Really, really terrible, and some of the same horrible stuff is here in this new tomb as well, and we need to take care of it and make it dangerous but not automatically fatal. The Maintenance Shop, Areas 26 to 28. Still, there you are, and I hope you don’t need it. Upon a dais at the center is a fist-sized black meteorite flecked with adamantine and pulsing with veins of fire – the gargoyle's beating heart. This is a tricky one, but not necessarily fatal. This is a potential game-breaker, because a grey slaad is a pretty formidable ally; at this level that one slaad is enough to give the entire party a worthy battle. This is one of those traps that doesn’t really have a good solution except to stay away from it. Also, the presence of a corpse in the tunnel will probably encourage approaching the center of the tunnel with caution instead of just barreling on through as one might do with an empty tunnel. I didn’t say so, but I know we were probably all thinking of Christopher Walken’s monologue from Pulp Fiction. So, your first solution doesn't work because boar has died from starvation, thanks to the Zebra clue. Follow my logic: One animal that's not the Zebra died of starvation. The boar has multiple friends. But, when someone reaches the middle of Tunnel B, the whole thing rotates again, so anyone in Tunnel A is now free to go, but whomever tripped the mechanism in the middle of Tunnel B is now trapped there and waiting to die from suffocation. Except in the mirror tomb, the dangers are risks without the possibility of rewards.

Handing the prop around for each player to get a look at is also a good way for them all to read the rhyme without anyone actually saying anything until they’re ready to try for the solution. As far as the plot of the adventure, there isn’t any need for Chapter 4 at all: the only reason for the party to venture into the Fane of the Night Serpent is because they don’t have all of the puzzle cubes they need, and therefore they must go into the Fane to claim the missing cubes from Ras Nsi. Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation. Figuring out that everyone has to feed each of the slots is far less obvious, and of course the gargoyles don’t give you a second chance to find that out. However, in Configurations 1 and 2, area 63 and area 58 do connect.

Close. This is where they can find the control gem for the slaad in area 24, for one thing. Including a useless and meaningless candle as a shill in each room is questionable, especially when the book says (direct quote, here) that “the candle can’t be lit without air, but let characters waste time trying.” While they are suffocating to death with mere seconds to live… let them waste time trying to light a candle that can’t be lit. That's why the inscription says "Wongo's friend knows the where to pour the water". There are four dozen of these terracotta warriors, so if you awaken them, they will kill you.

If the PC’s want to end the hunger effect by going back into the room and eating something, and of course suffering the benefit and detriment of whatever they eat, I think that’s a fair way to handle the situation. And one by one, my friends sent their best characters, the cream of the crop that were selected to take on this killer dungeon, into that green devil mouth, which of course was an immediately fatal trap. And when I say once, I mean once ever. Again, this is one where you walk in, but you don’t walk out.

Assume that the Soulmonger has as many tentacles as it has possible targets, but that it can only take one or two tentacle actions on each of its turns, and only against a creature that has damaged it since its last turn. Finally, at the end of the sixth round of spinning, an erinyes devil arrives with a terrible bargain that the players will be forced to agree to: if the party gives the erinyes the soul of one of the PC’s, the rest of the party will be spared certain death at the hands of the swarm of devils that have flooded the room. Important to note is that he can cast counterspell at will, but that he can only do it once per round, as it counts as a reaction; this will drive spellcasters nuts but will also not make them totally useless. It doesn’t reward good planning, and quick thinking, and creative problem solving, and leveraging your character’s strengths… in other words, it doesn’t reward good D&D playing.

The party really isn’t intended to find their way into here, but if they stumble upon it they can really wreak havoc on the tomb as a whole. Obnoxious Golden Skull, Area 40. Cog of Rot, Area 58. We’ve been here before… haven’t we?

It weighs 620 lbs.

I would like to mention that there’s information on pages 112 and 114 about how audiences with Ras Nsi and Fenthaza should work, and it’s fairly good information that provides a pretty accurate picture of how yuan-ti plan and plot.

