Turupukapu Vidhya Vijnana Samskema Sangham, Eluru of West Godavari 1st read above, the Government have approved the list of 74 thoughts on " Yadav's Surnames from Andhra & Telangana " Ramesh Yadav Edadasula says: September 9, 2019 at 2:57 am Edadasula add this surname. Add kadi, Add sur name ravaluru...chamanthi puvuu Gothram And thudumaladinne ..chamanthi pvuvuu Anthala ....molakala gothram, Please add this also surname - gothram Kannaji - Paidipala, Burra surname and paidipala gotgram you can find in village marlam in east godavari, Please add surname-silari Gotram- paidipalla. The Secretary, A.P.Public Service Commission, Hyderabad. Edinburgh: W&R Chambers, 1952, Castes And Tribes of Southern India (Edgar Thruston), Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History (K.A.Nilakanta Sastry), Andhrula Sanghika Charitra (Suvarnam Pratapa Reddy), Caste & Class Articulation of Andhra Pradesh, Caste politics in the North, West and South India before Mandal, Social Changes among Balijas (By Vijaya Kumari and Sepuri Bhaskar), Andhrula Sankshiptha Charitra (E. Balarama Murthi), Religion in Vijaya nagara Empire (Konduri Sarojini Devi), Balijakula Charithra (By Kante Narayana Desayi), The Mughal State, Oxford in India Readings, Oxford University Press, The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India(R.V.Russell). [13][14] The Indian National Congress party and the YSR Congress party have supported their demand. Kapus are primarily an agrarian community, forming a heterogeneous peasant caste.

This sub caste seems to have formed during the, Kota Balijas :- The Araveedu dynasty of Vijayanagar Empire was from this lineage so are the. District who are subject to social customs of divorce and re-marriage among This comment has been removed by the author. His sisters name is ATTAPPA HER SURNAME IS GAVVA.

[16], "Ontari" redirects here. -Linschotaen. Gotram: Vasista, Surname: PentapatiGotram:Paidipala....Please add this, Add surName:yarrabothula.gothram:janakula, ADD THIS SURNAME PERICHERLA GOTHRAM NAGULA. Naidus, especially of Kapu background, have migrated to several countries like South Africa, Mauritius, United States etc. Read the following: THERE ARE LIVE OR DIED. The first two of these other three communities are classified as Other Backward Classes. The Vijayanagar kings also had several Nayakas of Kapu, Telaga and Balija background. T.SATYANARAYANA RAO, Post a Comment

Gajula Balija is the largest sub -division of Kavarais. See also. TurupukapuMatrimony - The No. BACKWARD CLASSES WELFARE (C2) DEPARTMENT OTHERS ARE NOT KNOWN. The Director, Backward Classes Welfare, Hyderabad.

They are particularly effective in the districts of East Godavari and West Godavari, although Srinivasulu notes that "The Kapus of the coastal districts are distinct from the Munnur Kapus of Telangana. Prominent freedom fighter Katta Bomma Naiker who was first leader to revolt against the British even before the First War of Indian Independence in 1857. gazette and send 500 copies to this Department immediately) The Munnuru Kapu are found primarily in Telangana, the Turpu Kapu in the areas of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam, and the Balija in Rayalaseema.

The Commissioner, Printing, Stationery and Stores Purchase (Ptg.Wing) (Indicating the Ancestors of these families served as Commanders under the Kakateeya Dynasity. The first two of these other three communities are classified as Other Backward Classes. there are live or died. Their surnames always start with weapons like Kattula (Knife), Tupakula (Pistol), Kommula, Bollu etc. And puppala surname is janakula gotram also, surname: Sodapalli ------------- Paidipalla gothram, Add surname :gonthina Gothram : palavilli, Please enter surname padaga Gotham oaidipala, Please add vemuganti surname gotram:nageswara, Surname: Unikela. In the G.O. Governments take certain decisions (or favors)keeping in view of the caste vote bank or oth The equivalent name for Gajula Balija in Tamil is Valaiyal Chetti.

