Read on to find out more. The result is the dominant dragon will actively disrupt the subordinate dragons’ eating and reduce the amount of the UV exposure which will create an enormous amount of stress on the lower status dragon. Shedding is more common in juveniles. Like humans, bearded dragons are omnivores, this means they eat both living creatures (carnivores) and vegetable and plant matter (herbivores).

7. Beardies are solitary by nature and can be incredibly aggressive towards other dragons. Bearded dragons need both UVA and UVB lighting for around 10-12 hours everyday. Time is the best solution here, let them acclimate to the change.

13. Correct temperatures for bearded dragons should maintained, pogona need to be able to regulate their body temperature by moving between different temperatures. As a large amount of your lizards sustenance comes from insects, if they are incorrectly sourced, then they could infect your dragon with a parasite. Checking your dragons’ poop is essential so If you see partially digested bugs in their poop then the temperatures are not high enough. Reptiles don't technically hibernate like some mammals. By the time you’ve completed this article, you will have identified one (or more) potential reasons and have started taking the required actions to resolve them. If your baby Bearded Dragon isn’t eating this is more critical than an adult, simply because they won’t have the fat/energy reserves to last out any appetite loss. Here are the key temperatures to shoot for: Bearded dragons require an enclosure that has a temperature gradient. If it is a broken bone or fracture you will notice swelling around that area this can be very common when handling baby bearded dragons since they are so fragile – best get to the vet. set up a proper light system for your bearded dragon, 15 Awesome Bearded Dragon Morphs (With Pictures): Species Guide, 16 Popular Types of Pet Snakes (With Pictures),, 10 Awesome Corn Snake Accessories & Decorations, Are Leopard Geckos Good Pets? Without UVB and vitamin D3 the calcium isn’t absorbed and can cause an imbalance, manifesting itself later on as Metabolic Bone Disease. Please let us know if you have any other questions! Bearded dragons most typically have the best temperament of all pet lizards, and with the correct supervision, can make great companions for children. If you feel this is likely the case, then for the sake of your dragon’s gut health, it’s best to switch to a different substrate option. 4. For the most part, though, make food and water available to your dragon but don’t try to force feed, just offer the food and if they eat it, great if not, take it away and offer again later on. Like mammals such as bears who hibernate, lizards also have periods of the year where they will go into their own form of hibernation, which is called ‘brumation’. Luckily, while these symptoms may seem quite extreme, mouth rot is highly treatable, and any veterinarian skilled in lizard or reptile care will be able to administer the correct treatment. He usually ate in the morning and again at 5pm 2 hrs before bed. Bearded dragons can suffer from a wide range of health issues and they may affect the appetite of your dragon (or any animal for that matter). I got him 3 weeks ago, he was always active & eats fine. Of course, as with feeding any pet, the ratio of meat to vegetation should be as closely reflective of their natural diet in the wild as possible. We actually just posted a long guide on brumation – you can find it here: They need this amount of UVB to produce vitamin D3 in their skin which in turn metabolises the calcium in the diet. As shown above, this ratio may need to be tweaked in regards to your specific dragon, and should definitely be revised as they reach their older years, increasing the level of vegetation to reduce the risk of obesity. Bearded dragons sharing with others, dominant behaviour from one dragon can mean that the other eats less, or worse won’t eat at all. Beardies will sometimes attack their tank mates so aggressively that the weaker of the two can die. Foods that are dangerous and/or highly toxic to bearded dragons include spinach, beets, avocado, rhubarb, and any kind of glowing insect, such as fireflies. Bearded Dragons need 10% minimum UVB and to be able to bask within 12 inches of the UVB source. Broken bones and such will obviously cause discomfort and the more intense the pain the more likely the appetite will be suppressed. Mouth rot appears as a whitish or yellowish gray around the oral cavity. Everything You Should Know.

If you find your dragon, particularly if still an infant as the bones are weaker, exhibits a suppressed appetite as well as an area of swelling on their body, then it might be best to schedule a check up with the vet, to ensure your dragon is uninjured.

Everything here focuses on a lack of appetite and what can cause it if your bearded dragon is not eating. Adults will shed a couple of times per year, Rubbing and scratching itself on things inside the tank enclosure. As they are cold-blooded and diurnal, cold temperatures and a darker environment will typically signal sleep or rest, where as a lighter and warmer environment will more closely represent a sunny day in your dragon’s natural homeland of Australia. Have they had rapid weight gain in the last 2-3 weeks? Hi my my sons bearded dragon hasn’t moved for 5 days she is warm but I can’t see any breathing. Also look for other signs such as coughing, fungal infections & open sores. 3. You can also mist them with a water bottle. Using the correct ratio of vitamins for Bearded Dragons is important although in a balanced diet this generally doesn’t cause too many issues – things to watch out for are powders high in vitamin A, B1, D3, If they haven’t eaten and are not brumating, pregnant, shedding etc… then get them to a vet. They need higher daytime temperatures with part of the cage in shade. Hi Patricia! The environment bearded dragons require is very specific. Reptile Advisor is a free resource for reptile owners of all experience levels. Make sure that you’re giving your bearded dragon 10-12 hours of per day as insufficient lighting can affect their appetite. Bearded dragons transition through specific repeating cycles through their life and this will have an impact not only on their willingness to eat food but their overall behavior in general.I’ve included this first because there seems to be a lack of understanding about these areas and people have turned to tactics like force-feeding during these natural cycles which is not only unnecessary but can make your dragon sick. E.g. Baby and juvenile dragons will eat frequently and have a larger appetite because they are inside a growth phase which requires a lot of nutrients. Depending on the blockage your dragon may be suffering from intense pain which will put them off food. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Check out our Complete Bearded Dragon Diet Guide if you would like a more in-depth explanation about how to feed your Bearded Dragon a healthy diet. Best to get your herp vet to take care of this, they will treat the mouth with a Betadine and Nolvasan solution and remove the plaque areas. Babies may not be replacing enough energy that it takes to catch their food, so making it easier may be all it takes. Because of their cold-blooded nature, many dragons won’t eat until they are warm enough, and post meal their lights should be kept on for around 2 hours, to ensure successful digestion.

During this time their activity will be minimal as well as their eating and some dragons will refuse food altogether which is fine. Infections that come in the form of parasites are of particular concern since they can negatively affect your dragon’s appetite but also make them feel ill when they eat. However, if the issue doesn’t resolve itself and your dragon is showing signs of malnourishment, illness, or injury, then it is your duty as a caring owner to bring your dragon to qualified vet with either experience, or specialism in reptile care. I’ve included this first because there seems to be a lack of understanding about these areas and people have turned to tactics like force-feeding during these natural cycles which is not only unnecessary but can make your dragon sick.

Obviously, force-feeding will increase the intensity of the problem.

While this section of the article may not be as useful to seasoned bearded dragon owners, for those with a new addition or looking to add a bearded dragon to their home, a little background is helpful.

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