(, Capture a hole-digging creature from every region. Capture a fish known as "the living fossil", Capture a creature that glitters like a rainbow, Unlock all achievements for Monster Hunter: World. Escape the Jagras pack by hiding in some shrubs. [A] Rewards for the completion of main story assignments. I can confirm Safi'Jiiva counts toward the 50 elder dragons achievement.

I'm not sure, since I haven't tested it, but I'd guess, that the steam achievements trigger, once you've unlocked them ingame for your guild card. With the exception of Lunastra, all of them received event quests - if you don't feel like leveling the guiding lands. in the hut next to your house). =/, Giant crowns and miniature are going to take the most time if they're as rare as some of the games.

Just progress through the "assignment" quests.

You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

Obtain a giant crown for almost every monster in your hunting log.

[A] - Also required for other achievements.

It may seem obvious, but this guide is about achievements and achievements only. The Low Rank 1* quest "Learning the Clutch".

Change your room’s interior for the first time. It takes around 200 hours to unlock all of the achievements in the base game. By Robin Meyer-Lorey Sep 08, 2019.

Can anyone confirm, whether or not Alatreon and Safi'Jiiva count toward the 50 elder dragons achievement? Earn the right to take on eight-star assignments. Aid a low rank or high rank hunter on 10 quests as a master rank hunter.

Given by the Housekeeper for free - mainly as part of the free title updates.

Find all treasure within a single locale. Hunt your first large monster in a master rank quest.

Get all your base monster crowns from Deep Green Bolero, Effluvial Opera, etc. It just wouldn't spawn a large Gold Crown for me...until today.

when it hits the ground the downy crakes on top will land next to it ready for capture. (Create 5 armor pieces of Rank 12), Obtain five extremely rare weapons. Just got them all today.

It is only visible to you.

It is only visible to you.

The pro: once activated, you can permanently walk between the different maps in expedition mode. Capture a mysterious creature lurking beneath the water’s surface. Earn the right to take on two-star master rank assignments.

Obtain your first miniature crown for capturing endemic life in master rank. Maybe it’s too early for a list to be compiled yet.

Earn the right to take on five-star master rank assignments. C apcom’s Monster Hunter World trophy and achievement guide and roadmap for completionists to get the Platinum or 100% the game. Obtain your first gold crown for capturing endemic life in master rank.

; Platinum Difficulty: 9/10; Playthroughs required: 1; Missable Trophies: None (5 require online)

Capture a hole-digging creature from every region. (For a list that includes Iceborne endemic life click here) 1 Terrestrial Life 2 Aquatic Life 3 Airborne Life 4 Treetop Life 5 Unclassified 6 Photo Gallery 7 Notes The cactuars are part of a collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV.

Hunt 100 large monsters in master rank quests. [DLC] - Quite a lot of decors are only available through DLCs.

These are story-related and can’t be missed. Monster Hunter: World - 100% Achievement Guide, DLC "Iceborne" required!

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