The Africa Fat-tailed Gecko is actually pretty rare, so you may have to try a number of times before you catch it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Can be caught in a capture cage placed in the area in the middle of 04: Bampeve Plantation, SW Guard Post, 05: Ditadi Abandoned Village, NE Guard Post, and 09: Ditadi Abandoned Village, North Guard Post - directly under the helicopter landing/extraction point.

Afghanistan/Africa; Very common in both areas. Going to the ACC from the pause menu doesn’t count. Look for this animal during the day, near Nova Braga airport. Use non-lethal ammunition and pick up the bird from the ground. The weapon is also standard issue for the flying platform pilots as well as motorbike crews. Found in several locations to the northwest of Africa, including this road northeast of 11: Masa Village, East Guard Post. All rights reserved. Capture Cage . Set up traps when in Afghanistan.

UR = Ultra Rare (usually tied to the Side Ops-related animals). Emperor Scorpion. Rainbow Agama. The locations of the Martial Eagle (left) and the Okapi (right). It is very light, weighing in at 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs) and takes about 2 seconds to reload. It is a rare species, so be patient. After some time, you will catch this animal. Compared to many contemporary submachine guns, the Scorpion is not very powerful, with poor penetration; however, it is very small and controllable, making it extremely useful in cramped quarters. Put them to sleep and Fulton them - This way you can catch the biggest animals, like for example sheep or zebras. Oriental Ratsnake / Uncommon / Afghan ----- You should be able to find one along with the rare animals, I remember getting one in Spugmay Keep area before I was taking notes. Afghanistan; Go slightly northeast from the LZ that is west of Shago Village and plant the cages (not so close together) on top of the largest dune you can find.

Why not join us today? 4.49 in. Its tiny, and hard to find. Afghanistan; There are two LZs southeast of Lamar Khaate Palace. By continuing you confirm you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy/Cookie Policy. Its glistening black body can measure up to 20cm long, and its tough, stout claws squeeze powerfully enough to even draw blood from humans.

Designer Fight past demons and confront new ones in Hideo Kojima's swansong for the Metal Gear series. Afghanistan/Africa; Can be found flying in a lot of places (Aabe Shifap Ruins is one place); Can be caught in a Capture Cage.

There is a Side-Op connected to catching this animal. Afghanistan; At the landing zone southwest of Serak Power Plant. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page.

Side-Op number 48 is connected to catching this animal. In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the Vz61 is named Uz61. Set up traps when in Africa.

Set up traps near outpost number 04 in Afghanistan. Look for this animal during the day, near Bampeve Plantation in Africa. Set up cages near Spugmay Keep in Afghanistan. Appearances Find the stork and Fulton it. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Konami or Konami. The "Conservation" achievement requires extracting at least one of every species to Mother Base. Four-Toed Hedgehog species of Rat 20. The list includes all 47 animals with map locations. Put them to sleep and pick them up - You can use this method with smaller types of animals, like for example crows. There are 47 species to catch and there is an achievement/trophy called Conservation that you obtain for catching all of them.
Metal Gear Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Animal Locations: Africa (page 1). Muzzle velocity Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake EaterMetal Gear Solid: Portable OpsMetal Gear Solid: Portable Ops PlusMetal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Griffon Vulture species of Bird 24. You can find a raven near Aabe Shifap Ruins in Afghanistan. Czechoslovakia You want to plant the cages in the water due south of the camp.

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