Records of Mary Ann Cotton on Ancestry. Christ Church, New Seaham, Baptisms 1857-1967 The man had no luck. Murton Colliery and Hawthorn Shaft combine were closed and demolished in 1991. For many below the rank of hewer the working day lasted from their rising at 3am until they returned home filthy at about 6.15pm. On the day before the tragedy a mass meeting of young men and boys had determined to ask for some alteration in their bonds – in particular a reduction in their hours of labour. Model Row: Presumably the builders and owners were proud of this street and gave it a magnificent title.Or maybe they had just run out of names! Kennedy, 1990-92 The first coal from Seaton was only drawn on March 17 1852, after almost seven years of battles against flooding and quicksand. Murton was complete by the time of the 1897 map. 1926 (May 1 to November 30), General Strike, then miners on their own. Study Parish Records for Mary Ann Cotton at Find My Past.

There was another county-wide coal strike in 1879, the first major confrontation since the the Great Strike of 1844 and, as usual, the miners were defeated. A vast range of data is available to search ranging from census records, births, deaths and marriages, military records and immigration records to name but a few. Her usual motivation it seems was insurance money but some of her victims may simply have gotten in her way. The sinking of Seaham Colliery or the ‘Low Pit’ commenced on April 13 1849. The coaches were than pulled uphill, stopping at Seaton on the way. Mount Pleasant : which may have been named after a place in northern Ireland near the Londonderry mansion at Mount Stewart or simply because it occupied a good vantage down to the sea. At last in 1861 the census enumerator gave some clues as to the streets of early Murton. Her collieries passed to her son Henry, Earl Vane, who succeeded his half-brother Frederick as Marquess of Londonderry in 1872. The Seaham/Vane Tempest ‘combine’ was closed by British Coal in 1994 and both sites were cleared. Mary Ann Cotton, was born in 1832. Cottage Row + Sandgate Row became Owen Street But for the next section of his stint he mentioned: Surgery Row (not mentioned in later censuses), Coke Row (which became East Street), New House Row or Sinkers Row (which later became part of Durham Place), North Plantation Row (which became Shipperdson Street), South Plantation Row (which later became South Street), Cross Row (not mentioned in later censuses), Tile Row (which later became Railway Street), Chapel Row (which later became another part of Durham Place), Cottage Row and Sandgate Row (which later merged and became Owen Street), Double Row (which later became Lancaster Street), Smokey Row (which later merged with Front Row to become Green Street) & Back Houses (which were not mentioned in later censuses). Braddyll, principal shareholder of the South Hetton Coal Company, went bankrupt in 1846 and his stock went to, among others, the Pemberton family of The Barnes, Sunderland, later owners of Hawthorn Towers, who had almost ruined themselves in the sinking of Monkwearmouth Colliery (originally called Pemberton Main). Check out MyHeritage for Mary Ann Cotton information. He would later claim to have raised Mary Ann and her brother. The explosion of Wednesday October 25 1871 occurred at 11.30 pm, otherwise the death-toll would have been much higher – by now the colliery was employing 1100 men and boys. Peter C. Holland, 1977-89 Cornwall House: Built about 1879, possibly for manager Bailes At the end of 1866, within weeks of being widowed a second time, she took a job at Pallion as housekeeper to a well-to-do shipyard official James Robinson, who had just lost his own wife and badly needed female help with his five children. In the first weeks after coming on stream there were three explosions at Seaton, the last of which, on Wednesday June 16 1852, killed six men and boys and injured several others. A street would be eventually be named in honour of the Cornish at Seaham Colliery and a whole district of Murton was taken over by these refugees from the dying lead and tin industries and nicknamed O’Cornwall. As had happened in 1841, the 1851 census enumerator for the embryonic community described all of the streets as ‘Murton Colliery’ so we are once more deprived priceless clues about the township’s early development. The first streets, all of which were mentioned in the 1861 census, were: West Row: which was later called School Row and later still became Vane Terrace. 1844 – Sinking of Seaton Colliery commenced.

Though there were no further explosions there were many single or multiple fatalities at Seaham Colliery after 1880 – Seaham’s graveyards are littered with decaying headstones which testify to that grim truth. Her friend and protege Benjamin Disraeli recognised in his writings after her death that Frances Anne was a tyrant in her way but it would be fairer to describe her as a benevolent despot. The Cornish and Devonian tin and copper industry collapsed in the early 1860s in the face of overseas competition and many of the workers migrated to the northeast and other coalmining areas. The judge overruled the plea, and the jury …

