Even painting with a vibrant shade of ocean blue or turquoise will bring water element into your urban dwelling. In Vaastu, paintings can influence and support energies; bringing in plenty of luck across spheres, such as finance, education, relationships, health, children and social status-quo, amongst many others.

How a painting can make a difference? Vaastu has laid down some directions and locations where these pictures and paintings can have maximum positive or negative effects. Water is the very reason of existence of life on Earth .Water has played great role in the development of civilizations. And the best and easiest way to do that is hanging FengShui Paintings in your office.

Many symbols are originating from the ancient culture of India. This is a highly beneficial painting for the main bedroom in the southwest when placed according to the advice from Vastu expert. Pink, yellow, blue and green can also be used. Prosperity paintings are found in many corporate and small offices. In the same way, everything that surrounds you at your workplace has power to influence your life energy. Posters and Paintings Vastu – Principles You Must Follow. The specific type of artwork and different wavelength of various colors promotes harmony in the desired zone. There are many sources of water elements – lakes, rivers, rain, snow, oceans etc. Finally, paintings should be placed based on the element and its associated colors. If the south wall is not available, then East wall can be considered . Moving and flowing water can encourage those who come into contact with it to accept continual change and not to struggle unnecessarily in the life.

This painting is a useful correction for homes having a washroom towards the east and south-east according to Vastu Shastra.

So, the next BIG question is how to attract those energies?? Feng Shui WaterFall Painting, High Quality Print, Comes in four options 1) Canvas Roll 2) Gallery Wrap (streched on wooden structure 3) Frame (1" broad high quality black frame) . You can hang the waterfall painting in the corridor or lobby that leads to your home or office as you will have the view of this source of abundance every time you enter or leave your office or house. Some of the tips about the direction and location of paintings and pictures to leverage maximum positive effects are: Everyone loves to have family pictures and portraits displayed in one’s home. A painting of a solid rock mountain or a tall building improves the earth energies.

In Fengshui, it is believed that a painting of 8 galloping horses in your office or cabin boosts your luck while facing challenges at workplace or business. It also protects you from negative vibes. Paintings like that of ‘endless straight paths or roads’ symbolize plenty of opportunities ahead.

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