Being awarded an eponym is regarded as an honor: "Eponymity, not anonymity, is the standard." For each eponym you'll find a definition, two example sentences, the origin and a quick quiz question. His name is associated with several eponyms, including Trousseau sign (spasm in hypocalcemia) and Trousseau spot (red streak from scratching the skin in meningitis). dopamine depletion in nigrostriatal tracts, melanin pigmentation of lips, mouth, hand, genitalia plus hamartomatous Exploring Medical Language, 10th Edition, by Myrna LaFleur Brooks and Danielle LaFleur Brooks is a leading innovative worktext. Perhaps the most famous case of a patient being named for a disease is the alternative term for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Eur Respir J 2010;36:706-708., xxii.

idiopathic polyneuritis (ascending muscle weakness & paralysis; Electronic ISSN 1944-0030. trauma to superior trunk of brachial plexus Waiter's Tip. Type I (Autosomal recessive - no glocuronyl transferase - leads 2010;133(11):3470-3479., xv. Meistens handelt es sich um Substantive, gelegentlich werden auch Verben als Eponyme gebildet. Syndrome", catastrophic adrenal insufficiency 2? Pupil redilates slowly (tonic). Peter Pan by J.M. An eponym is a word derived from the name of a person, whether real or fictional. 1976; 50:297-300, 3.

The problem with eponyms is that they give no useful information about what is or where to … However, some things are known almost exclusively by their eponym. Not named for the holiday, it is in honor of Stephen Christmas, the first patient to be described with the disease. Similarly, diseases named for societies, as in the case of Legionnaires' disease, are not eponyms, nor are those named for their association with a particular occupation or trade, examples including nun's knee, tennis elbow, and mad hatter's disease. in adults. High grade non-Hodgkin's  lymphoma. Down placed Caucasians on the same racial spectrum and from the same progenitor as Mongols. Bismarck, whose nickname was the Iron Chancellor, renounced his threat [vii].

28 people chose this as the best definition of eponym: A real or mythical person... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. First published in 1985! Admin Login, especially those associated with Nazi physicians, currently contains around 7000 names [4] leading one commentator to coin the term eponymophilia, Europeans leading others to question their use, recognized that all cells come from other cells, and published over 2000 titles, and one cooked for himself. disease. The link will open up in a new window. = Grave's - eye signs), esophageal webs & iron-deficiency anemia, - SCCA of esophagus, glycogen storage disease ----> cardiomegaly, tuberculous osteomyelitis of the vertebrae, renal agenesis ----> oligohydramnios ----> hypoplastic lungs, Published in: The American Journal of Medical Sciences 1973;265:3:236-255.

A compilation of medical eponyms and their definitions found on the website, currently contains around 7000 names [4] leading one commentator to coin the term eponymophilia [iii]., iv. NEJM 1958, 2. 1959;143(11-12):256-65., xxi.

For example, in the expressions "the school's headmaster", "the men's department", and "tomorrow's weather", the school does not own/possess the headmaster, men don't own/possess the department, and tomorrow does not/will not own the weather. The murmur is heard with aortic regurgitation, is mid-diastolic/pre-systolic, and is likely caused by the mixing of retrograde aortic flow and anterograde mitral flow on the anterior leaflet of the mitral valve. Ideal for 1 or 2 credit college courses, highschools, private schools, and self-learning. This was reported in The Lancet where the conclusion was summarized as: "The possessive use of an eponym should be discontinued, since the author neither had nor owned the disorder. Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) is one of the many physicians whose contributions to the field of medicine led to several eponyms. Some examples of eponyms are fallopian tubes (uterine tubes-Gabriello Fallopio) and eustachian tubes (auditory tubes-Bartolommeo Eustachii). Published September 23, 1915. Medical eponyms are diseases named after a person or plac e such as Ebola virus named after a river in Zaire where an outbreak of Ebola occurred in 1976. 4. In one instance, Machado–Joseph disease, the eponym is derived from the surnames of two families in which the condition was initially described. For this reason, we will not spend time learning them. Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3 Quiz 4. 1st edition.

hypothyroidism. Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3 Quiz 4. (eg, DIC). Available from:, xiv. Eponyms are frequently created because of the close association between the person or place and the word. Named for Étienne-Louis Arthur Fallot. undifferentiated round cell tumor of bone.

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