Both the PowerPro and Spiderwire are 4-strand braids while the Daiwa J-Braid and Sufix 832 are 8-strand.

Life will suddenly be a whole lot better with my blog posts delivered directly to your inbox. google_ad_height = 600; As far as tensile/knot strength I found if you go up in test with Nano it really helps and you don’t notice any performance difference. Report post. ), Shimano Stradic 2500HG-FL spinning reel review after one year of use - around £150 here in the UK, Some of the new fishing tackle I was starting to play with and/or I’ve got here waiting for a bit of a go when we can get back at it.

Thank you. There are usually two to three posts per week.

Otherwise, I use PPSS on my three surf rigs and love the stuff. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. We are making big progress there. worst wind knots ever, BD Outdoors is a growing, passionate online fishing community providing in-depth, fishing reports, fishing gear

Let's find out. Copyright StripersOnline, Inc. 1999-2020 It doesn’t cost you any more to buy via these affiliate links - and please feel entirely free not to do so of course - but it will help me to continue producing content. I’ve tried both . It's easy! Started January 2, 2019, By It does cast nice, but I question the abrasion resistance. » Community Holoholo: After work and school grocery run.

I did no like it at all in the light braids. The use of a line conditioner like KVD Line and Lure will help braid hold its color longer. We had tried different brands before trying Sufix 832 Advanced Superline. Line is softer because we have used a Japanese style coloring with a thinner layer. I also haven’t experienced any wind knots – something I had occasional issues with when using the 4-strand PowerPro and Spiderwire. In the 30$ 300yard class of braid. Some seem to be talking Nanofil, some Nanobraid. 'Looks like the 50# diameters are .32mm for the Maxcuatro and .28mm for the Suffix. I’ve used 832 for years now, and really like it. Smaller diameter braid translates to longer casts and less resistance when dropping a jig or weighted bait down, even more reason to switch to Sufix 832. That weird sound going through your guides when you cast doesn’t happen with Nano.

Composite Fall fishing report , zero to 350ft! Background: In that Superline Shootout of 2010, Sufix's Performance Braid took top honors, so we thought it only fitting we introduce our new braided line metrics with this brand's newest offering. Tough as heck. Braid varies greatly in this department and we even receive negative values in this category for some lines with greater than 5% deviation in their diameter! For this reason, monofilament is still my line of choice when dunking certain rocky spots. Watercraft | What’s working/not working as we go into Fall? Power Pro vs Sufix 832. I guess that would depend on your fishing style and how big your wallet is. Noticeable difference in casting distance. Yeah I found myself re-tying several times a day. Power Pro vs Sufix 832 Sign in to follow this . Easy to tie once you get the hang of it. It is some tough stuff that flies off the spool. scoobydoo In that Superline Shootout of 2010, Sufix's Performance Braid took top honors, so we thought it only fitting we introduce our new braided line metrics with this brand's newest offering. Think i only ended up getting 1 nasty wind knot, but that was my fault.

I am using is strictly on spinning gear. Thumbs down for me. Don’t use it where icing could be an issue either. This makes the line rounder but also smoother, without the small bumps you feel when you do a 4+4. casting distance is important. 832 is a good braid. I like them both better than Power pro slick. Started September 12, By

12 pound turns into 2 pound pretty quick. Casting in strong wind wreaked havoc with it. It’s one of the easiest and strongest line to line knots. How often does that happen? It's all pretty cut and dry and as you can see in the table above, Sufix 832 scored 13.92 points out of a possible 18. Double double knot the noose. » Fishing Forums Holoholo: Omilua speared on inaugural boat trip. I am unashamedly a fan of Sufix fishing lines and in fishing terms this means a lot to me - another very, very good 8-strand braid that comes in at under the £20 mark for a 150m spool. rsilvers Was Sufix successful? Kennyz55 X2 Sufix 832 or pp superslick are both great, ive got some of each on my different reels and theyre both great. jigs, lighter hair jigs and using it for rippin raps, shiver minnows and lindy riggin. Please share. When I get tired of that, I reel it onto another spool and reverse it. BPI Quality Calculations for Sufix 832 Braid (40lb), BPI TS vs RS Calculation for Sufix 832 Braid (40lb), BPI Quality Score for Sufix 832 Braid (40lb). One thing I can’t help but notice is that this Sufix X8 is retaining its colour a bit better than the Pro 8 - all braids lose some of their colour over time, but this X8 is clinging on really well (will it hold its colour as well as that Spiderwire Smooth Stealth 8 does?).

I wouldn’t call it your everyday braid. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc.

I now realize that more yards of Sufix 832 went on my reels than PowerPro because the diameter of Sufix is smaller. Quality (18 possible points): Our BPI is built similar to our FPI with some tweaks and adjustments to the categories recognizing that braid has different value adds than fluorocarbon. Introduction: For the line to lure knot, I slip the lure/jig on and up the line a ways, then tie a small noose in the tag end. It FLIES off your reel too.

Was Sufix successful? all that said, those two are fairly expensive and i believe can be almost matched by lines costing less. Between the two 8-strand lines I tested, I’ve noticed much less fraying on the Sufix 832.

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