Cigars, pipes and tobacco are also very good choices for offerings. Now I've heard the call of Voudoun, and I will be seeing it through.

When calling on Papa Legba to either open the gates or to petition him, you want to light the candles for him and always give an offering of rum. Coffee, rum, coconuts, peanuts, candies. Yes! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. The Deities I work with are not connected to voudou.

Call him say what you need and then go. If 2/3 land on tails, he has denied your deal.

Papa Legba, open the gates.

not trying to seem skeptical, just in a place mentally where everything is failing me. However, he can be summoned at any time. He is the first spirit to be summoned during a ritual. He guards the crossroads, which is the entrance to The spirit world. I plan to commune with Papa tonight on All Hallows Eve. © Copyright 2018 Solitary Morrigan's Book of Shadows. He has even been in a TV show series call "American Horror Story: Coven". I never had the call for necromancy, until I started working within it. Papa Legba, open the gates. Each of them have different veves. You'll find all kinds of variances on this. If 2/3 land on heads, he has agrees to the deal.

Papa Legba is always invoked at the beginning and ending of every ceremony. He is not with the display in American horror story by any means. If you do make a deal, and he upholds his end of the bargain, you must uphold yours. Cigars, pipes and tobacco are also very good choices for offerings.

Also to be clear, Ellegua and Legba are not the same spirit but they share profound similarities.

If the ring itself is silver or better yet copper than it is welcome. Papa Legba is a loa in Haitian Vodou, who serves as the intermediary between the loa and humanity. Begin saying a prayer to invoke Papa Legba.

Papa Legba! The Lwa are the Haitian gods.

History of Papa Legba . Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. A Titan and a Lwa... Legba and hecate are different facets of the same diamond. Think over which Lowa would ask for it and buy it. Just be sure not to insult the Lwa by doing things they dont like (you do not drink or smoke in the presence of Damballah or Freda for example- just as you dont place an altar for Dantor and Freda in the same room.) Papa Legba, open the gates. Make your offerings. I know it with a feeling.

The more you can incorporate these colors, the better. Visit me at: You are here: Home » Category 1 » SUMMON PAPA LEGBA, Here’s how to SUMMON PAPA LEGBA, I've heard the call, and I mean to answer, what should I know?I never had the calling for black magic, until I started practicing it. I don't want them to go bad. My light are out and I need to see? Before speaking to any other Lwa , you must consult with Papa Legba, because he will determine who passes between those gates. Recite some more prayers to him. There are different ways of calling him to open the gates, but this is the one that we use-Papa Legba, open the gates. Place the candle and bottle of Florida Water down. The Best Chante Lwa I've Ever Heard . In Haiti, he is the great elocutioner. Papa Legba, open the gates. Your children are waiting. Papa Legba, open the gates. He saved my life just a few weeks ago and appears to me in different places. Saturday is Papa Legba's day. Finally, dismiss him and thank him for his presence. Toss 3 pennies on the ground. Your children await. These are the same days allocated to Marassa. If you don't, he can make your life a living he'll and cut you off from the spirit world. Papa Legba needs to be called on to open the gates before communicating with any of the Lwa.

I come in peace an is in need of his help right now. You can also place a Papa Legba spirit bottle on it, if you have one. Pennies, candy, black coffee, childrens toys. Join the community. Saturday is Papa Legba’s day. Place the candle and bottle of Florida Water down. Offerings for him include coffee, tobacco, candy, rum, whiskey and Florida Water. You can make a deal with Papa Legba for anything you desire. I was told if the ritual is done at night that is a binding of some sort is that correct? What happen if you don't provide offerings? Please can you pray to Papa Legba at home and later go to the crossroad, can i offer my soul to him for succses and wealth. Papa Legba is popularized in the States and is quite well known. The more you can incorporate these colors,the better. Make your offerings. Just go to a crossroads at midnight and call upon Papa Legba. This is best performed on a monday. The Lwas have favorites, but do not like the same thing all the time. Coffee, rum, coconuts, peanuts, candies.