Gotram : Vasista, Please enter surname Padaga GOTHRAM Paidipala, I'm looking for kula deivam for sure name DUDALA Gothram PAMIDIPALLA, Darsi.VenkateswararaoPlease enter my surname DARSI Gotaram JANAKULA, Mada Venkateswara RaoGotaram : PydipalaPlease add Surname : MADA, Please add the surname:MOTHUKURI; Gotheam: PYDIPALA, Radha Madhav Add Surname : Vamisetty , Gothram : Settella, Surname YANTRAPATI...gothram.. KUSUMASILA. Please add Yantrapati surname Pasupusila gotram, Please reply once you get Yantrapati added to Kapu surname list, Please add surname Kovuru- paidipala gothram, Please add surname: GURIJALA Gothram: karunangala, Parvathareddy is my surname I also BALIJA(KAPU) what is my gotram, Surname Bajaru, Gotram Pasupuneella.Surname Indla, Gotram Pasunooti. Balijas have the title Naidu and Setty. In Tamil Nadu and Karnataka they are called Balija Naidu. This data correspond to March 15, A.D. 1514; .........The pecular feature in the historical portion of this record the king Krishnaraya is here styled krishnavarma maharajadhiraj as is also the case in two other inscriptions of th same Talu. AND HER WIFE'S FAMILY POOSARLA THE NAME STANDS WHICH ARE KNOWN OLD PEOPLE AS VERY VERY RICH AND RICH. The Member Secretary, A.P.Commission for Backward Classes, Hyderabad. B N SATYANARAYANA RESIDING IN GUNTUR FOR PAST 17 YEARS IN GUNTUR DISTRICT OF ANDHRA PRADESH STATE. Hyderabad. G.O.1st read above to that effect that �Turupukapus or Gajulakapus who These people who migrated with Three Hundred Families are called Munnuru Kapu.This migration could be dated back to around about 900 years. Comment by Venu on March 15, 2019 at 10:44 PM Anybody with veeraneni surname.. i would like to know more about veeraneni's background. There is a drastic decrease in education among the Kapus in Rayalaseema,Telangana and North Andhra where they are present in large number due to poverty and lack of reservations. 6. For prime properties Approved Plots Flats Villas houses in Nellore Tirupati Vijayawada Vizag and Chennai Visit www.nivasproperties.com Cell 7416974199 9347817389. There was mention of some very old Trading Guilds concentrated in Bellary in Karnataka. Modern day Kapu Community is predominantly an Agrarian community that has diversified into Business, Industry, Films, Academia, and IT etc.


with G.O.Ms.No.91,Social Welfare (P)Department, dated 15-3-1991. Information and Public Relations Department. The Vijayanagar Araveeti line of Kings called themselves as Chalukya Prince's and were descendants of these Haiheyas and can also be found in History as Arayeti during Eastern Chalukyan Rule and had Atreya as their Gothram which is found in the Kapu communities. Priestly caste although many were farmers/landowners. (He is requested to publish in the extraordinary There is also a reference of Perikas (Community found in Rayalaseema) fighting a great battle, Velanati Chodas ( Ruled the Velanadu Region Current E.G,W.G and Krishna Districts), Renati Chodas (Ruled the Renadu Regions Current Cuddapah, Kurnool Regions), Pottapi Cholas (Ruled the Renadu Regions Current Cuddapah, Chittor Districts), Konidena Chodas (Ruled the Palanadu region Current Guntur, Prakasam Districts), Nannuru Chodas (Ruled the Pakanadu region Current Anantapur District), Nellore Chodas (Ruled the Nellore,Chittor, Chengalpeta and Cuddapah Regions), Kona Kings (Ruled the current Visakhapatnam, E.G,W.G Regions, The name Konaseema is derived after these Kings ), Koppula Chiefs(Ruled with Pithapuram as capital, W.Godavari Koppula Chiefs were one of the main Combatants along with Mununuri Nayaks , Reddy and Velama Nayaks in the Revolt against the Muslim Rule).

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