The breed is registered with the National Dog Registry For Rare Breeds and recognized by the International Olde English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA) since 1995. have i done the wrong thing and bought as i didn't see the parents? Mr Martin Moran the former VBS Chairman and founder of a new Victorian Bulldog enthusiasts group "The Victorian Bulldog Foundation" is one of a few enthusiasts continuing Mollett's effort to have the Victorian bulldog recognised as a rare breed in its own right by the Kennel Club. We love her. An Olde Victorian Bulldogge is not the same as a Victorian Bulldog.

I'd really like to get one someday. Roger our 3 year old home bred Victorian Bulldog is up for stud. The problem is hip dysplasia, which is inherent in bulldogs, and it takes a lot of care and money to improve the hips in a breeding program. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I’m guessing your puppy is also from one of the breeders mixing either English Bulldogs with the American Bulldogs or Olde English Bulldogs and calling them Victorian Bulldogs. See more ideas about Victorian bulldog, Bulldog, Bulldog puppies. I'd be interested in finding out how much it costs to buy Victorian bulldog pups.

Temperamentally, the dogs are easy going and great for families.

I imagine it's a lot. Also, as far as its great-grandparents. The Victorian Bulldog is larger than the modern English Bulldog, and is more athletic. Now we know the "look" and have that under control. Most Victorians are pretty smart and figure things out very quickly, and they love kids! It still has the muscular build, short legs and face, broad muzzle, large head, wide chest and short, smooth coat typically associated with bulldogs. They are larger, and are more active dogs. I like the fact that they are good family dogs, because we have children.

This sounds like a very special breed of dog.

Boston Terrier versus French Bulldog – What’s the Difference? If you have more specific questions about Victorian Bulldogs I will do my best to answer any posts relating to them.

I just want to make sure when I buy one that it is the "real" deal. @anon308857: Unfortunately, your puppy is not a true Victorian Bulldog.

They are registering these dogs through registries that will register any breed or mix of dogs so that technically, these breeders can claim their dogs are registered, although if you look up the registry online under "bogus dog registries," they will be there. I also like the fact that they are more athletic. Do not trust to touch X-ray. They tend to do best in moderate climates as they are easily chilled and have a difficult time cooling down in hot weather. It's made of sturdy thick plastic.

Old Boston Bulldogs are a healthy working dog without serious health problems. Loyal to their breed, they are excellent guard dogs as well. What about these others who are professing to have that breed available to be purchased? How many crosses or hybrids to be called Victorian bulldog, Olde English Bulldogs, etc.? There are other registries in the UK where the ones born and bred in the UK can be registered.

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