I don’t know where I’m gonna be in six months and sometimes that’s quite scary and unnerving, but I like not knowing what’s coming next. Is that Brad Pitt?” She laughs. From a young age Mack was on stage and in 5th year at high school in Stirling auditioned for the Dance School of Scotland’s Musical Theatre course at Knightwood. She came into the limelight through her versatile acting skills and talents.

How much can money buy? A bird poised in one place beating its wings so fast you don’t see them move, and a giant lizard with the strength to take down a water buffalo. Family Health and Fitness Fashion Luxury Cars Free Mobile App UK Voucher Codes ... episode 5 review: a happy ending and, in Mirren Mack, a new star is born 4. My mum’s played her and I’m named after William Wallace’s wife Mirren. “We shared lots of car journeys and sort of spoke about sandwiches and stuff like that. I’m grateful for the name. Mirren Mackenzie. Filmed in and around Glasgow, in Cove on Gareloch and at the Devil’s Pulpit near her Stirling home, Mack was delighted to be filming back in Scotland on home turf, speaking in her own accent. “I’ll take that,” she says. “I couldn’t afford to simply get on the train the night before an audition and stay in a hotel,” she said. She went on to win a place at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and was able to attend thanks to a number of bursaries and scholarships. “I hadn’t realised how little representation of asexuality there is. When I was growing up I didn’t really know what was going on. Find your friends on Facebook. I think it’s time to do something.”. That was really cool.”. Mack was delighted that her first major role had taken her back home. She was born and raised in Scottland with her family and friends. Mack is also fascinated by the nuts and bolts of putting together a show, such as filming year round action in a three month time slot.

Mirren Mack plays an 18-year old faced with a dilemma in BBC 1's The Nest. Moreover, she is the most talented and hardworking actress who is still busy growing her acting career furthermore. “I don’t know at the moment what’s ahead. And is Molly named after a historical figure too? What are the consequences of buying what you want? Currently, she is in her 20s who has already accomplished a lot in her acting career. “I haven’t seen him like that in ages, me and my mum kept giggling about it. “So to be able to live different lives and be a voice for people who have stories to tell but haven’t because they’re living it, or can’t, it feels like a bit of magic. See all photos.

Reading the script, I was constantly jumping between whose side I was on.”. “At the end, the very final moment, I think I probably would have done what she did,” she says.

When I’ve seen her in theatre, film, on TV there’s something so magnetic about her.”. But everyone else was my age, and it was a really relaxed, loving environment. Find some joy in just being on the ground and being able to be alive.”. Mirren Mack.

People were ‘uhhhhh, that’s so weird,’” she laughs. She was featured in the popular Netflix series named BBC one The Nest which is very popular among the people. Her parents met performing in a play. What’s going on?’ I thought I’d jumped forward in my life. Kaya is only Mack’s second TV part but her performance has been singled out for praise by critics. See Photos.

She came from a middle-class family whose parents were very supportive of her. “Storytelling is a way for people to have an experience, or an outlet for an experience they’ve had and I like being able to be other people. “I worried that I might not speak like them and I was a wee bit nervous about how to hold myself in conversations.”. It would have been good to have someone like that in my year at school,” she laughs. Mirren Mackay. I’ve learned a lot,” she says and goes on to talk about those with whom she worked most closely. Mirren Mack Wiki. Save Mirren Mack … I didn’t have to imagine, because it was just amazing.”. ©JPIMedia Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. The 22-year-old actress at the heart of the BBC One drama The Nest admits that it wasn’t so long ago that she worried about being “too different” from her fellow drama students to make it in her chosen career. Actors Contact Form; Any information provided in this contact form may be processed by ITG in accordance with ITG’s Privacy Notice.

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