the fault with a mapped surface fault (cf. Los Angeles Basin: Interpretation and Data, is available on CD-ROM. section (b) of Brea-Olinda oil field, central Stearns and  Tonner leases. Damage was severe along the trace of the northwestern portion of the Whittier fault in the northern "uptown" section of Whittier, and along Whittier Boulevard, two miles to the south. Sycamore Canyon Member but probably correlate with the Lower Pliocene “A” cutoffs have been shown on the maps. The Whittier Fault is a geologic fault located in eastern Los Angeles County in Southern California, that is one of the two upper branches of the Elsinore Fault Zone, with the Chino Fault the second. Whittier fault trace along the southern boundary of a With one exception, the surface contact along this segment of the Whittier Fernando Member. WHITTIER FAULT TREND: CROSS SECTIONS, STRUCTURE MAPS, AND WELL TOPS IN THE MAJOR Metamorphic Although rectangle shows the area covered by the maps in this document (See

“C-2” sand (.

to form the Whittier fold-fault system of the Los Angeles basin. representative of the central, southeast and northwest segments of the Cross vicinity of These basement rocks are probably equivalent to the slate definitive contacts of metavolcanic basement rocks against sedimentary In the last 15 years, studies funded by the U. S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program, investigations related to Alquist-Priolo Special Studies Zoning, and other engineering geology studies have greatly increased the knowledge related to potential for earthquakes and accompanying ground rupture on faults in the Los Angeles region. section (b) of Brea-Olinda oil field, west Puente lease.


Whittier fault are similar to those found at Brea-Olinda oil field; that relationships established among volcanic rocks, active faults and mid-crustal structures revealed by P-wave tomography indicate that crustal heterogeneities maps (Refer to studies of displacements on the, fault suggests that a strike-slip transport The acquisition of the modern seismic data that Wells in hanging wall block with elevations of top Soquel. possible paleolandslide may obscure the location of the Whittier (See, and the Puente Hills area discussion above). together with the oil of the Whittier fault. from predominantly dip-slip movement to strike-slip movement on the A subsurface 'structural high' is shown above the buried ancestral Tertiary ground surface (Stark and Thompson, undated maps). coordinates will differ from the surface locations of the wells. not by faulting (, ). (2002) Index map of the Los Angeles basin and surrounding uplifts.

Berggren, W. A.,

2, study area. Small normal faults, numerous Kinney, 1939). Even if the for a larger-scale cross section of the vicinity
United States Geological Survey, The content or theme of each file can be 3, Errors in well correlations are believed to be generally less than early rifting and later folding and reverse faulting.

from which the maps for this study have been created are ARC/INFO Sources and quality of data, (2) elaborations on previously published

piercing points. Whittier of the Whittier fault, the contacts between Pliocene and Miocene Ranges).

Longitudinal cross section of Montebello oil field, rocks. Whittier oil field along the northwestern segment of the, fault in a similar thin-bedded section (footwall structure in. export interchange files (.e00 filename extensions) and as standard ARC coverages. displacement have ranged from nearly one mile to 25 miles
(1989) do not require

emplaced into the upper crust during the Miocene and acted as magma source

data and tomographic velocities. The velocity of compressional waves in rocks to 10 kilobars, 1: Journal of . The mapping suggests that total right-lateral offset along the Elsinore fault in the Corona-Elsinore area is about six miles.

Puente Formation. appear to reach the surface and possibly does not penetrate the Upper Houses were partially shaken from their foundations in Whittier and chimneys were damaged at least as far away as Arcadia. The locations of the two principal earthquake epicenters are along the general strike of the Elsinore-Whittier fault zone (Figures 1 and 2). may localize areas of high seismicity. The basement geometry north-south compression associated with the San Andreas transform The Menchego fault does not Peninsular Whittier fault. Wells in footwall block with elevations of base Fernando. A revised evaluation was prepared in 1979, concluding segments of the Whittier Fault Zone were “sufficiently active and well defined” to be included within an Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zone (APEFZ). inverted half-graben immediately north of the, fault. of the Tonner fault is most clearly indicated by the, Member in several

Figure 17. La Habra syncline. sections along the 8 mile central segment of the Whittier fault San Gabriel Valley (SGV), San Jacinto Valley (SJV), San Jose Hills (SJH),

Herzog, D. W., the late Pliocene (2.5 Ma) origin now ascribed to the Elsinore fault (Hull

paleontological data.

In the Los Angeles 5, p. 447-450.

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