So the Fabia's big plus is that it runs on min' 95 Ron and has such amazing fuel efficiency. I have 1.2 polo tsi Hi good day On the road the Fabia felt secure and responsive, the steering was direct and the handling agile. No trouble with my Fabia. I wanted to buy a Polo in January but was told I could not get one till June. It has a fabulous pick up for a small car. Pity I found it now. Woo-hoo!-fuel efficiency ...Read more.

Very dissapointed. Only just noticed this so will give the dealer a chance to rectify. Got this car because wanted something different and also it has a very good safety rating. The Fabia was at the heart of the famous Skoda commercial in which the Fabia was made out of cake. It is so nice to drive and I have not had any issues at all.

Does 4.8l/100km - has an amazing sound system - Brilliant handling and sharp looks.

Engine is very punchy with a nice sporty note to it. A recall concerns the driver's side airbag of Fabias made between 8 January and 28 February 2018; it may not deploy fast enough. I had a look, borrowed some spanners and tightened up a loose turbo housing.

If you don’t see your model, just contact us using the details below. Purchased in February 2020 at private for A$15,000.00. I'm using 5/40w oil to see if a thicker oil will reduce use. If the car was used for daily driving and not running massive amounts of boost, there’s no reason why these pistons should be put under such an amount of punishment that it would result in failure……..unless there are other contributing issues, which there are. Otherwise it's still a fabulous value little car, and remains great to drive. Very Exciting car! 2013 1.2 golf. It is a good sized car, not too big and not too small. An user posted: “If the car has full service history, then it sounds to me that there has been a manufacturing defect, in which case it may be covered 100% by EU law for up to 6 years.”. Well,  then check the pictures i posted with my engine and you can see a lot of carbon build-up at only 68.500kms. Good evening! The 1.2L turbo is a dream for city driving and goes pretty damn well on the freeways as well.

Any one have that information? Our guide will save you money, NEW: Child seat chooser - Don't buy a car seat until you've used this, Over 21,000 dash camera videos uploaded to safety portal since 2018, Everything you need to know about your parking rights. The car looks a bit quirky, like an old mini.

That unable to start up. The Skoda Fabia comes highly recommended for those looking for a first car, or another option to the Suzuki Swift/Toyota Yaris/VW Polo. I have a 1.2 tsi seat Ibiza FR 15 plate and at the end of Feb 16 I was parked outside a friends house engine running, it was upto temp and the car juddered nearly cutting out but didn’t and when I drove home I had no turbo ( loss of power) and a rattling noise, it’s been on and off for 4 months dealer says it’s normal but I know it’s not as my fuel consumption has doubled and the noise is still there some days it really loud and some it’s not but it sounds more like a diesel then a petrol I’m in a battle at the min with the dealer as I’m saying it’s not normal I just wanted to know if you have come across anything like this, Same problem with my polo 6R 2011.

It’s worth noting that none of our survey respondents complained about their DSGs. We bought a faulty 2006 BMW X3 - does the dealer need to refund us if he won't fix it?

No pressure in 4cyl.

A beautiful, well made and Economical car that has the looks and the technology.Very Comfortable and perfectly sized for a small family!!

Similar opinion? Suits its purpose as a second car which I really enjoy driving. When test-driving your potential purchase, be alert for things like shuddering or hesitating when shifting. The car is optioned with the premium sports pack which adds many nice to have features. 81.

If you’re having problems with your Skoda Fabia turbo, select your model below. The usual arrangement with VW goodwill (I expect it is similar at Skoda) is either they cover 50% or 100% of the parts cost (100% in more likely in your case) but you will have to foot the bill for labour and the dealer has to do the repair. I check v my Launch scanner found out show cam Pos sensor Range performance. Still pleased with my little Fabia, some points to mention, the boot is quite small, the suspension is not the best if you are travelling on rough roads as we are, so it is far from.a smooth ride, the GPS does not allow keywords so not able to enter for example "Melbourne Airport",

Fuel economy fabulous and I am using 95 octane. I wouldn’t know that. So I reluctantly went to Skoda and to my luck they had a Monte Carlo on special ($16k down from $22.5k). Yes how many Ks you got for ur tank of petrol.

Cons: After it was finally admitted in late 2011 that there was a problem leading to engine failure(bearing in mind the engine came out in 2010), SEAT offered customers new piston rings. Thank you very much.. i am from Turkey, and here if the car’s engine has changed the price of your car decreases a lot when you try to sell it.. that was my problem .

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