This free tool will enable you to interpret all the variable numbers that you will encounter on your daily basis.. Decrypt messages that the angelic world transmits you through sequences like 222, 333, 444 etc… this synchronic signs usually appear in a repetitive way. At this moment your connection with the angelic realm and your guardian angel is very strong. There are 72 guardian angels and the study of Kabbalah gives us knowledge of the 72 names of God.

If you see a mirror hour in a “supernatural” context you should quickly go and see a medium. Mysterious messages are attached to each of these sequences, so decipher their meanings below.

It is often our subconscious which is able to capture the message of this synchronicity. Yeah that explanation resonates with me. How have they been holding you back? We will also publish many articles concerning the numerological study of the hours which will allow you to discover more about the reversed hours and triple hours. When they stop showing up, it means it's time for you to take control of your destiny and work towards a brighter future.

You must also seize the vibrational frequencies. * Literature Source: Angel Numbers 101, Author; Doreen Virtue, Published in 2008 and available here:, By The mirror hours are a collection of numbers between 0 and 9 which are identical in the number of hours and minutes. Angelic guides also come to us when we are feeling lost and need of a boost of optimism. The higher powers have prepared something exciting for you. Everyday synchronicities pose a real challenge to the idea of causality. Contact us, The reproduction of cards is authorized by Groupe France Cartes, Your request is being dealt with, we will contact you shortly. Our subconscious makes up 90% of our being. > Find out how to communicate with your Guardian Angel and discover the name of your Archangel <. This phenomenon is closely linked to numerology and astrology, as well as to the idea of Synchronicity which was discovered by Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist (1875 - 1961).

They see mirror hours very often, as well as triple and reversed hours.

A person is currently thinking of you, either positively or negatively. It can be a message from a guardian angel as we’ve seen, but it can also be interpreted through numerology. Hi! A mirror hour is made up of numbers which match those of the minutes, for example, 11:11. - Discover your 2021 horoscope predictions here -. The conscious mind gives it a program to run but after that it is on autopilot. Astrologist Susan Taylor's insights on why we see these patterns: Celestial beings reach out in times of need and communicate wake up calls and life impacting signs. Knowing how to interpret Angel numbers and mirror hours will unveil details on your ambitions, desires, and life purpose. It can be difficult to work out and to truly understand the meaning and the significance behind an 11:11 which has been following you around everywhere. Number 4 … The first is called Vehuiah and the 72nd is called Mumiah. These are: 01:01 02:02 03:03 04:04 05:05 06:06 07:07 08:08 09:09 10:10 11:11 12:12 13:13 14:14 15:15 16:16 17:17 18:18 19:19 20:20 21:21 22:22 23:23 and finally 00:00 With 01:01 being the first mirror hour and 00:00 being the last, each hour has its own meaning or message. There is a different one every 5 days. 4 Tips to guarantee better communication with your Angel: 1) Pay attention at each phase of your life.2) Open your heart and soul to celestial communications.3) You need to learn to tune yourself into the messages from the higher powers.4) Finally, you must believe in the higher powers and be open to receive angelic guidance.

If you regularly come across mirror hours, this could mean that: Your subconscious is looking for answers. We will then be able to give you a complete and accurate meaning of the mirror hours from several different perspectives. 777 Angel number: Your Angels want to congratulate and encourage you. We have put in place a tool that allows you to know the meaning of the numbers from 0 to 999 with a complete interpretation of the 72 guardian angels. I have been wondering about sequences of mirrored numbers or repetitive numbers that I see a lot, like a LOT: 11:11 of course, but also 9:11, 21:11, 12:21, 21:21, 13:31, 14:41, 15:51, 17:17, 5:55 and many more. These hours reflect our state of mind and act as symbolic confirmation of a feeling we are experiencing. Look for other potential signs because they are definitely trying to warn you or protect you from something dangerous. It can be a message from a guardian angel as we’ve seen, but it can also be interpreted through numerology. The art of divination often allows us to have a better picture of the future and analyzing the mirror hour can give you certain keys to your destiny. If you want to understand the meaning and the message behind a mirror hour simply go to the “Hours” section and choose the one which interests you. Angelic guides also come to us when we are feeling lost and need of a boost of optimism.

You will have understood by now that a mirror hour can have several meanings and here we are going to give you more information about the double hour that you have seen. Celestial beings reach out in times of need and communicate wake up calls and life impacting signs. A fortune-teller will do a complete reading of the Tarot of Marseilles by web chat which will help you to find an answer to your doubts and queries at any time. Or does it mean I'm regressing (mirrored numbers)? As we mentioned earlier, synchronicity moves in the collective unconscious. Please note: If you stop seeing these divine signs, your Guardians spirits assume that you've fully understood their message. This number sequence knows that your thoughts quickly become your reality, so it's more important than ever to play close attention to your ideas, beliefs, and feelings. Mirror hours bring up several possible hypotheses often linked to our subconscious, but also certainly to a spiritual connection. When these digits appear more than once in a sequence, their power is increased.

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