“I’m proud of you for the times you came in second, or third, or fourth, but what you did was the best you have ever done.”– Fred Rogers, 9. Proud of your sacrifices, proud of your efforts, and proud of the love you feel for me. Jagadeesh Kumar, 6. I’m proud of our relationship and of all the effort you put into it. You know why I’m so proud of how far you’ve come? 2. If no one has told you lately, Iet me be the one to do it: I’m proud of you and I’m proud to have you as my friend. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. But we have to say that we too, are proud to have you as our beloved child. Kanye told you college sucks so you should drop out, out but me, Im just going to finish to make my parents proud, proud. “Always. Showing search results for "So Proud Of You" sorted by relevance. I will die happy, knowing that I’ve left such an amazing legacy in this world.

We’re proud of you – everything that you were, everything that you are and everything that you’re going to become. I know very well that you’re doing what you can too, and that is why I am proud of you.

I hope you know that.”- John Green, 3. 6. Dear friend, you’ve got this and you’re doing much better than you think. I am proud to be a Canadian and I hope you are too. You’ve been making me proud ever since you were born. Proud Of You Quotes You have always been the overachiever in our family, and I guess the fact still holds true with your latest achievement! Now that you’ve grown to be this awesome and powerful woman, I’m even prouder. You made us feel so blessed to have you around – I hope that one day you too will have someone you can feel proud of, so that you can finally understand how I feel! I am so proud of you, baby. @2019 - EventGreetings.com - All Right Reserved. Every achievement, big or small, we know about them all. I admire her, and though she’s five years younger than me, I strive to be like her. I’m so proud of you, my dearest sister! 3. “Don’t use expensive clothes as a screen for your personal doubts. They say that our children’s accomplishments are a mirror of our success as parents. If you ever feel that you are lacking, remember our words. I don’t think you’ll ever understand just how we feel about you, my dearest daughter. Be proud of yourself if you are responsible, reliable, persistent, and take your job and education seriously.” -Ana Monnar, 3. I know that you’re aware of how much I love you, but I’m not sure that you know how much I respect you and most importantly, how proud I am for having you. Hard-core. I’m sorry for not being a better husband to you. “You always want your people to be proud of what you have accomplished.”- Dolly Parton, 15.”We’re all proud of making little mistakes. 5.

The proud man can learn humility, but he will be proud of it. “There has never been a day when I have not been proud of you, I said to my daughter, though some days I’m louder about other stuff so it’s easy to miss that.” –Brian Andreas, 2. Everything you’ve accomplished makes me proud of being your friend. You’re strong, you’re empowered and you’re someone that I am so very proud to call my son. “You are perfect the way you are.” Blay’s voice was strong. We heard about your latest achievement from your parents and we just want to say that we’re so proud of you! I'm so proud and happy. I think I would have folded to the peer pressure if I didn't have my mom to encourage me to be me and be proud of how tall I am. Just keep going and don’t look back. Even though we don’t talk to each other every day like we did back in high school, know that I’m proud of you. I am so proud that you’ve grown to be the amazing young woman you are today. You’ve always been the one to motivate me through the highs and lows, the good and bad. Words will never fully explain just how proud I am for who you have turned out to be today.

When I laid my eyes on you for the first time in the hospital, I knew that you’d be hard work. Cuddle Quotes: 111 Quotes & Messages About Snuggly Cuddles, I'm Proud Of Myself For Being Strong Enough To Let You Go, I’m Proud Of Myself For Being Strong Enough To Let You Go, Be The Woman You Needed As A Little Girl And Make Her Proud. See more ideas about Quotes, Me quotes, Inspirational quotes. Can't wait to give them all a huge hug. We’ll always be honored to have known you and been friends with you, even if we’ve only known each other for a few semesters. I am not a royalist. I couldn’t be more proud of your ability to keep on putting up with me, despite all of my imperfections. They represented our country so well. Thank you for making me proud. “I’m proud of the woman I’ve become because I went through one hell of a time becoming her.” –Unknown, 19. “Good for you and be proud of yourself because you have your priorities in order. It might not be much but we just want you to know that you’re worthy of love, happiness and care just like everyone else if not more.