Religious decency then laid much greater emphasis on proper burial of a body in consecrated ground.Four of the bodies were brought out immediately after the explosion but the remaining 22 were not recovered until December 20. In 1987 Seaham was ‘amalgamated’ with Vane Tempest Colliery and the old pit was relegated to the role of being third and fourth shafts for the newer concern. Within weeks, on March 29, a cage rope broke at the Low Pit and the shaft was blocked by stone. Available Parish Registers at Durham Record Office, St. Mary the Virgin, (Old) Seaham, Baptisms 1646-1861 The busiest day of the year after 1871 was always the Durham Miners Gala when tens of thousands of East Durham mining folk would travel on the line to the county town. The 12 rows of ‘Cornwall’ may all have been completed by the time of the 1871 census but the enumerator of that year mentioned only 4th. The Victoria, Colliery Inn and Travellers Rest pubs were all mentioned so at least we have something to chew on. Forster (Forster Avenue) was chairman of the South Heton Coal Company in 1923 when ‘Wembley’ was constructed. Thomas Hutchinson junior left a pregnant widow and two children. Wife of John Cotton Seaton and Seaham Collieries (New Seaham) and Seaham Harbour remained quite separate communities, divided by fields, and connected only by the Rainton & Seaham Railway and a dirt track and the fact of shared ownership by the Londonderrys. The 1850s saw the building of several streets in the vicinity of the two pits and the creation of a tight-knit community.

Mary Ann Cotton (October 1832 ? 1849 – Sinking of Seaham Colliery began.

A further colliery estate, with just four rows, nicknamed ‘Wembley’, opened on the same day as the Empire Stadium in north London in 1923. There are a number of forums which are dedicated to rearching particular surnames. From 1835 onwards therefore, a very early date in railway history, Murton was directly connected to the outside world. The Employer’s Liability Act was still 20 years in the future. The … They can be found in the census at South Hetton in 1861.

Over 400 men and boys and 70 ponies escaped via the High Pit. Thirteen died in an explosion on June 26 1942 during World War Two. She was hanged at Durham Gaol in March 1873.

Christ Church also included a graveyard which was to become the last resting place for generations of New Seaham inhabitants. The reaction of the North Hetton and Grange Colliery Company directors to this development has not been preserved but they cannot have been very amused. Because they were poor, she most likely had a difficult childhood. People Projects Discussions Surnames Many of them promptly commemorated their roots by naming their new communities after the ones they had left behind. Research the Cotton surname using fold3 Military Archives and view images of original Cotton Military records. St. Andrew’s, Dalton-le-Dale, Marriages 1653-1971 Henry Pace, Overman (Resident at South Hetton 1841), Anthony Gray (Resident at South Hetton 1841), John Robinson (At least four men and boys with this name were resident at South Hetton & Murton in 1841), John Teasdale (Resident at South Hetton in 1841), James Dixon, a boy (Resident at South Hetton 1841), William Armstrong, Viewer at Wingate Grange Colliery, Thomas Jones of Murton (Not present at South Hetton or Murton in 1841 & 1851), Thomas Graydon of Murton (Resident at Murton 1841). Howard Gurney Cotton, Howard George Cotton, Harold Tennyson Cotton, Edith Consuello Blyth (born Cotton), Wills, Cora W. Wills, Nancy Wills, Alvin T. Wills, ACOPH C WILLS, ALLISON M WILLS, James Robert Wills, and, Edith Consuello Blyth (born Cotton), Howard George Cotton, Howard Gurney Cotton, Harold Tennyson Cotton, Wills, Cora W. Wills, Nancy Wills, Alvin T. Wills, ACOPH C WILLS, ALLISON M WILLS, James Robert Wills, Nov 10 1863 - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, ...orn Cotton), Edith Consenlis Blyth (born Cotton), Howard Gurney Cotton, Howard George Cotton, Harold Tennyson Cotton, Harold Tennyson Cotton, Edith Consuelio Blyth (born Cotton), Howard Gurney Cotton, Harold Tennyson Cotton, June 8 1915 - Bellreive, Hobart, Tasmania, Edith Consuelo Blyth (born Cotton), Howard Gurney Cotton, Harold Tennyson Cotton, Edith Consuelio Blyth (born Cotton), Howard George Cotton, Harold Tennyson Cotton, Harold Tennyson Cotton, Cornelian Bay, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The massive explosion in October 1871 miraculously killed only 26. A new place of worship, Christ Church, was built at New Seaham in 1855 by Lady Frances Anne as a memorial to her husband. Find Mary Ann Cotton from Ireland on Now Mary Ann needed time to sort herself out and farmed her child out to its grandmother and step-grandfather. Charles Stewart, 3rd.Marquess of Londonderry and 1st.Viscount Seaham, died at his home, Holdernesse House in London’s Park Lane, in March 1854. Mary Ann Geering, who would eventually become known in newspaper reports as the Guestling Murderess and the Murdering Mother, was born in 1800 to a family of agricultural laborers. The disaster intervened. Many of the miners at Seaham Colliery had entries in the show and some of these men swapped shifts with those disinterested in horticultural affairs in order that they might attend. Events from this new community were recorded at St. Mary’s.

Population changes to Murton in the 19th.Century were: The above census records for 1841-1901 are transcribed and available on this site. dna_text("Cotton"); Birth, Death and Marriage records are often the best method of making the links to the Mary Ann Cotton Genealogy that will form part of your family tree.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Mother of Edith Consuelio Blyth; Howard Gurney Cotton and Harold Tennyson Cotton. Within weeks of Mary Ann’s return to Pallion, Isabella Mowbray was dead, two more of Robinson’s children also, and the “housekeeper” was pregnant by her employer.

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