It is ideal for blocking an area out. + Big transparent window to indicate remaining ink (No, I have not been happy with mine, and are on my “don’t buy again” list. Otherwise, you can choose the refillable Marker with its replaceable nibs. I use many different fineliners but I do tend to find myself reaching for the Uni-Pin Fineliner over all others.

Confusing, right? Submitted by Riley on June 16, 2020 - 3:21am. Sunlight will fade th very quickly and it’s for this reason I’ve switched to more archival pens like copic multi liner and zig millennium but in black only. + Good ink flow rate I kept wondering why this brand was so popular given the unreliability. I've also tried the uniball signo white pens. I know it took a lot of time and effort and I appreciate JT and Parkablogs for sharing their knowledge and experience. I mostly sketch with fine-liner pens without pencils, coz I’m lazy. The inks are developed for fast drying to prevent accidental smudging. There are of course, other pens that didn’t find their way into the review. I normally draw with fineliners in a Seawhite Sketchbook which has 160gsm white cartridge paper. + Ink flow is smooth on most paper types It can be really annoying when the bottom of your hand goes over your drawing and the wet ink smudges (especially if you’re left-handed). They are not archival, lightfast or waterproof. I found this fineliner to be quite clumsy when sketching. Several brands claim to have a long “cap-off” period where you can work with all the pens uncapped for 12 hours and up, but I attribute them more to marketing gimmick. I do have to admit my Micron Pigmas do smudge when coloring over with copic. +/- Concentric grooves around pen chassis helps with grip, but may not be preferred by all And the pens are slightly more expensive than either the Sharpie Pen or the Sakura Pigma Microns… I’ve used them with watercolor without any problems. You have a choice between five different tips. The ink in the Uni-Pin Fineliners is fade proof and light resistant, so it’s great for professional use. But after a while becomes streaky and hard to get the white ink to consistently apply to paper. I may use a lager nib if I’m block colouring an area but otherwise I prefer a smaller nib. - Ink bleeds through 100gs/m paper if layered on aggressively Most of the pens held up well in this test. Being mindful and practicing good recycling habits should alleviate some issues that these pens bring to the environment.

A really useful feature of this pen is that it can be left uncapped for 18 hours without drying out and the lid has a clip. The Artline series of pens are very nondescript in the looks department. - Fast ink flow leads to thicker resulting line compared to other brands of the same diameter size When it comes to finding the best fineliner, most artists, illustrators and graphic designers will have their favourites and there are many different reasons for their choices; it’s the blackest pen, it has the most controlled line, the feel of the nib, the resistance to alcohol-based markers, etc.

I’ve drawn a series of different marks with fineliners and gone over the top of them with the ProMarker. It has been a great experience looking at all these fineliner pens in such detail. Smooth, Bristol boards, paper for ink, Xerox or copier paper seems to work best. It's best to use those pens only when your art has dried completely, and go real slow to get solid lines. The lid also has a clip. However the Rotring Tikky, Kuretakes, Sakura Micro and Copic Multi-liner all had glossy grip surfaces too and they gave the complete opposite experience. As I’ve already said, the Uni-Pin Fineliners come in sepia, light grey and dark grey. 1. Staedler Pigment Liner used to be my go to brand when I was studying overseas. This pen as we saw in the blackness test is much lighter, almost grey in colour. However, it doesn’t fill in large areas very evenly. You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

With a single smooth stroke, this brush pen can create fine to broad lines, thanks to its durable bristles. I will then compare them, seeing which is the lightest black and which is the darkest. Uni PIN Staedtler Pigment Liners ($3.30 each): Available in five tip sizes, black ink only. The Copic pens did better than some brands in the same price range. - No nib size indication on the pen chassis, they’re only found on the cap Submitted by Tina on February 17, 2020 - 5:39pm. This is the type of paper I will be using throughout this review.

I’m a freelance technical/scientific illustrator based out of Singapore and a friend of Parkablogs.

The Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner has a water-based ink so it really shouldn’t be used with watercolour paints. There’s one other brand that is frequently mentioned for archival pens and that’s the Faber-Castell PITT line.

I did notice some small smudging from the Winsor & Newton Fineliner when used with the Drawing Inks, especially on cross hatched marks, but it performed fine with the Acrylic Inks. I have had more issues with the flow of ink with the Pigma pens. However the pigment ink may not be as rich as technical isograph pen inks. 564 1909 29 |, Oil Painting Mediums, Solvents & Varnishes, Daler Rowney Water Soluble Block Printing Ink 250m, Daler Rowney FW Mixed Media Paint Markers, Jakar Cutting Knives With Snap Off Blades, Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks & Bullet Journals, Important Customer Update, please click here, Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Paints. Maybee i overlooked it. If you want refillable ones, try the Rotring technical pens. + Ink glides nicely on all sorts of paper Most often, fine-liner pens come to mind when an artist wants to sketch with inks. + Nice, clean black ink when dry I’ve also recently discovered my fiancé has a set of Deleter Neopiko just as I was wrapping up this review. The majority of the pens were priced very competitively and performed rather similarly. I run a weekly webcomic Rex Regretsthat might be more familiar to other crowds. You have a choice between five different tips. I still have the body, but the refill has been long dry. I have since tested a few in the shops and they also appear to be the same. It comes in a broad 1.2 nib as well as an excellent selection of smaller sizes. I guess I’ll have to introduce myself first.

Over the period of testing, the brand either clearly outperforms most of the others in terms of feel and ink quality, or it performs very close to a more expensive brand. What's Up with the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen? The brush tip creates lines ranging from fine to bold, making it ideal for shading, and the set includes a blender pen to help your shading along. Before fine-liner pens came along, there were very few options for fixed width pens that go smaller than 0.5mm.

In the fourth test, I put the coloured marker down first and drew over the top in the fineliners to see how that compared. This is a good thing if you tend to run your pen along the side of a ruler or if you want to write with it, too. The regular Le Pens aren’t water resistant, but I believe the technical drawing pens are. I do enjoy both, depending on what I am doing.

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Again, this pen has a clip on the lid and a window to see the nib. If you’re an engineer or architect, this pen can’t be beaten. I prefer 0.3mm tips for most purposes so I have to buy the 02 Micron. Ink quality was poor, pen didn’t feel robust in the hand. Whilst I suppose it is natural to often reach for the favourite pen you use most, but this will depend on the type of drawing you do most. If you prefer finer or broader, you’ll want to consider a different brand. Id like to invest in the colored Copic Multiliner SP set but I can’t really justify spending in the triple digits, even if it is refillable. Its a brand new pen! They are getting better at offering them in a more variety of nib sizes.

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