Interesting starting with the 29S and not the 29A? The MiG-19PT is a rank VI Soviet jet fighter with a battle rating of 10.0 (AB/RB) and 10.3 (SB). Those top tier 6 jets would have powerful missiles like the R-60M, R-23T, R-24T, AIM-9L, etc, with the addition of flares on all of them. I tried getting those who argued against that addition to understand.

In fact, some modernized modifications are still in combat use today.
Italy's next jet for tier 6 would only be the F-104G, they had no other potential candidates. The former came true but the latter has yet to be fulfilled. The MiG-21bis will soon become available to all pilots for research as the brand new top Soviet jet fighter, coming to War Thunder as part of the next major update. So for the player base, the french tree is quite amazing and I can understand why popular trees gets more attentions since the players asks for it. France got a tractor. Tier 7 right now is no priority, and when/if added, the BRs should be proper ones. Alpha and g limits are increased. Mass production commenced a year later in 1986. Unlike preceding variants, the MiG-21bis managed to strike a balance between performance and endurance. NATO allocated the new reporting name 'Fulcrum-C' for aircraft fitted with a bulged and extended spine, which reportedly houses both fuel and avionics, and which may also be applied through retrofit. Depiction of any real-world weapon or vehicle in this game does not mean participation in game development, sponsorship or endorsement by any weapon or vehicle manufacturer.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Either that or decision made active guided misisles like Aim120 or R77 are not added to prevent players from having a missile that can eventually become "fire and forget" when it goes pitbull as well as preventing multishot capability that comes with associated TWS radar modes utilized with active guided radar missiles. F-4EJ KAI is not confirmed for certain. I have made my own suggestion for 7th rank aircraft for China , just to give an idea to people of what the chinese TT holds for the future of WT and it is a lot of nice vehicles. Why are the Phantoms the only aircraft in the game that get countermeasures? Planes like the ones I mentioned in addition to the Mirage F.1 and maybe even the Rafale would be awesome, given the points I used to argue for the possibility of tier 7, Well, I think that CCCP/RUS and US will (IMO) be first to break GenIV barrier, And by that time if SARH missile are not introduced then we likely may see what I would call "castrated" jets (lacking some armament options and system operations), I made this statcard recently of early Block F-16A (Block 1/5/10 but not 15, simply for reason that Block 15 received possibility of having more advanced systems and larger horizontal stabilizers), According to SAC, F-16A Blocks 1/5/10 could have carried AIM-9J since by the time of introduction, AIM-9L was not yet used (I'm not sure), So in beginning we may end up with what essentially may be better climbing, turning and accelerating F-4E, As far as Soviets go, first production series of MiG-29, the MiG-29A seems like nice choice since it would be somewhat comparable to F-16A though MiG-29A would have possibility of carrying SARH missiles, the R73.
Any hope for some more low tier vehicles this patch?

the 21bis do have flares tho, ASO-2, not on the stock aircraft but as a modification. Powered by Invision Community, Tier VII Aviation Possibilities (?) For those keeping track, that's 2 German top tier vehicles, probably meta, and now 2 top tier Russian Vehicles, possibly meta defining. oh heck yeah, a very nice jet for the Russians, what is there to complain about? I would also pitch in that any jet that can currently carry flare can carry chaff due to the countermeasure system type thye would have used. It seems that this is not the boring "fire your missile and forget everything else" gameplay we perceived in our minds before. Do not add a single one until you have taken the time to develop at least one competitive variant for every single nation in the game. You have to keep watching out for missiles in order to pop out your flares. As a result, in 1971, the order to develop what would essentially become the MiG-21bis was issued by the Soviet high command. You wouldn't go around killing everything in site consistently. takeoff weight: 19,700 kg (43,431 lbs), Max. The MiG-21bis also retains access to unguided munitions such as bombs and rockets of various calibers for all those passionate close air support pilots out there. Also im sure the U.S F4 eventually got AIM-9L ... Because War thunder is a pretty arcade game, I don't think the electronic advantage of the Rafale over the Su 27 would playa role Soviet sources suggest that the 'Fulcrum-C' is still simply designated MiG-29, although the nickname 'Gorbatov' (hunchback) is commonly used. A couple more years of aviation development, plus adding more maps and regular enduring confrontation, with a good filled out rank supersonic era of jets is gonna be so cool. Mk.9.. General info Flight performance. I'm going to guess we will begin seeing these after Rank 7 Aircraft are announced with Patch 2.01 or, well actually i don't know if i can make that prediction anymore since the whole global movement restrictions thing. Well over 2,200 units of the MiG-21bis would be manufactured, including licence-built versions. 3- Missiles are not just "release and forget". if needs to be more competitive a better suggestion would be a post reunification  Luftwaffe MIg29G. Don't just give the USA an F16 while Italy only has an F104. Published by Gaijin Network Ltd. under the exclusive license. Would it be correct that at some point in future, there are chances for it to appear? Powered by Invision Community, After a MiG-25 variant would be in place after a MiG-23 model. since soviet era 9.12A's had IFF removed Not having any form of IFF system in a generation 4 era of aircraft would be detrimental, when many of the current tiers 6 endgame aircraft have IFF systems. It's the third iteration of the mig-21 in the USSR tree (not counting other nations mig-21's) that i will need to research in order to go further down the line in the future. Realizing this has lowkey given me some hype. the mig21-F13 and SMT are not similar aircraft what so ever though? + wishlist, Yes! They were stll the first Sparrows capable of dogfighting to a certain degree, but of course I didn't mean to compare them to the R-27Rs. This is just a suggestion for the future (and I want to make it before somebody else takes the cake ). With the ASA you could also mount the Selenia Aspide. In my opinion (and I think logically), the USSR is supposed to get the best variants because the jets belong to them, so I think this is a good idea for the future (MiG-29S for the USSR, MiG-29UB for the GDR). The 18 aircraft on order include some two-seaters (perhaps as many as six). Not sure how Gaijin devs are going to handle continued research and what not. This would require knowledge, skill, situational awareness and timing. Or was the "A" a western designation? I don't see what you mean. At the same time, flares can also render a fired missile useless if done correctly. yeah I was also like wtf??? There's definitely still potential to see Rank VII aircraft this year, and it doesn't hav to be 4th gen just yet. That does not mean its confirmed, in development or will 100% come. In War Thunder, the MiG-21bis will be a new jet fighter coming to the top rank of the Soviet aviation tree with the release of the next major update. Published by Gaijin Network Ltd. under the exclusive license. Operational capability has been enhanced by fitting a new sighting system, and more recently by making provision for the active homing AAM-AE 'AMRAAMski'. Ian Allan Publishing, 2010, Soviet Cold War Fighters (1947 - 1991) - © Alexander Mladenov 2016. Much like many of the early jet fighters, they looked different, much different than their propeller-driven cousins. If they ever come.

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