They have a lighter, almost creamy underbelly.

gave him some water and millet, i have 2 feamale hooded ratties love of my life they are so spoiled. Susan this article was posted like 8 years ago so this guy isn't answering anymore. While you don’t have to be an advanced owner, I don’t recommend these for first time owners, just due to the fact they require different care. These four mutations are currently thought to be extinct: Normal (left) and Curly-2 (right) rats (Gregory and Blunn 1936). Hawthorn Rat Varieties The fancy rat comes in many different combinations of colours, markings, and fur types, and this site is here to give a little bit of information about some of them.

I have a black hooded rat with black eyes and a fawn hooded rat with ruby eyes. They have come in different colors of fur such as reddish, brown, orange, grayish, blackish, etc. Dominant trait — We'll start with merle since we just covered pearl and merle only expresses on mink-based rats such as pearl. Each type will be marked dominant or recessive. They have rounded heads, mobile snouts and a coat of thick, flattened spines which cover their bodies. It still shows much of the agouti banding on each individual hair but it is very mild. - A Guide To Their Affect On Allergies, 3 Best Low Maintenance Fish to Keep as Pets. Unfortunately, the four variants curly-1, curly-2, kinky and shaggy appear to be extinct. They have a rather sweet appearance, and it has been said that dumbo rats tend to be friendlier than standard eared rats. This isn’t a huge deal for most varieties of rats so long as you don’t let them run free with your cats, but for the hairless variety, this is a big factor to take into consideration.

The Gundi is a small, stocky rodent that lives in deserts across Africa.

Rats are wonderful pets who make a great addition to almost any household. But he has a tiny bit of light brown mixed with grey hood & stripe. Rats are the most commonly identified rodents in the world. I've figured out through this hub that I've got a black/red eye dilute/hooded rat and a black/pink eye dilute rat. They are some of the fascinating animals on earth due to the diversity in their ranks, and they have adapted well to both domestic and wild environments. Double dominant trait — A double rex rat has two copies of the rex gene, which make the hair so curly that it breaks and falls off before growing very long. Like most of the other rats on this list, tailless rats could be any color. This is where we find our Siamese style rats, along with a few complex agouti styles. Whichever rat you end up choosing, just know that you’ll be picking a lifelong companion that will offer you endless love and quality time, regardless of breed. If you've ever bred rats and noticed that breeding black to agouti you got a lot of black rats, then the agouti rats you are using are A/a. K: Thank you for the input, but I have checked some sources again and do believe I am correct. Homozygous shorn (shn/shn) at next to a heterozygous shn/+ littermate at 4 weeks. Their popularity as pets has lead to the development of many coat colors and types. The middle layer of the hair shaft is called the hair cortex. Chronic nephrosis progresses differently in male and female fuzzy rats.

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