However, can any day be used or can I work with him every day? Offerings I also tend to give at his shrine is cigar, brown sugar water, unsweetened black coffee while fresh off the brew, candle... knock 3 times calling him as I call him then speak with him then end by knocking 3 times letting him know I’m done speaking. He stands at a spiritual you crossroads and gives (or denies) permission to speak with the spirits of Guinee, and is believed to speak all human languages. There are different ways of calling him to open the gates, but this is theone that we use-. Hold the bottle of Florida Water in your right hand. When the people of Africa were captured, enslaved, and brought to North America, they brought with them many of their gods and spirits, including Legba. You may make offerings to Legba and the Marassa AT ANY TIME. Monday is also typically reserved in my house for moon rites- so I have sometimes used the bigger events to share this day with La Siren (Her usual day is with the 'white' or Rada Lwa on Thursdays.) Pour some Florida Water on floor to your left, in front of you, then to your right. Although this portrayal of Papa Legba is misleading and very much not even the real Papa Legba his name still made it. I have a ring it inset is red. Be creative. Be creative. Food offerings can include chicken, beef, spicy foods, breads, cakes, baked bananas, sweet potatoes, etc. Papa Legba needs to be called on to open the gates before communicating with any of the Lwa. Your children are waiting. what time should I summon papa Legba day or night at his alter or crossroads?how about 12:00 midnight, How do I ask him for protection.... evil eyes wish death on me but my soul is good. This is why so many hoodoo rituals are done at crossroads. He’s actually very sweet kind and loving when you need somebody to talk to you. plus all of the offerings you have provided us to give to him. For example, if you ask for him to bring to you $10, then promise to offer $1 to him, and if you ask for $100, promise to offer $10. Sorry to respond so late, this child wishes you well. Papa Legba's days are monday and friday, respectively. Papa Legba of extreme importance.

In New Orleans voodoo, they are viewed as spirits left behind by God to watch over humans. He can also be invoked through prayer. Offerings can be gifts for the altar such as items that he likes-pennies, copper, small toys, etc. Begin saying a prayer to invoke Papa Legba. Believed to have originated in the kingdom of Dahomey, now Benin, Papa Legba is one of the best known figures in African spirituality.

Your children are waiting. I have nothing to offer papa legba. They say Saturday is Papa Legba's day.

Can you eat them or give them to the earth? But typically Monday is the day.

Papa Legba, open the gates. If you would like, you can build a shrine for Papa Legba. Your children are waiting. Especially when I call upon him and I need him the most.

In fact, the character is more similar to Baron Samedi, the Lwa of death. The Lwas have favorites, but do not like the same thing allthe time. An altar with black and red cloths, black and red candles, red flowers, and various decorations is welcomed. He is also the last to be dismissed, as he closes the gates to the spirit world. Legba facilitates communication, speech, and understanding. I am very interested in Haitian Gods and Goddesses. Notice The Call And Response Of The Chante Lwa.

However, Legba and Marassa are always saluted prior to any communications with other Lwa. Wednesdays to Ogoun. Tuesday are dedicated to the Petro lwa. Monday Legba and Marassa. This was a great post. It is not needed, but I think it is a great idea. COPPER, I ask that papa legba open up the way for my ex boyfriend to come back n to open the door of good luck n keep me safe from all evil, Other sources say Monday is his day. Pour some Florida Water on floor to your left, in front of you, then to your right. Saturdays belong to Le Baron and the Ghede. When he is assured, he opens the gates to the spirit world. after i had given offerings and called upon his name careful when doing this can be quite scary for someone to see and converse with one who has passed on .... Hi would it be ok to give a non alcoholic drink as an offering along with his other gifts?

The table should be covered in a black or red tablecloth. He has joined me on many occasions. Offerings and gifts can also be given at any time. We give our discarded offerings to the earth, Papa Legba i am at an emotional crossroad please come to me.❤. Then, you must make a promise. Ethereal beings are not bound to single names or physical forms. My only concern is I'm a witch who for many years followed another crossroads deity, Hecate so if papa comes in animal form once more, always the same, and hecate comes in dog form as is typical for her then I shall be in a dilemma.

If you would like, you can build a shrine for Papa Legba. I'm very confused now, Me too...some lady told papa legba day is Monday. Legend says that if you take your instrument to a crossroads at midnight, Papa Legba will appear, tune your instrument and teach you to play. He’s always with me. Offerings can be gifts for the altar such as items that he likes-pennies, copper, small toys, etc. Chante Lwa Are Sung To Invite The Lwa In. Finally, dismiss him and thank him for his presence.

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