Cross Thrust: (Any Thrust Tech) + Lloyd, Kratos or Zelos (Any Thrust Tech) Pow Blade: (Any Tiger Tech) + Colette (Any Hammer Tech) Power Thrust: (Any Thrust Tech) + Sheena (Any Power Seal) Mirage Thrust: (Any Thrust Tech) + Sheena (Any Mirage Seal) Dark Serpent: (Any Thrust Tech) + Sheena (Any Serpent Seal) Lightning Tiger Blade: (Any Tiger Tech) + Genis, Zelos, or Kratos (Any Lightning Tech except Lightning Blade) Thunder Tiger Blade: (Any Tiger Tech, including Demonic Tiger Blade) + Zelos or Kratos (Any Lightning Blade Tech) Photon Tempest: (Any Tempest Tech) + Raine (Photon) Fiery Beast: (Any Beast Tech) + Genis, Zelos, or Kratos (Eruption, Flame Lance, or Explosion) Stardust Rain: (Sword Rain: Alpha or Sonic Sword Rain) + Colette (Hammer Rain), Pow Spear: Colette (Any Hammer Tech) + Zelos or Kratos (Any Spear Tech) Pow Devestation: Colette (Any Hammer Tech) + Presea (Any Devestation Tech) Photon Blast: Colette (Ring Whirlwind, Ring Cyclone, Whirlwind Rush) + Photon Plasma Blade: Raine (Photon) + Zelos or Kratos (Lightning Blade or Super Lightning Blade) Arch Wind: Presea (Any Punishment Tech) + Kratos or Zelos (Hell Pyre) Mjollnir: Lightning Punishment: Presea (Any Punishment Tech) + Genis, Kratos, or Zelos (Any Lightning Tech except for Lightning Blade or Super Lightning Blade) Prism Stars: Raine (Ray) + Genis (Explosion, Tidal Wave, Cyclone, Indignation, or Ground Dasher). Said lake will freeze if you touch it with the Celsius Tear, so have Lloyd examine it to make this occur; you can now slip around on the ice to your heart’s content. We find a bunch of Nobles and Aisha. After you finish it off, you’ll gain the Map of Balacruf and the Artifact accessory. Hope that helps a little... And speaking of light, it’s a common weakness of the enemies here, so keeping Raine and Colette in your party might be a good idea. 40: Cosmetic changes. The Keymaster couldn’t make this fight, but the Gatekeeper does bring along a couple of angel friends. As such, Attack Same or Scatter / At Once / Hold Position is usually a good setup for him. Wah, you're done one of his insanely random side's another one. Head to Heimdall, where you’ll have another opportunity to boost your relationship scores by speaking to all of the members of your party. So let's go to Asgard! Chapter 7 [C7] After your first play-through, the obvious choices for continuation are Battle Info, Tech Usage (unless you’re inheriting the Techs themselves), Collector’s Book, Monster List, and Recipes. You can find details of this quest in the Miscellaneous section at the end of this guide. Each character has 20 or so Compound EX Skills, some of which are useful, some of which aren’t. Decus there.

Instead, wait until after you speak to the VC; Regal will join the party at this point.

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