2019 Schedule - Sounds Of The Seasons (Note: All Start Dates Are At Midnight Eastern Standard Time) Start End Holiday Mon, Jan 1 Sun, Jan 6 Holiday (cont. 2020 Schedule For Sounds Of The Seasons (Note: All Start Dates Are At Midnight Eastern Standard Time) Start End Holiday Wed, Jan 1 Mon, Jan 6 Holiday (cont. h������^��/?�������_�������)ɳ� �4����R@�����������J�a�N��t����?��/����������]av ��c����^G2���R�����I�����J?�(��|o�X����\�}(ZLd��Q�\7�ٚÂ���������,�``i�i�v[���u��l�i���q�H`^�:`��@6xCC.י��(����C�l�y���+�s�.s�qg�/N���:�E�w?M���v�hwC@��eڱ���:��eo{u�}cI I loved the Sounds of the Seasons channel. The following is a current and former list of Music Choice cable radio audio channels which are accessible through participating digital cable providers and DirecTV, along with those who utilize Music Choice's iOS and Google Play mobile apps through TV Everywhere authentication.

The show schedule is provided for up to 3 weeks out and you can view up to 2 weeks of show play history. http://brucepearsonmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/SOE7_SoundsOfTheSeason.mp3. Several channels are noted which hold a TV Parental Guidelines rating of TV-MA; these channels allow profanity and explicit content in the songs played, with non-noted channels carrying radio edits otherwise. The lawsuit occurred one month following the announcement that Comcast, part owner of Music Choice, had secured a deal to expand their music offering with thriving competitor, Stingray Digital.[11]. `��q.

THE SOUND OF THE SEASON results from the association of three friends who joined their forces and ultimate love of music, to create compilations, playlists, DJ live mix and events that celebrate fashi.

For Music Choice Europe, acquired by global competitor Stingray Digital, see, Television channels in the United Kingdom and Ireland operated by, "Nielsen To Measure Music Choice On Demand", "Cable Television's Music Streaming Service is Obsessed with Death", "Comcast Xfinity Expands Music Offering with Stingray", "SoundExchange Sues Music Choice for Underpayment", PlayStation Official Magazine – Australia, Sony Institute of Higher Education Shohoku College, Sony Toshiba IBM Center of Competence for the Cell Processor, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Music_Choice&oldid=987002370, Television channels and stations established in 1987, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles lacking reliable references from October 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Kazuo Matsunaga (Vice Chairman of the Board), Kenichiro Yoshida (Chairman, President and CEO), This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 07:16. The science is clear - music impacts shoppers and, and enhance your customers experience. Audience demographics are based on Nielsen's national People Meter.[9]. I loved 815 for acknowledging all the other holidays. The Broadcast House offers over 100 digital audio channels from Music Choice, the Largest Supplier of Digital Music, While you focus on the unique needs of your business, we're always refining and adding to our vast music library so that your music is always updated and seamlessly streaming, Dayparting allows you to schedule music by zone, time, and day of the week. I loved 815 for the St. Patrick's day, 4th of July, and Halloween music they had. ������+�P��1��+�R)�� V�W@�y��bU !���|Z*9 ��X��\��~@d���v�^ Jr���!�v�?o������R��#��ۯRm�\Y�]=�g5�BA�C� �Ƭ�RA�`������j����+}V�ؼJN{�0[��zf �I��:���L�m��:� Md�H�S�t���A/��{\�o/2�W�g�O���>�'�qB(3QݨV6E�)�?�����SG��%�G���(;P>���@��n@E^ � �O� 86e��*� 6�����@�tjpf_V⟍�\@�J�. One of my favorite ways to incorporate seasonal songs in my home is by listening to Music Choice: Sounds of the Seasons on my TV!


*I am not an AT&T employee, and the views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Music Choice (formerly known as Digital Cable Radio) was the first digital audio broadcast service in the world and, under its founder and CEO David Del Beccaro,[4][5][6][7] launched in test markets circa 1987.

Litzdog I didn't realize there were different kinds of satellites. Music Choice launched its first 24-hour interactive music video cable channel, SWRV, in February 2010. The network struggled to gain momentum and was eventually rebranded to Music Choice Play on October 15, 2013. Music Choice reaches 65 million households in North America via linear television channels and tv-on-demand services.[3]. It has been proven that music affects how people feel, react, and shop. This time of year, I always start getting anxious to hear festive music. Thank you for such kind and detailed attention to our firm and for your endless kind compliments.

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��2Q/8!v���GQ��KL{��d����{�:��u�&��ێ����2Ԅ]��q�+]t3v8E�\�`*C]!�aW9)6��BE�D�Lee5 �0��9L7N�_F�"�"o�z��U6�ȫ��Lf砗�ū ��YL<=���)���ߨzV*��T1+BV���6��y�:�qng����� �I���[�p��[D�(�ˆ�������"��QGD22b��Ny(��u��3KЀ, �iQa�>-��X�H�Q*�]���� These slides display banner advertising (the only advertising on the service, as the audio programming airs commercial-free) along with a looping carousel of “Did You Know?” factoids paired with file photos of the artists in question. Music Choice: Sounds of the Seasons Schedule. from 2019) Tues, Jan 7 Sun, Feb 2 The Pulse Mon, Feb 3 Sun, Feb 16 Valentine's Mon, Feb 17 Sun, March 1 … You might need a dish that receives signals from the 119º satellite for some of the music channels, such as a 5-LNB Slimline dish. Music Choice drew criticism with the lawsuit; Stingray responded: “Given the significant inroads that Stingray has made in the U.S. market [Comcast expansion] with its industry-changing technology, Stingray believes that Music Choice’s complaint is without merit and primarily motivated by competitive concerns rather than a desire to protect its intellectual property.”. In the past, the on-screen trivia factoids have been criticized by some as featuring facts that are overtly depressing or deal with death, as a May 2017 HuffPost story cited a number of factoids recalling various illnesses, homicides, and suicides of various musical artists and their close family, friends and partners over an evening of the network's programming.[10]. from 2018) Mon, Jan 7 Sun, Feb 3 The Pulse Mon, Feb 4 Sun, Feb 17 Valentine's Mon, Feb 18 Wed, March 6 … Your features are much better and it is easy to use the online services to change music throughout the weeks", "The service that we receive from your company is always excellent, even when we are asking for the impossible…", "Working with you has been nothing short of amazing.

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