Essentially, in order for Acererak to do any meaningful damage to a character, he has to exceed 50 damage per round to that character, and he has to do it before that character’s next turn. This is another one where you go in alive but you don’t come back out that way. Mirror of Life Trapping, Area 50.

If you need a reason to give the party another chance at a room or trap that finishes them off, you can use this trick… once. If you roll something lower than 5, or that 00, fudge the roll and try for something else. Did I mention yet that a giant stone block traps them in here with no way to escape? The map showing the three gears and the rest of it is on page 171, which also helpfully refers you to Handout 24 so you can figure out how the cogs are supposed to line up based on the control panel in area 61. I just killed them off by daring them to crawl into a hole of instant death, and that’s what sucks. Of course, when you pull the drape off, there isn’t a beholder under there at all… instead there’s a magnetic ball of iron that pulls in all metal weapons and ammunition, and also any creatures wearing armor with metal in it, and all of this stuff sticks to the iron ball and can’t be pulled loose. Also, the designers have decided to decree that spellcasting, ongoing spell effects, and all magic items do not function in these cells. Because then they will be dead, and they will stay dead, and your campaign will be over. That animal was the Zebra's friend. Strawbundle’s charm can help with this, but I would recommend just having a straight-out fight with the hags. There are a lot of things that can be tweaked to make this room actually survivable. Why, that would be the DM! The Lion has no friend, so he's friend with at least the Zebra, and at least one between the Vulture and Wongo.

Best case scenario: the adventure concludes with the destruction of the Soulmonger and the heroes' daring escape from the tomb. But, you have to figure out what that action is while you’re busy burning, drowning, suffocating, and possibly being blinded in darkness. 1 Variants 1.1 Never Split the Party 1.2 Azaka's Procession - Part 1 2 Waves Gamepedia Help Add more clues that point to the same solution. Throne Room, Area 52. I am pretty sure I have positioned my heroes right, because I can see the hint wall and right floor plates turn green when I position my heroes on it. You might want to tell the players about those spell restrictions as they’re entering the tomb. Maybe you could try it again in a year or two, when maybe people would have forgotten about the last time and wouldn’t suspect you of going soft. Make a model of the nursery rhyme book, so the players can actually flip the pages as they read them, forward or backward. And that’s when my buddy socked me in the stomach, and they all stormed away, leaving me wondering what the hell had happened. The next fix is to make the actions needed to escape each cell either far less specific, or provide clues that indicate what to do. Second, when dealing with the magical feast in area 74, I recommend a little amnesty for characters who don’t eat anything. And that’s assuming they survive long enough to get to the arrival of the erinyes. One chance is all you get. It’s worth pointing out here that the magic item to be gained for successfully dealing with this tomb is an instrument that only bards can use, so if you managed to get all the way past certain death four times over and also sneaking past an army of angry pottery soldiers, but you aren’t a bard… well, hopefully you had a fun time, because you won’t be getting much use out of Shagambi’s mandolin. ©2020 Wizards.

And now the PC’s can use spells that bring the dead back, because the Death Curse has just ended. Archived. Nevermind that an erinyes, at CR12, is probably more than a match for the party all on its own at this level, even if they weren’t already running low on HP and spell slots from the inundation of devils.

The problem with Tomb of Horrors is that it’s very arbitrary, right from the beginning: there are three possible ways to enter, and two of them can get you killed right off the bat. Using the verbal description of the cog configurations will probably serve you better in this process than trying to squint at the wall etchings on Handout 24.

He’s the guy with the Ring of Winter, and I placed him in the yuan-ti prison along with the party (who made a pretty decent attempt at infiltrating the temple complex but eventually fell prey to bad luck and an insufficient grasp of yuan-ti culture). The rex actually spits out regular zombies to join the battle, and more zombies will crawl out of his carcass when you finally beat him down. Press J to jump to the feed. I'm gonna play test these in a week, so I'll update this thread then.

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