the two as a couple, but they never became romantically involved. The result of this reveal is a strong level of fear, disgust, and hatred emanating from the people who had taken him in and the people he had saved. When he was told by Suki that Ozai and Azula had not said a word to each other, he entered the room to bring tea in an attempt to ease the tension. When BTS comes up with fashion, we all know it’s going to be hit and lit! Their mother, however, loved both but favored him over his sister;[11] especially when Azula let her brother feel her increasing animosity, as apparent when Ursa, Zuko, and Azula would walk in the royal garden around 94 AG. [68] He later employed this technique against his father[46] and Azula to protect Katara. After realizing that his father's approval and old life did little more than leave him feeling cold and empty, he finally understood who he was, and sought out his old enemy to apologize and offer his help. During the fighting, Suki launched a flare signaling their location before Zuko and the Kyoshi Warriors were all subdued with bolas. This might be the most obvious reason why these two should be together. Mai quickly accused Kei Lo of deceit, to which Zuko vouched for him after he pleaded he was fed false information. Zuko in the films Zuko talked to a picture of Iroh after becoming conflicted about his actions. However, he was promptly silenced by his father, who was outraged by his son's behaviour and scolded Zuko for daring to lecture his sister on firebending. Before the conflict could be settled, the group was attacked by vines and other plant life. It was for this reason that Zuko allowed the Fire Nation colonials to remain in the city and announced his rejection of the Harmony Restoration Movement.[14]. In order to receive the information, Zuko complied with Azula's request to allow her to accompany him unbound and with dignity on his quest to find their mother. Zuko in the pilot episode In season 1, Zuko started out as Katara’s tormentor, who hunted Aang, her brother Sokka (Jack De Sena), and herself across the world with the intention of handing over their friend to be killed by Fire Lord Ozai (Mark Hamill). [35] Zuko, in turn, would always trust the Avatar's instinct. He raged at the storm and the world, lamenting how it had never held back before in hurting him. Have You Seen These Rare And Unseen Photoshoots Of BTS Jungkook Yet? While Katara (Mae Whitman) and Aang (Zach Tyler Eisen) became a couple at the end of the third and final season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, many fans of the series still believe Katara and Zuko (Dante Basco) would have made a better match.

This is all the worse for him having lost his mother. Book Three: Fire (Summer 100 AG) he would have done the same if it were sokka or toph standing there 9. Their reactions to this acknowledgment were also similar, as both Zuko and Asami had to make a choice between joining the Avatar to stop their fathers or serving their fathers, and both characters made the former choice, turning against their parents with quick lightning-based attacks. [18] His caring feelings toward Kiyi only strengthened after he discovered she was his half-sister, and he disregarded any royal formalities with her.[29]. [66][71][74] His skills served him well while he was disguised as the Blue Spirit. During this time, Zuko developed night-terrors, chronic insomnia, and a somewhat paranoid attitude. [12] Iroh accompanied Zuko during his exile, and the pair spent more than two years at sea with a small ship and crew.

During his banishment, he displayed zeal in pursuing the Avatar, using whatever means he thought necessary. He swore to his father he will do everything in his power to see his defeat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Aang and his companions approached, he angrily demanded that they leave, spraying fire at them. After some more bickering, the group arrived at a pond of clear and quiet water. A statue of Zuko was erected in Central City Station. He was answered with Azula's mutterings about their mother inducing Zuko to throw her over the cliff when Azula realized that her brother did not burn the letter despite having it all night. Zuko had above-average abilities that helped him survive certain situations.

Zuko's attempt to defend Aang from Combustion Man signified his genuine loyalty to the team. Aang, angry at Zuko's action, warned him to let her go, but he insisted that she first had to agree to stop attacking; Aang separated Zuko and Katara with airbending, prompting Zuko to retaliate, and Aang to enter the Avatar State. He called the two Kyoshi Warriors back and gently positioned a now paralyzed Azula back into her chair.

[53] He fought somewhat better during the Confrontation at Tu Zin; in a three-way battle with Azula and Aang, he traded several fire blasts with his sister and kept the Avatar on the defensive. Zuko, Aang, Katara, and Toph each launched an elemental attack, but Azula disappeared, utilizing a clever firebending move, whilst Zuko ran to his wounded uncle. Azula burnt Ursa's letters, much to Zuko's shock and horror. Convinced that Aang was going to fulfill his promise, Zuko pleaded with Aang to reconsider but immediately reconciled with the thought that his own demise was for the best.

Zuko wanted the repairs done quickly so they would not lose the Avatar's trail, and warned Iroh not to mention the Avatar during their stay so no other firebenders would start looking for him. He bled for the first time in ". It is clearly natural and instinctive.

Zuko reassured Ursa that he will protect her and her family. Position

He also had some experience with knives, being able to pierce a small object, like a horn, from a distance.[74].

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