You’re the best! Life hasn’t always been kind to us, but you were always my pillar of strength. Through all that, they’re best friends; they still go to curries together. 40 Fake Friends Quotes And Sayings To Avoid... 20 Best Proud of Myself Quotes To Believe... 50 Best Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes – Quotes And Notes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ===== Happy Holiday Wishes. It gives us the feeling we don’t make any big ones.”- Andy Rooney, 16. I can't really say how big the cult is. I am proud to support him in saying: Yes, we are going to do what is necessary now when it is less painful and less expensive. I am your family.” -J.R. Ward, 8. We love you, and we’re proud of you! Besides telling others “I’m proud of you”, don’t forget to say these encouraging words to yourself, as well: 1. 5.

The thing I’m most proud of is that you’ve become a better version of me. I’m proud of myself for managing to raise such an amazing young woman. “The most important thing is to be proud of the work that you put into something, and put the ego aside.”– Alicia Keys, 7. But, I have a great satisfaction in the blessings from my mother and father, who instilled a great work ethic in me both personally and professionally.”- Tamron Hall, 12. “I am so proud of you that it makes me proud of me.

Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. I don't think I would have been able to stick with it and been proud of who I am and be feminine out on the court. 2.

I am also proud of my performing in the visual arts, and motion television. No one is perfect, and we are all doing our best. I’m not proud of the money you earn. Stay confident and proud! Every day is a new surprise.” -Bert McCracken, 23. I’m proud because you have the strength to still be smiling after the hell you’ve survived. I heard about your success at work today, and I am so proud of you! “I’m most proud of the fact that I get to keep growing.” -Paula Scher, 5. I try to support my parents, friends and fans. You have achieved so much, and I know that you’re only going to be achieving even more. So proud to represent USA. Discover and share So Proud Of You Quotes. Everytime I see just how much you have grown through the years, my heart bursts with just how proud I am of you. Even when you were a young age, I knew that you were destined for great things.

1. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about your child, romantic partner, a sibling, or a friend: it’s important each one of these people knows that you feel enormously proud to have them in your life. I love you. I know very well that you’re doing what you can too, and that is why I am proud of you. I couldn’t be more proud of the woman you’ve turned into. I’m proud of you for being such a good human being. I’m proud of you, my dear, but do stop and smell the flowers sometimes! However, among all our love declarations, we often forget to simply say “I’m proud of you”.


It’s just not in our culture to say that we are proud of anyone, but I want you to know that you truly do make me feel proud. I always will be. And – don’t worry so much! She knows how to handle the good and the bad sides of the human mind by looking at behavior patterns in relationships. You’re worth it, and we’re proud of you. I just don't see the use of the monarchy though I'm fierce patriot. I am very proud of doing everything. I am incredibly proud of the person you’ve become, after all the struggles you had to go through. We’re proud of you!

She’s so smart and secure.

Never for a moment think that I see you as anything less than amazing.

The only one who was there to see everything you had to go through, while the entire world just saw the mask that hid your pain. 9. I'm proud proud proud of being English, but I think the monarchy symbolizes a lot of what was wrong with the country. “Be proud of your scars. “We are rarely proud when we are alone.”– Voltaire, 14. It’s amazing how you’re able to go through everything you did and rise up from the ashes. I don’t know how you always manage to pull yourself together like this, but you did. And this Congress has every reason to be very, very proud of the heavy lifting that they have done. Every morning that I wake up and see your face on the pillow next to mine, I know I had some pretty good luck when I found you. Always remember: you’re good enough. Thank you for making me proud of my choices. I'm proud of them, but I'm disappointed for them. Ever since you were a little girl, you’ve made me the proudest parent in the world.

I’m proud of you, and I hope that you will find your own happiness one day. There are no results for the term you are looking for. 8. Don’t talk about my sister; don’t play with me about my sister.

Dear big sister, ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been proud of having you in my life. “Proud: Pride Rising Out of U Daily”- Christine Szymanski, 8. We don’t need to be your parents to feel proud of you. 2. Solange is the one person I will fight for. “I’m really proud of you for having come this far – every single one of you, wherever you are, you’re on your way – you are getting there! Can't wait to give them all a huge hug.

10. “ The five most important words a leader can speak are – ‘I am proud of you’ The four most important are – ‘What is your opinion?’ The three most important are – ‘If you please’ The two most important are – ‘Thank You’ And the most important single word of all is – ‘You’” -Denis Waitley, 7. If you want to take a sneak peek into the male or female mind, our relationship expert Selma June is there to guide you through the process. 7. “If you can look in your mother’s eyes and she tells you: “I’m so proud of you”, then you’re a champion.”- George Foreman, 5.

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