Since no details were available on the engine we decided that it was prudent to overhaul the top end and inspect the lower end. The details of importing from the USA and having them signed off for Canada was very interesting and quite a simple and inexpensive process.

We had seven airplanes and nine people attending. (spliced) mixture cable. Weather was totally clear and temperature was forecast to be about 24c. Full record keeping of the airframe , engine and propeller will be kept going forward. I damaged the aircraft in an off airport (highway) forced landing. Even though the 2100D was pictured as having a toroidal power transformer in the 1980 catalog, it did not. of my Quickie Q2 with a Revmaster 2100D (65HP) aircraft engine.

The engine comes with the prop, however, this is a tricky decision for me. Because of it's transformer and being built in Japan, the 2100 is among the most sought after Realistic receivers.

There was no information in the log books that detailed the condition of the engine or the latest overhaul time. Completely checked out then rebuilt and ran. These two fellows were amazing to talk with and hear all about their amateur built aircraft. Initial verification calls to the manufacturer indicated a good history of the engine by S/N, no major refinements needed other than an ignition / intake manifold upgrade and adapter kit for aerovee mount from the original Sonerai IIL setup. August 4 2020  I emailed out a new invite to local flyers to go to Rocky Mountain House Alberta for another bag lunch gathering. (Cochrane Alberta Canada) Follow recent flights. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests. Vague information in the log book informed that the engine had some maintenance completed on it about 20 hours prior. June 10, 2020  I put out emails to see if I could get anyone to join me for a flight. New Cylinder heads, new automotive spark plugs that go with the new style of Cylinder heads (larger intake and exhaust valves are on this new C-head), new piston rings for all four cylinders, push rod tube seals, spark plugs, Intake manifold gaskets, Exhaust gaskets, and a pair of new style rocker covers. The engine comes with a Sonerai IIL single seat build (easily converted back to 2 seat) that is well over 60% finished. Now on a cold day I may be able to carry that 157 pound passenger but I doubt that I will ever try it. Im a new user, I'd like to say thank you to the people that run this site.

July 27 2020  Once again I wanted to do another test to see what I was comfortable carrying for weight in my Quickie Q2 with the Revmaster 65 HP engine. Also my VISION aircraft build is at:, (Cochrane Alberta Canada) Follow recent flights. Therefore if I carry only the  7 gallons in the header tank plus my 165 pounds and 10 pounds of misc. Here is a peek. Final note:  If used as a single seat aircraft at my airport elevation this is one sweet ride. I made contact with a flyer who lives there and he agreed, he and another homebuilt aircraft owner would show us their airplanes and hangars. The view from the plane as I headed NW was of colorful farm fields  in shades of green to the pleasing bright yellow of canola fields scattered across the horizon. I made contact with Joe at Revmaster Aviation and he was most helpful in setting us up with parts to upgrade the  engine. To my surprise on arrival there were many who got the email and were also excited to get out flying. For my airport at 4000 ft elevation to have a density altitude of the same value the temperature needs to be 7 degrees C outside. A special treat for me was to meet one of my flight instructors who I had not seen in 30 years and now fly's professionally and fly's aerobatics. Melvin Reister  has a RV7 and a Glasair and  Allen Rose has a RV7. The airport has a very nice terminal building and we met the nicest people while there. I severely damaged the aircraft in an off airport (highway) forced landing due to a separated

Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the planes and people this time. The Quickie Q2 came with a REVMASTER 2100D 65 HP engine in it. Original heads are shown below using the smaller diameter intake and exhaust valves. This is a brand new (dry storage) never run engine complete from Revmaster. Also the volume control on the 2100d which I’ve had two of maxes out at about eleven o’clock. Now I wanted to test the maximum continuous RPM  power.

The owner however can do a weight/climb test and have his aircraft licensed for a new higher max weight and that must be what the previous owner did when at sea level. New style valve covers were installed and the magneto was serviced, timed and a new set of auto plug leads installed by Revmaster in California.

Thanks to all that came out flying. The top end was a complete rebuild with cylinders checked and honed. I have a friend with the same plane and same engine at a airport elevation of 2650 ft and he does carry a passenger so you can see that the elevation plus the temperature can make a very big difference to the performance of this marginally powered aircraft. Revmaster has converted and delivered over three thou-sand of these engines. Revmaster states that the HP will increase with the new cylinder heads about 7 hp or slightly greater and we should be close to 75 HP. All parts cleaned up and new rings gaskets, seals and new style heads installed. I will be organizing more trips like this as it gives us an opportunity to fly to many airports where food is not easily accessible yet they have a nice terminal building. Also my VISION aircraft build is at: Q2 Tracker Link (Cochrane Alberta Canada) Follow recent flights at: https:// Nearing Rocky Mountain House the farm fields reduced in numbers to more forested lands along the foothills. Some were aerobatic pilots, fuel service personnel, airport management and locals. ****THESE ENGINES ARE NOT FACTORY APPROVED.****. I know the 2100d specs say 125 wpc vs 2100 120wpc but the thd is much better with the 2100 at 0.04%. Airspeed is 130-140 mph in cruise at 3.5 gallons per hour. Thanks Michael, great information on the links you suggested. Sonex1243 wrote:Has anyone installed a Revmaster 2100D engine in the Sonex.

