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I’ve also done the long way around but every time I cross the border into West Elizabeth I get gang banged by bounty hunters and am subsequently assblasted. Reality - you can test it yourself without doing the whole run by trying the final bit (Owanjila bridge to Blackwater). (I apologize in advance, I typed this up on my phone. Close. DO NOT feed your horse during the ride. NOT TO MENTION HAVING A FUCKING COUGAR BY YOU PROPERTY NEAR BLACKWATER THAT YOU CANT SHOOT BECAUSE YOU CANT USE WEAPONS NEAR RANCH GROUNDS!!!!! For Van Horn Trading Post to Blackwater, I basically took a north western approach out of VH to the nearest bridge that would spit me out into The Heartlands. Don’t forget to continually slam all the tonics, as the law quickly riddles you with bullets! Place a Way-point here on Bard's Crossing as you exit Strawberry. IVE SPENT OVER 20 HOURS TRYING TO COMPLETE THIS GOD DAMN CHALLENGE!!! Only failed my first attempt because I ran into an NPC. Without been hunted by Pinkertons? Once you make it out of the woods, book it across the plains to the outskirts of BW.

I think stimulants are ok though. Then you kind of wrap around south and then head towards Beecher's Hope/Blackwater. I lost a fucking Arabian attempting it. There should be a crossing extremely close to where the challenge completion notification pops up. Just like with hunting, use Eagle Eye (push in on both Sticks/L3+R3) to help track a desired wild horse that has escaped your view. 6) For enemies without dismounting, I used some gang hideout in Lemoyne...I believe it was that Lemoyne Raider Manor place. When You Can Do It: There are a few examples but a GREAT chance for this is the Chapter 3 mission "An Honest Mistake". Horseman 9 as Arthur Morgan? Try not to ride cross country for this very reason, just stick to the roads and railroad tracks listed below in the screenshots. Horseman 9 is possible as Arthur! The only hard part here is finding someone to grab with the Lasso. To the lone Stranger riding on the zig zag trail coming down from the dam... FUCK YOU! This is an easier Challenge than you think, it just takes time. @Equivalent-Ambition The worst part is that Arthur is perfectly capable of completing Herbalist 10, but can’t because of a few inaccessible plants from Herbalist 9. Make sure you keep pressing the left stick down to calm and give stamina to your horse. 100% Upvoted.

I still think rain is okay, you just cannot get off your horse, and you cannot touch water (horses hooves - no water). Selling pelts is a good way to make some money early in the game. Your horse is your main mode of transport and your best friend in the wilderness. Its annoying). Be mindful that if at any time you crash and/or fall off your horse, you WILL need to start over. A man has to eat, and one of the top ways to do that in the wilderness is through rabbit meat. You rode through here on a few occasions during Chapter 1. If you dismount to engage in ground combat you will reset this Challenge. Don't fall off your horse or you will fail the challenge. Though if you're trying to get it done, and have it out of the way (unlike the little idiots that cross the trail as you're riding through), then try riding along the Dakota River.

Personally, I figured it would take too much time and that I would get carried away shooting/run into a tree or some I just ran. .

I somehow managed to never have a train barreling towards me when crossing but it never hurts to keep your eyes peeled. SIDE QUESTS MAKE YOU SLOW DOWN AND FOCUS ON THEM MAKING IT OBVIOUSLY HARD AS HELL TO FOCUS ON THE DAMN ROAD NOT TO MENTION SLOWS YOU DOWN WITH NO CHOICE!! Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. One of the two train bridges that go to Saint Denis somewhat touches water, but still sometimes counts toward this Challenge. The price is based on quality, more on that in the Master Hunter Challenges guide.

Starting from Van Horn, go for the railroad tracks. The weapon gear set you get from this is definitely worth it! Stick now stick to the path all the way to Emerald Station (it may be worth setting a waypoint at now to show you the way). Hey guys just to reiterate, I was able to complete the entire set of horsemanship challenges in the earlier section of chapter 2.

You are also going to need stamina and ideally, this challenge is attempted with a horse you have a strong bond with for best results.

Horseman 6 - Ride from Strawberry to Saint Denis in less than 9 minutes without touching any water. All challenges are possible as Arthur, except Herbalist 9 and by proxy, Herbalist 10. Merge onto the tracks and head west till a bit past Strawberry. Hope this answers any possible questions and good luck! I know, I know, it's almost unfair for the gators, even when you're on foot, but it's the quickest way to finish this Challenge. If u have a big horse, there is a wooden bridge u can jump over that will get u there in less than 10 minutes.

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