Just make sure to pick up whatever along the way, or find dirt cheap upgrades in the MB or wherever (quests etc). Hopefully our Rogue Leveling Guide helped you out. Overall, the same concept applies. – A personal, instant self-heal. Limited Burst EXP sources take priority: Newly unlocked Guildhests, Challenge Log entries, Hunting Log. Consider using them if you’re at or near the Levequest allowance cap! End-Game Weapons for Rogues in WoW Classic, best Leveling build for Rogue uses Swords, Elemental Shaman DPS Fire Resistance Gear, 1.11 Nature Resist Gear Implemented in WoW Classic, David Kim, Diablo 4 Lead Systems Designer Moves to WoW. You now have the right to become a Ninja! Also, if you’re curious about the job you turn into, Rogue is the prerequisite class for unlocking Ninja. He is a former US #2 hardcore raider who I’ll mention it again, knowledge from General Leveling Guide is REQUIRED. on upgrading your weapon as frequently as possible. Use it early and often when soloing tough encounters. However, they are only a 3-ish dps upgrade over Bloodfang pants and ranking to rank 12 for a 3 dps increase that gets replaced eventually is not worth it for most. Reducing fall damage is almost never relevant. like the bows can provide stats.

The renataki’s trinket is basically a free backstab and is a dps upgrade in almost every scenario. The reason we unlock ASAP is, not only to get a new skill at L30 (In your case the infamous NINJUTSU and your first Mudra), but most if not all new skills and traits going forward are for NINJA and not Rogue, so you have no reason to stay as an ROG any longer. There are 3 dagger weapons you can pick from and you can use ANY combination of the 3. If you are alliance, but not human, it’s also often expected that you go daggers to leave swords to all the human rogues and warriors. Reducing fall damage is almost never relevant. How much you value the Firemaw cloak upgrade comes down to how much you personally value HP (and obviously it’s also a great pvp cloak for rogues who do both pvp and pve). L30 Skill Unlocked Shadow Fang – A long duration DoT (Damage over time) skill. TL;DR – There are a lot of other trinket options which can complicate trinket gearing, so check out the full rogue trinket guide (coming soon) for the detailed breakdown. As mentioned previously, it’s just far more efficient as a guild to gear up some of your rogues in clown suit and while the others focus on bloodfang in order to better use all the raid drops. You should mostly avoid ranking for pve unless you’re doing it for rank 14 weapons and even then you need to ask yourself if grinding 8 hours of pre-made battlegrounds every day for 3 months is worth your time. Interrupting enemy spells is the most basic use case here, but honestly keep in mind that in dungeons stunning an enemy will greatly reduce the damage your tank receives, and helps your healer out.

Main downside is using them up in place of DoH / DoL. Any of them are fine pre-bis gear.

Only use this against fat enemies.

While this has more uses in the future – this is it for now. way to initiate combat without body pulling multiple targets. While you need to be L16 to initially unlock it, it can be used by any level character thereafter. It has a hefty cooldown so it’s not all that regularly you press it. influence what talents you will be taking. AMAZING! Does 5 set tier 1 bonus matter at all for pve? There’s simply nothing at the same level when it comes to pre-raid bis daggers. Dagger rogues will use ZG trinket for fights under 168 seconds, sword clown set rogues for fights under 111 seconds and sword 8/8 bf rogues in fights under 81 seconds. Rogue L15 to 30 – General reminders and notes. Rogue L1 to L16 – General reminders and notes. How, you say? Either spec is viable in raiding and both can top the dps meters. Your weapon as a Rogue and Bows from Weapon Masters around the world. Weapons are your primary piece of gear to upgrade, meaning you want to focus Pick up and keep all these items as you level: When it comes to current phase 4 raid gearing, it’s actually very straight forward. You’ll want at least 6 pieces of Shadowcraft to get the energy proc, then fill in your empty slots with your best non Shadowcraft stat pieces. Use it when you open on an enemy and bosses! Generally speaking you do not want to use this “while approaching an enemy”, as it’s likely a DPS loss. Everything listed below is based on testing via fight simulation spreadsheets created by Garcia and Bloodmoon over at the Classic Rogue discord. As a DPS class, you’ll likely queue up for dungeons or POTD then do FATES and “other activities” while you’re in queue. Don't be shy! Trinkets in particular are a good source of hit % when crit capped, so check out the rogue trinket guide if you run into crit cap issues. The base class leveling guides will be updated once I’m done with DoH and omega guides. Required fields are marked *. Anytime you press Gust Slash – press Aeolian Edge next. – Reduces an enemy’s physical damage dealt. In my guild we have 5 rogues and we all swap top dps depending on rng and who executes better on that given week: If you want a more in-depth look at talent specs, check out my classic rogue talent specs guide. Almost every boss mob you encounter in WoW is going to be a higher level than you, which means any reduction to this glancing blow penalty offers huge increases in damage done. It should be kept in mind that many alliance guilds also won’t give +weapon skill items to a non human rogue because of the belief that if you want +weapon skill you should have chosen human.

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