Dropping and raising the water levels in a fishery are both equally important to help maintain and foster ecological growth. Every 3-4 years Rodman Reservoir drawdowns are conducted to control aquatic plant life, fish, and wildlife habitat enhancement. Hunting season begins at Caravelle Ranch Wildlife Management Area. Now, I get the chance too and I really would love the opportunity to share a moment with you on the water. If you are looking for that trophy largemouth bass and you happen to get it, take the right pictures and measurements. Our local experts will dial you in on how to catch bigger bass every time you go fishing. Conservation of the Rodman Reservoir will promote exceptional bass fishing for years to come.

Share. Natural sunlight will penetrate and kill away invasive species of plants. Each Florida State Park has a unique stamp and story. Drawdown makes for the best bass fishing you can imagine and in any weather conditions. See you on the water next time! These conditions paired up with the drawdown behavior of the fish result in some of the best fishing you will experience. BASSONLINE, FLORIDA NUMBER ONE BASS FISHING RESOURCE. In a public meeting On August 19 at Ravine Gardens in Palatka, the much-anticipated announcement came. First, for 20 days beginning September 10, the lake will be taken up to its ‘high pool’ mark 20-feet above sea level.

Your local expert can assist you with this. The conditions since the drawdown ended in April 2020 have been equally as bad. During the Rodman Reservoir Drawdown, water levels are going to drop. It’s a great time to catch numbers of fish and also the big fish that live in the system. Extreme drawdowns as FWC calls them are designed to help improve bass fishing and reduce the build-up of invasive aquatic plants. Tournaments range from small boat events (10 to 30 boats) and up to 150+ boats, therefore making Kenwood the most popular fishing excursion launching spot on Rodman. And for water lovers, there are many paddling opportunities along the Ocklawaha and Withlacoochee rivers. Be sure to mention your local expert and who you caught your big bass with! But, just in time for the highest-stakes local redfish event of the year, the heavy rains came to flood the salt marshes and tidal creeks and darken every inshore redfish haunt within range of even the fastest boat leaving out of Steinhatchee. In a public meeting On August 19 at Ravine Gardens in Palatka, the much-anticipated announcement came.

Show us a picture of what you caught and tell us as much as you want to about where and when. SUPPLYING ACCESS TO OUTDOOR INDUSTRY LAKES, FISHING LOCATIONS, FISHING REPORTS AND TOP FISHING GUIDES IN THE COUNTRY. The Barge Canal and river channel have water depths up to 30 feet deep. One of the most important reasons for building this reservoir and dam system was to help facilitate navigation along the Florida Barge Canal. Luckily, you planned your trip just right.

Also, many bass fishermen and anglers are more concerned with how can I catch trophy bass with artificial baits. !Here at Gary’s Tackle Box we are excited about our 10th Annual Customer Appreciation Sale presented by 13 Fishing… along with Bass Assassin, Ocean Wave Sunglasses, Shimano, Rapala, Power-Pole, Lew’s and Strike King. Eureka is the upper end of the backwater effect of the Rodman Reservoir and serves as an optimal location to explore the “Riverine” section of Rodman down to Payne’s Landing or as a final destination when paddling the Ocklawaha River upstream (south) of Eureka all the way back to Silver Springs State Park at State Route 40. I love fishing there during the low water period. More likely, the now-satisfied groundwater will hold the great fishery safer from another sinkhole dewatering. Our main priority is the safety of our guests and staff.

During this time and this year, you will have the opportunity at landing some of the biggest bass you had ever seen. 19 talking about this.

During the temporary drawdowns that are conducted at Rodman every 3-4 years, when the normal reservoir level of 18.0-20.0 feet is lowered to 11.0 feet, a temporary ramp is available at the end of Kenwood Road into the former barge canal channel. Many tournament boats are seen locking out to the St. Johns, now ranked 4th in the BassMaster’s Southeastern United States 2019 rankings. There are two main reasons why picking a local expert to show you around the Rodman Reservoir is essential: Safe Navigation and Finding Trophy Largemouth Bass! on 2019-2020 Rodman Reservoir Drawdown Fishing for Trophy Largemouth Bass, /2019/10/rodman-reservoir-drawdown-fishing-for-trophy-largemouth-bass/, /fr/2019/10/rodman-reservoir-drawdown-fishing-for-trophy-largemouth-bass/, /it/2019/10/rodman-reservoir-drawdown-fishing-for-trophy-largemouth-bass/, /zh/2019/10/rodman-reservoir-drawdown-fishing-for-trophy-largemouth-bass/, /es/2019/10/rodman-reservoir-drawdown-fishing-for-trophy-largemouth-bass/, /de/2019/10/rodman-reservoir-drawdown-fishing-for-trophy-largemouth-bass/, /ja/2019/10/rodman-reservoir-drawdown-fishing-for-trophy-largemouth-bass/, /pt/2019/10/rodman-reservoir-drawdown-fishing-for-trophy-largemouth-bass/, Rodman Reservoir will promote exceptional bass fishing. These requirements vary from area to area. Gary’s Tackle Box has tons of cool prizes to give away in weekly drawings including two awesome Grand Prizes to be drawn on Christmas Eve.…Check out our Facebook for details. Ocklawaha River – Rodman Reservoir Drawdown. A look at the data shows that great trophy fishing happens during the drawdown years, when the water levels are closer to restored river conditions. Although the artificial Rodman Reservoir is a popular bass fishing location, its use is declining. It’s primarily for vegetation control on the Reservoir without the use of chemicals.

Every 3 to 4 years the lake gets scheduled for what they refer to as a drawdown, most anglers could not begin to tell you what it ready is or does.

This year, these lakes have turned again into dependable producers of big bass.

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