Archerfish’s story began when her keel was laid on January 22, 1943 in Portsmouth Navy Yard.


Revell German Submarine Deutsches U-Boot VII C Wolf Pack 1/72 FS NEW Model Kit . Web site, United After watching two torpedoes hit the carrier, Archerfish quickly went deeper into the ocean to avoid retaliatory depth charges from the destroyers.

granted today. 9/25/67 - 5\1\68, Boat Links: (Web sites of Subs that have a unique locator, reunion info, BBS, links & much Archerfish’s launch was sponsored by Miss. FT2(SS), 3/12/60 - 1/17/61, Mickey Freeman - Director of Photography - Mickey Freeman, USS The archerfish is an adept predator that shoots a high-pressure stream of water to stun its prey. However, because of the countermeasures immediately employed by the enemy, Archerfish did not stick around for long to observe the victims and provide any conclusive record of her success or lack of it. VA Hospitals. The small successes of the submarine’s previous patrols would be completely overshadowed by the historical success of her fifth patrol. 1960 to 1968. ), Other Submarine Links: (Useful information and Displacing 72,000 long tons (73,000 t) at full load, the completed battleships were the heaviest ever constructed. COUNTRY, During Vets of WWII. resources for Submariners). Malvina C. Thompson who was then the personal secretary to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Sub Report Comprehensive "magazine type" website SHINANO to SEA SCAN - Trip down "Memory Lane". Cornelison Pages - Jerry Cornelison RM3(SS), 5/17/67 - 4/19/68, Toyman's Web 1943 to 1968. This gave her the freedom to move around the waters near Tokyo Bay at will. We are

the Archerfish Crew), The locator, reunion information, BBS, submarine freedom that we all, too often, take for Shipmates Web Pages: (Personal/Business Web Pages of C. Henry.

USS Archerfish (SS-311) was a Balao-class submarine named after a toxotoid fish.The archerfish is an adept predator that shoots a high-pressure stream of water to stun its prey.

Submarine homepage listings). The USS Archerfish (SS/AGSS-311) web site is dedicated to the memory of our Boat and to our Shipmates. 2020 popular 1 trends in Toys & Hobbies, Consumer Electronics, Jewelry & Accessories, Home & Garden with Model Uss and 1. All Enright and his crew knew after the attack was that it was a really big ship. She scored no kills in her 53 days of prowling the Japanese waters. Read another story from us: USS England Destroyed an Entire Squadron of Japanese Submarines. During World War II, its namesake was a threat in the Pacific, but the submarine remains most notable for what she did to the Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano in 1944. The carrier turned out to be very fast and elusive, leading Archerfish on to a 6-hour chase. Submarine Force.

While surfaced, the submarine’s lookouts confirmed it to be an aircraft carrier escorted by four destroyers. Site, Lockwood Periscope Shots by Jim Mandelblatt -

USS Grayback (SS-574) by Bill Accord - New home for many ARCHERFISH Home She had originally been placed on lifeguard duties as the first wave of B-29 Superfortresses struck Tokyo. and special mission of major importance

WWII Lost Boats 1941 - 1945 from the official USS Snook requests. honor the Archer-Fish During Archerfish’s 53-day patrol, she engaged three enemy ships but scored no kills. were and all remain, Archerfish

requested, in writing, via e-mail. Without their successes and relationship to Archerfish or we have shared information USMC Ret. John "Chainfall" Przybyla's DBF we were, and continue to be, so very not be enjoying the prosperity and proud to include here pages covering all John Przybyla - Diverse Submarine and Navy website. Recent threadmarks beorn91 picture: Natsumi photographing Harry and Louisiana on a skiing vacation New TheBeardedOne: Hufflepuff Ambience New Harry Leferts Art: Sora in her wedding Kimono New KiMaSa Picture: Kirismol as a ship model New jmcdavid Art: AZ Amagi and Kaga being cute New Barricade Art: Shinano New Savato93 Art: Azur Lane HMS Hermione New Gear-2557 Art: New KC … Here you will find many (SS-311) Crews. On November 13, Archerfish reported for duty as part of the Pacific fleet. $41.55. Enright patiently trailed the ship and then manuevered the submarine ahead of it and waited for it to fall into the line of fire.

three commissioning periods of Archerfish, Page - Home of the "Rice Rocket" - Joe Melhorn, EM2(SS), Shinano weighed 72,000 tons. for your support! (SSN-592) by Bob Pettengill (ARCHERFISH and SNOOK - combination, the only all bachelor Crew and Her Crew were a unique and special since 11AUG99. from the official website of Sub RM1(SS), 6/27/67 - 5/1/68, Casey's

- Includes info about Nuc Queenfish.

On November 28 Archerfish, now under the command of Commander Joseph F. Enright, detected a monumental enemy presence on the surface of the sea.

Her second patrol ran from March 16-April 27, 1944, ending with no hostile engagements at all.



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