The entire wiki with photo and video galleries for each article There ended up being 10 airplanes attending with people from High River, Medicine Hat, Airdrie, Kirkby Field, Three Hills, Springbank as well as farm strips. Temperature was 22 degrees C on my departure and the airport Density Altitude was 6000 ft.  My aircraft empty weight is 626 pounds and my gross weight on this morning takeoff was 921 lbs. Obviously I will not be carrying a passenger in my Q2 from my elevation airport of 4000 ft. in the summer. Vague information in the log book informed that the engine had some maintenance completed on it about 20 hours prior. Also my VISION aircraft build is at: It was an estate that was donated to the local EAA chapter which is being sold at a very reasonable price. Other VW (Revmaster, Great Plains, Hummel), Corvair, Viking, etc. Initial verification calls to the manufacturer indicated a good history of the engine by S/N, no major refinements needed other than an ignition / intake manifold upgrade and adapter kit for aerovee mount from the original Sonerai IIL setup.

A note worth mentioning here is that when I bought my plane it came with a registered max gross weight capacity of 1100 lbs. We have been invited back for two events, a BBQ lunch and a Aerobatic competition later this summer. Just as in my previous test completed for this purpose my climb out was very shallow and slow to gain altitude. We all had a great get together and chatted about all things aviation and engines. This would be about a one hour flight for me in the Quickie. On this day I flew a loop trip for 2.5 hours north from Springbank Airport to Glenifer Lake, Sylvan Lake, Gull Lake and finally Pigeon Lake. Runup the Revmaster 2100D from the Quickie in the garage before reinstallation in the airplane. Here you can follow the progress of a complete rebuild

They also indicated that the engine is 75 / 80 HP and should fly the Sonex. Everything went great and I am very happy with the performance. Has anyone installed a Revmaster 2100D engine in the Sonex. No details of work completed were recorded and surface rust condition of engine made me suspect. Surface rust was present on the outer and inner surfaces of the cylinders. My header tank has a volume of exactly 7 gallons, which I measured.

The volume on the 2100 just keeps on cranking as far as you can handle it. Any thoughts / experiences would be appreciated. The new heads don't require the removal of the rocker arms to access the lower spark plugs. Winds were forecast to be light but that was not what we received. It was a wonderful day with fantastic people.

The engine was from the west coast and so surface rust was apparent on the cylinder heads and on various engine parts. So I am flying my test flights on a warm day of 22 degrees C and at a weight of about 79 pounds under the gross wt. Submitted by mdaily on June 4th, 2012. From Springbank airport it would be a 45 minute flight for me and it sounded like there might be a couple of others joining me. A record of all oil changes and annuals was continually updated in the aircraft log book. Note that in a previous post I did a short weight carrying test with 70 pounds of sand in the passenger seat and as a result was not happy with the climb out performance. A record of all oil changes and annuals was continually updated in the aircraft log book. Now the regular Quickie Q2 as per the plans has a all up max gross weight capacity of 1000 lbs. The workmanship is unbelievable, one would hate to break the kit up. The NW wind came up in the morning and was about 15-20 knots which gave us a nice push on the way SE but was slower on the homeward heading. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. August 14 2020  We were off in the morning to meet up with a few flyers in Medicine Hat Alberta. My Quickie Q2 (Revmaster) Here you can follow the progress of a complete rebuild of my Quickie Q2 with a Revmaster 2100D (65HP) aircraft engine. Another Bag Lunch Flight (Rocky Mountain House AB), Flight Test 2 of Passenger Carrying Capacity, First Flight on New SDS CPI Dual Electronic Ignition. Mike53 wrote:The Revmaster price increase has taken effect.New price $7685 up from $7200 introductory price.So for $685 you get an extra 5 hp at takeoff and an assembled and tested engine over the Aerovee. Many light aircraft, such as the Rand Robinson KR series and other popular designs, were conceived with engines like these in mind. I figured I would treat myself to a flight to Hanna Alberta and have a bag lunch while sitting there in their nice airport terminal building. These heads required removal of the whole rocker arm setup to be able to remove the lower plugs.

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