Mike knows that he cannot possibly restore all the cars he owns in this lifetime and age is starting to catch up with him.

While we have to background on Cassidy’s boyfriend, we would request him to be careful as her bio states that she loves to build cars and break hearts. The youngster is dating a boyfriend by the name of Stan Pinyon. Mike is married and has a child named Connor Hall. She loves Alice Cooper and spending the day at the beach, either swimming or walking down the creek. Mike Hall family. Mike’s height, as well as weight, remains a mystery to date. You might be asking yourself what the hell that is, like us, and in his words it meant he was “hanging from cliffs and blowing sh*t up.” (via thecinemaholic.com.) The show, which is filmed in Tappen, B.C., Canada (and explains the guys' accents), will take viewers behind the scenes at Rust Bros as Mike transforms his vintage cars with the help of his son, Connor Hall, and his best friend, Avery Shoaf. Mike Hall Net Worth. The shop currently closed to the public. From Mike to auto body apprentice Cassidy Mceown, the cast of characters on Rust Valley Restorers makes for perfect binge-watching, whether you are a gear head or just love watching cars undergo some serious transformations. Even now, his five acres in Tappen (where the Netflix show is set), British Columbia, is up for sale for $1.45 million which, if sold, would increase his wealth exponentially. Pitbulls are other things she loves and owns several of them, including the newest puppy, Sierra. A new employee learns to drive. NEXT: 10 Car Shows We Love To Binge (6 We’ll Never Watch Again). But even before the show, which follows the classic formula of taking old cars that have gone to junk and restoring them into something amazing , the man has had quite a life that is worth knowing about. Where’s He Now. Maybe they will collaborate on a restoration project in the future. Article continues below advertisement Conner Hall, Mike's son, says his father often loses money on the projects he undertakes. The show is shown in 190 countries around the world.View this post on InstagramCheers to family and making it to warmer days….eventually. Here is a rundown of everything we know about Mike Hall, the star of ‘Rust Valley Restorers‘. Greg is the lead body man at Rust Bros — and basically responsible for a bulk of the car transformations you see on the show. Tappen is where Mike owns about five acres of land near Shuswap Lake where he keeps all of his 400 vintage cars. Meet the cast composing of Mike Hall, his son, Connor Hall, Avery Shoaf, and Cassidy Mceown with their net worth and bio right here. “Filming a reality show doesn’t make the shop any more productive or efficient.”, 10 Car Shows We Love To Binge (6 We’ll Never Watch Again), Watch The Hennessey Exorcist Leave A Tuned McLaren 600LT In The Dust, Check Out The Stunning Novitec Ferrari 812 N-Largo In Full-Exposed Carbon Fiber Glory, Kia Motors Developing A New Modular Platform For Its Next-Gen Military Vehicles, This Was The Fastest Sports Car Of The 90s, Harley-Davidson Golf Carts: The History Of A Little-Known Rarity, Here's Where The Jaguar E-Type From Austin Powers Is Now, This Is The Best Sports Car BMW Ever Made, The Truth Behind Why Pop-Up Headlights Are Banned, Here's What's Special About The Pontiac Fiero, Here's How The Mazda Miata NC Compares To Other Generations, 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost: Costs, Facts, and Figures, 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Rod: Costs, Facts, And Figures, Here's What We Expect From The 2022 Ram Dakota, "Sensual, Evocative" Ferrari Roma Wins Production Car Category Of Cars Design Award 2020, Take A Look Under The Hood Of This Smokin' 1500-HP Twin-Turbo Dodge Challenger, Here's A Painful Video Showing Two Rimac C_Two Hypercars Destroyed In Crash Tests, Here's What We Expect From The 2022 Subaru WRX STI, EXCLUSIVE: HotCars Checks Out The Barrett Automotive Group In SoCal. That eventually caught the attention of Mayhem Entertainment, who wanted to produce a show about the work Mike and his crew did on a daily basis.

Reality TV does not always live up to its name. Maybe if some rich millionaire or billionaire who happens to like classic cars comes along, they will set him and his father up for life. History Channel’s ‘Rust Valley Restorers‘ in now on Netflix as well. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. However, there is almost no information available about them in the media. Cassidy Mceown is one of the only two female casts in the show. Mike first started his vintage car collection as a teenager and has amassed 400 odd cars in a span of 40 years. Citing one customer's dream restoration job, Conner said that the Rust Bros. owner, his pops, once agreed to fix up someone's 1963 Continental Convertible and quoted them $15,000 for all of the work. Caption: Cassidy Mcewon’s dating a boyfriend by the name of Stan. Rust Valley Restorers first premiered on December 6, 2018, and it was such a hit that it also came into Netflix on November 21, 2019. Furthermore, Rust Valley Restorers is not like one of the many similar shows where they take a broken-down car, put it through technology we have never see, and through processes we have never heard of to produce a brand-new stunning vehicle. Also, Is ‘Rust Valley Restorers’ Real or fake? The characters Mike Hall, Avery Shoaf, and Connor Hall move an extra mile to earn profit by restoring cars. When Mike needs sheet metal, or advice on the frame of a car, he goes to Rick, who is the shop's lead welder. During Season 1, he tried to help Mike out by buying five of his best cars, but Mike just could not let go of his inventory. Moreover, they earned a lot of profit as well. RELATED: 15 Greatest Car Shows To Start Binging Now. Since he appeared in Cassidy Mceown, who is a fan-favorite on the series, comes from a long line of familial grease monkeys and sings Mike's praises, saying he's an extremely patient boss who is very generous with his time and loves sharing his knowledge. His father died after reaching 62 years old. As the owner of a car repair business in the Rust Valley, Mike combines his passions to turn the car’s rusty collection into gold. However, his business is not the junkyard itself but the restoration of the vehicles there to people who can see the worth behind all the rust.

When the guys listen to her, they are much better off. He seems to have kept most of his social media accounts private. But that being said, he’s managed to make $2 million so far, mostly from construction, while the rest of the equity is in the cars he owns, and that’s not including his $1.45-million Tappen farm that’ll add a nice cha-ching to his bank account if all goes well! Caption: Avery Shoaf with his son who is also in the show. Submitted “Filming a reality show doesn’t make the shop any more productive or efficient,” he admits.

However, the job ended up costing him $50,000 and Mike ate every penny of it. This lack of business acumen is a constant pressure on the show and causes some drama, but at the end of the day, Mike Hall is out there living his dream.

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