2-) It is a warning lights that indicates that the Rear Fog Light is on. Glow Plug Warning Light: What does Glow Plug Light Mean? This writing will tell you which in warnings what you need to do; The yellow and orange warning Lights turn on when there is a less serious problem. For example headlights switched on or cruise control works. These symbols are controlled by the brain of car.

Malfunction may occur after the use of poor quality fuel. You need to also know symbols on Mini Cooper car dashboard to understand you what’s going on in your vehicle apart from means of colors. It’s a warning light to indicate that the airbag is not ON. What Does the Oil Light Mean? Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme. 35-) It is a warning light that measures the distance to follow by the sensors found in today’s upper class vehicles and lights up when the level of conformity is exceeded. In addition, the warning lights can also be on in the cases of occurring losing air of your vehicle tire and malfunction in the engine system. If you are 13 years old when were you born? Also it indicates the problem must be checked immediately by a professional. You should stop your vehicle as soon as possible and check the oil level after you have cooled off your engine. If your vehicle does not work during cold weather and this fault lamp is lit, the heating busses are not functioning and must be replaced. What Does Tyre Pressure Monitoring Warning Light Mean? 32-) It is a car display showing the wiper system is in automatic setting. Click for detailed information : Check Engine Light: What Does It Mean and How to Reset ? ABS indicates that the brake system is not active. For example, illuminating of engine temperature warning light means that the engine is overheated. These malfunction warning lights appear in different colors according to the the seriousness of malfunction. 52-) Warning lamp that indicates that the rear lid is open.

What Does Steering Wheel Warning Light Mean? 31-) The warning lamp informs that the rain sensor is activated. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? When did organ music become associated with baseball?

(The Complete Guide). If it is too clogged, your vehicle may stop occasionally. Yellow or Orange Warning  Lights indicate the problem should be checked in the shortest time possible. A fuse allocation diagram is located on the inside of the fuse box cover panel. Click for detailed information: Glow Plug Warning Light: What does Glow Plug Light Mean? According to malfunction lights, you should take an action. 5-) It is a warning lamp that lights are on. 50-) Indicator light to indicate that the cruise control is activated.

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