As mentioned previously, Pidge’s gender is played pretty ambiguously. Though they attempted to help, the planet wound up exploding.

He placed a hand on her shoulder, rolling her to her back. from We’ll mostly be focusing on the Voltron: Legendary Defender (VLD) Pidge, but in order to know where we’re going, we need to know where we’ve been. Pidge Gunderson’s garnered a lot of attention in the past three years. ... Five episodes in and there's already a Shoot the Dog moment.

Making Pidge a girl in VLD was a decision largely made and pushed for by Lauren Montgomery. Bullied by kids in the orphanage who felt threatened by his intelligence, Pidge was given an out by the New West Point military. In tandem with her brother, Pidge was capable of knocking out a Galra bounty hunter with a combined punch to the face, indicating that she has honed her hand-to-hand combat prowess as well as her physical strength. But he was just being extra…careful.

Voltron was always a thing, but, Yes. "I'm fine," she said through gritted teeth. Unlike the other Paladins, Pidge's Bayard offers more than just offensive power. Talking to the prisoners had revealed a disturbing account of Shiro attacking her brother Matt before engaging a Galra gladiator, who then appeared as a Robeast that the Paladins were forced to engage. I love it when Pidge reveals she’s actually a girl, only to find out everyone aside from Lance already knew.

"So, I'm going to take a trip to the space mall," Lance said, crouching down beside the green paladin, blocking her view of her laptop. Pidge certainly embodies her Lion's elemental affiliation of the Forest: constantly adapting to her surroundings, sustaining and protecting the people around her, and is able to thrive in even the harshest circumstances. She is agile, nimble, and uses a Bayard that takes the form of a small, arrow-shaped blade that possesses the ability to deliver a painful electric shock (a fact which Lance discovered firsthand), a grapple function that can be used for both transport and incapacitating enemies, and has an edge that can cut through extremely thick metal plating with little to no trouble. Now it wasn't odd to find the green paladin asleep in random places throughout the castleship. As executive producer and co-showrunner, Montgomery wanted to show that female characters could share the space of male counterparts while not changing the plot. RELATED: Voltron: Legendary Defender Showrunners Knew Shiro Was Gay For 'A Very Long Time'. the large paladin blubbered and Shiro was left patting his back. She's the slimmest and shortest of the Paladins. After being discovered hacking into Galaxy Garrison computers, she was escorted off the property and forbidden from ever returning. Physical Description They often work together on the Lions to install Pidge's constant upgrades to them, and they often get caught in ridiculous situations together. During this mission, Pidge revealed that Shiro's old crew mates were her father and brother, yet despite their best efforts the search proved mostly futile when they learned from other prisoners that Pidge's family were no longer aboard the ship. Previously. During the mission to save the planet, Pidge revealed that she had modified the Green Lion with a cloaking device, and with her comrades, managed to save the Balmerans. RELATED: Voltron Season 3: Story Recap & Ending Explained. he asked, genuinely confused. Pidge said with a shrug. At least you have four guys, five lions, and two aliens on your side.


By: Magma Writes. He was making Pidge cry. ", "You ruined your moment with Keith," Pidge said, eyes twinkling. The trio went to break him out of Galaxy Patrol custody, but were beaten to that goal by Keith who they then joined in his escape. Her technical skills have aided the team immensely, initially with discovering the approach of an alien spacecraft and finding the first of the lions, but also in retrofitting cloaking technology to the Green Lion and adapting other technology to suit the team's needs. Weird. I shall have my revenge.

She is also an intensely private person, often needing some measure of personal space and has a hard time bonding with others. Brown Now normally he wouldn't expect Pidge to be interested in coming shopping with him but he had an inkling this time would be different.

She has brown eyes, fair skin, and disheveled light brown hair. Shiro exclaimed. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment from Season 1 of VLD. I'll be here.". Pidge’s birthday is April 3rd, making them an Aries. Status "Focus! She is also quite fast, able to ascend to the top of the Green Lion's hiding spot in mere moments without the assistance of her armor or jet pack. Not once did they falter in their belief or worry about her not being able to withstand any missions they set for her. In most incarnations, Pidge is male. She's captured and interrogated aliens, and also isn't afraid to speak her mind to her teammates when they irritate her. At one point, Voltron Force responded to a distress signal coming from Balto.

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