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What’s actually going on in this scene is that William knows that if he asks Noora for her consent again, she’s going to say no, and repeat the same old stupid excuse. Skam France Saison 1 en replay . / var fhsh = document.createElement('script');var fhs_id_h = "3333150"; Instead, he rejects her, and when he tells her to respect him, he’s actually telling her to please trust him and please tell him what’s actually going on. document.head.appendChild(fhs);document.write(""); skamenglishsubs . And people born the next year are all one year younger.For example, in S2E1, Eva is making fun of Jonas because he’s flirting with a ‘00 girl. Saison 1 . Season 1 / Season 2 / Season 3Season 1 / Season 2 / Season 3(s3: alt. User account menu. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. First sentence: “Even Bech Næsheim trenger støttekontakt og kjæreste.”, Second sentence: “Mye bedre enn å ha det fake og kjedelig.”. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The average age of sexual debut in Norway is seventeen, so Noora was way too early.The story didn’t end there though, because this event was the trigger for her developing an eating disorder, and it’s very likely that this is also why she essentially fled to Madrid to get away from everyone. TV Series "Skam" and its adaptations! Eva’s birthday is in June, Jonas’ birthday is in December, so there’s an almost 50% chance that this anonymous girl was born in early 2000, which would make her closer in age to Jonas, than Eva to Jonas.But none of that matters, their actual age doesn’t matter. Latest subtitles. Thank you :-). William says he’s sorry for what Nico did to her, but he’s also meaning that he’s sorry for what Noora’s ex boyfriend did to her, and that he understands why she’s rejected him. Hello! English is my first language and off the top of my head, the only non-English phrase I may use is like "c'est la vie", Funnily enough, the one foreign thing characters of every single remake has said is the Italian “ciao”.But yes, everyone learns English as their second language, English-speaking media is everywhere. Press J to jump to the feed. This site does not claim credit for any of the links posted unless otherwise stated. I don’t know about the muffled audio, I haven’t seen that version because when I wanted to watch the whole season the website was already down and the google drive folder was empty. is back on with all the episodes of S1. I discovered SKAM month ago and now I am completely fascinated not just by the show, but by Norwegian culture too.

It actually had absolutely nothing to do with the grilled cheese they were eating, but later they decided to incorporate in the show as if it did, so it showed up in episode 6 when they awkwardly meet in the cafeteria, and in Even’s drawing that Isak found after he came out to Jonas.In Scandinavia, cardamom is pretty much only used in some types of bread, and a quick google shows that there exists recipes for cardamom pancakes, but it’s not very common in my experience. S1 E2 - Saison 1 Épisode 2 (INTÉGRAL) 21 min . And that shows you how important the show thinks it is, because there’s no grey area here in the show. I wanted to ask if You know about Norwegian subtitles for the series, I would like to use them for language learning purposes. Presumably they’ve been spending the weekend at William’s, it’s Monday morning and they just woke up, he is talking about getting naked together, and that’s when Noora says that she wants to wait until after marriage. And finally, to close off this subplot within the season, Noora explicitly gives William her consent to have sex, so they do. Is that not a thing? Toutes les séquences + un épisode intégral tous les vendredis à 18h ici même !

your series about examining the episodes is really intrresting!! The KARDEMOMME!! I had to go back and check my Subtext and Culture series, because surely I would have written something about this, since it’s obviously subtext, the characters are obviously not meaning what they’re saying?Ironically, I didn’t write a word about it! SKAM France. Posted by 1 year ago. When Noora rebuffs him again, he gets super confused because Noora is sending him some mixed signals, but he backs off completely. Because finally, he got the truth out of Noora, knowing from the start that the “waiting until marriage” excuse was a lie. This in turn confuses Noora, because she doesn’t understand why he’s stopping all of a sudden. ajouter aux favoris retirer des favoris .

25. This is S2E7, and the dialogue from the previous episode is brought up again. like that is two full weeks they didn’t even know each other existed and then all the sudden they meet and a few days later they have their almost first kiss. Here you can find subtitles for the most popular TV Shows and TV series. And then, in S2E10, the heavens open themselves, and the backstory is finally revealed in all its ugliness. We use cardamom a lot in Indian dishes and I absolutely hate it. it's the same blog that I've posted but it's no longer available from that link. All in the original HD quality, and with improved English subtitles. Ends so suddenly. And the one time William tells Noora to back off, she does so, even though the scene is played a bit for laughs with William’s boner preventing him from going to English class.The only person in the show who doesn’t respect consent is Nikolai, the villain of the season, the only irredeemably bad character in the entire series.

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