In paragraph 7, Alexie deliberately uses a number of short, simple sentences. The author clearly recalled when he first realized what a paragraph, was before he could even pronounce the word. In what ways does the description of Sherman Alexie’s father play against the stereotype? ( Log Out /  Superman and Me is an autobiographical indictment of the moral and intellectual destruction inflicted on the Native American population by … After his long journey of self-education and becoming a successful writer Alexie later in the story tells about a time when he went to a Native American reservation to speak on reading and writing. h�ܓ� ( Log Out /  Sherman Alexie, who was a Spokane Indian, learned how to read at the early age of three with a comic book, which he could not remember anything about. Spoke words that seemed to be displayed in the pictures in the comic, i. Summary of “Superman and Me,” by Sherman Alexie. Reading Analysis and Outline: Superman and Me. I am arrogant. He learned to read by creating his own dialogue, assuming what the caption would be based off of what the picture demonstrates. Another message that I retained from reading this short story was to use your dissatisfying lifestyle as motivation and ambition to be the change you want to see around you. Change ). In one panel, Superman breaks through a door. Odd among his community for being smart, ii. Encouraging other Indians who want to write novels, shorts stories, and poems. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Aliexie was forced to use whatever he could find in order to obtain an education.

( Log Out / 

6. ( Log Out /  As I read this essay, I have come to find that Sherman Alexie was trying to explain how his childhood was. Posted on September 10, 2015 by zakiyaharchbold7, Summary (“Superman and Me”)                                                                                   ZaKiyah Archbold. Talks about how he learned to read and then he talks about how smart Indians are seen as oddities in society (Between 4 and 5), iii. Change ). Alexie wants his readers to keep an open mind and explore their options because it may ultimately save your life. He talks about Smart Indians being feared by both Indians and non-Indians and then he talks about how he refuses to fail (Between 6 and 7), ii. endstream endobj 22 0 obj <>stream Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Complete the following questions in groups after reading through the text: 1. 2.7 / 5 ( 7 votes ) Sherman Alexie’s “Superman and Me” Sherman Alexie’s “Superman and Me” (pg. uuid:22426a01-4b45-43a2-b197-ae69c23b1349 Seeing the world and everything within it as paragraphs, i.

He was saying that Indian children were never supposed to amount to anything in life and that they were supposed to be stupid among Non-Indians. 78 0 obj <>stream He was saying that Indian children were never… Alexie was a prime example of a person who saw something wrong and wasn’t comfortable with accepting the repeated outcome of people who lived in Native American Reservations. It opened up his mind and made him a better person today. He wanted to let other Indian students that reading is what saved his life. After carefully analyzing what I have read, I would say that Alexie wanted to show that it is possible for people to succeed even when they are told otherwise. 2013-10-03T11:38:04-05:00

( Log Out /  False T OR F: Alexie uses the poem "How to Write the Great Native American Indian Novel" to criticize the stereotypical depiction of Native Americans in literature and film. 2. a�`J��c޸�-��ʔ7�{��QE9e�ޡ!�n�”U��6�k߿ul�/Mc�uao=���H�+�ݳ���5�{ {�=K���u���ųqI�3���#�M�6�|�Һ�@�~um��[*j�T;�"��)'? Author Sherman Alexie’s short story “Superman and Me’ demonstrates how growing up on the reservation restricts his resources for learning though he was able to teach himself to read. T OR F: In "Superman and Me," Alexie highlights a conversation he had with his dad after a basketball game that inspired him to apply to Catholic school in Spokane. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Questions for “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie. I am trying to save our lives.“ I noticed the change from ‘my life’ to ‘our lives’ towards the end of the book because and noticed that Alexie was trying to be the change in his community that he would hope to see in the future. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Throughout Alexie’s short story he uses the literary element of repetition to further develop his story. Career path took a turn for the better through reading and writing. 27) is in the genre of auto-biography.

Writing: Superman and Me Bom in 1966 and raised on the Spokane b1dian Reservation in Wellpinit, Washington, Sherman Alexie is one of the foremost Native American writers.

I was lucky. He says “I was smart. Summary (“Superman and Me”) ZaKiyah Archbold Dr. A.J. What is the effect of Alexie’s analogy of a paragraph to a fence? ( Log Out /  His suit is red, blue and yellow. Talks about life growing up on a reservation and then talks about his father in general next (Between 1 and 2), ii.

H��Wmo����_���"^��h͡W�- )���RJ��(�i�B^�W)/'%Vg���8�v��⽟����l2��p���|u�j��K� ��'� Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I was trying to save my life” To exemplify his upbringing and how his mind set was when he was trying to better himself.

%PDF-1.6 %���� 2013-10-03T11:38:04-05:00 i. h�đOK�@ſ�ܪ�������R(Z5!��Z"�[�-�o�&%�*h{�i߲;����I@��� 5PJ 0

( Log Out /  What effect is he trying to achieve? I am lucky.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 1. The brown door shatters into many pieces. uuid:5c33df2a-3a9b-459b-98bc-9f6bb1a93362 i. application/pdf endstream endobj 79 0 obj <>stream Superman and Me By Sherman Alexie The following essay appeared as part of a series, "The Joy of Reading and Writing." As I read Sherman Alexie’s “Superman and Me” this short story gave me many messages to think about. Difficulty reading Superman comic book, ii. Elaborating on the fact that Alexie used comic books to learn how to read is crucial because he wasn’t privileged enough to the vast educational resources that white people had. Ryan McGraw Writing 100.201/202 Reading Analysis and Outline: Superman and Me K. E. Allen July 10, 2012 Superman and Me Analysis and Outline A Preliminary Response As I read this essay, I have come to find that Sherman Alexie was trying to explain how his childhood was. You can infer that based off of Alexie’s expression of growing up in a Native American Reservation just meant that you were destined to be a failure. Each panel, complete with picture, dialogue and narrative was a three-dimensional paragraph. �0�_��ѭk�����IЁ�m)�N�&��F�x��xI�$�$D�P��2$*ŐR�UKP�T'XRʊ@ d4(C�9I��� �\�� Sr-QbQ�v��A��l�h3T�k��7����88?�����X��%��eų{6{G-����Ε���������mݺ�h���9�~o]�� |�o��!� ��_ I was arrogant. The act of self-educating is further expressed when he tells readers that he even reads his father’s weird collection of novels and it didn’t bother him merely because if he was reading, he was pleased. ( Log Out /  HP Photosmart 3200 TWAIN Alexie introduces his story by explaining how he used a “Superman” comic book to learn how to read. I look at the narrative above the picture. Later on as he speaks to the kids in the Native American reservation he now uses the statement in the present tense saying “I am smart. The main ideas of this story are Sherman Alexie’s experience of learning to read, the power of words, Sherman Alexie’s experience overcoming diversity and his path to success. Fully aware of this stereotype is what motivates Alexie to become an exception to this rule.

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