Unconditioned response - whether he was capable of showing fear or not. Its main objective is to give basic knowledge about some of the logic of experimentation. There is continuous dispute over this theory with the nature nurture debate strongly in play (McLeod, 2007). I choose this study because I found it interesting that experimental work had only been done on one child and that was Little Albert. What has research shown regarding learning from media? They first started running him through emotional tests that would determine whether fear reactions can be called out by other stimuli than sharp noises and the sudden removal of support. Albert was first introduced to several different variables for example (rats, rabbits, a dog, monkey, mask with hair and without, ect.) The fact that Pavlov used concrete methods of measuring his data deemed his study a lot more reliable. Albert was first introduced to several different variables for example (rats, rabbits, a dog, monkey, mask with hair and without, ect.) ...The Effects of the Little Albert Studies on Classical Conditioning When Albert was 9 months old, he was presented with white rats, rabbits and cotton wool but he showed no fears for these objects. Although this case study is widely disputed in it’s methods, it added a world of knowledge to the field of psychology. This experiment led to the following progression of results: Up until this time it was shown that classical conditioning was possible in dogs but there wasn’t any research on if it would work for humans as well. “Two months after pretesting, Albert was shown a white rat, and anytime Albert touched the rat, he was exposed to the sound of the hammer hitting a steel bar. Home — Essay Samples — Psychology — Human Behavior — Describe and critically evaluate Watson and Rayner’s (1920) study with little Albert. The outcome of the experiment was unfinished as Albert’s mother pulled him out of the experiment as she moved towns. Therefore, it is quite possible that Albert’s mother, a poor nurse, was forced to make the boy available for experiments. Then at the mere sight of the white rat alone, Albert cried. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.

Conditioned is basically a learned reaction to something that normally would not have a reaction at all and is just neutral, like how Albert reacted the same when seeing the rat as he did when hearing the loud bang from the bar being hit. Obtaining the animals and acquiring the necessary permissions to use animals for his experiments must have been very difficult. (2017, Mar 24). B., & Rayner, R. (1920). This is obvious through his countless experiments with rats. Course.

The focus of their study was to continue on from Pavlov’s experiment involving the classical conditioning of dogs, and determine whether this empirical evidence was also evident in humans (Watson, 1924). Hall P. Beck, a psychologist at the Appalachian State University, had stated that Albert was not the real name of the baby on which the experiment was conducted. After seven trials, Albert cried and demonstrated avoidance on presentation of the rat—the conditioned stimulus—in the absence of the loud noise.”(Watson J.

For example if they were to measure brain activity or use the blink-startle reaction measurement, these results would be a lot more concrete and therefore the study would be classed a lot more reliable. There always must have been the fear of using animals in conjunction with an infant, as there are chances of any accidents occurring during the experiments.References‘How Do Psychologists Define Learning’, Learning.Retrieved 14 May 2007, http://scienceofpsychology.com/prospectus/chapter-07.pdf ‘Little Albert’, Retrieved 14 May 2007,http://www.psychology.sbc.edu/Little%20Albert.htm Ben Harris, ‘Whatever Happened to Little Albert’, Vassar CollegeRetrieved 14 May 2007, http://htpprints.yorku.ca/archive/00000198/01/BHARRIS.HTM, Little Albert Experiment. The evidence of Albert suffering from congenital hydrocephalus was established when medical records were obtained from the John Hopkins University. If Pavlov’s experiment was replicated today, very similar if not the same results would be found. Dependent Variable - Whether Little Albert cried or not.

Dr. Geraldine E. Tria Little Albert ExperimentSrika Prathipati14 May 2007 John B. Watson and Rosalie Rayner conducted important studies on psychology in 1920, which turned out to be one of the influential studies. This experiment is clearly ethical as it was only conducted in 2008 and would have had to have been passed by the ethics board in order to be conducted. The reason this study was considered a milestone was because Watson succeeded in proving that emotional responses could be conditioned or educated. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 3(1), 1–14.) According to Harris (1979), a critical study of reports of the experiment conducted by Watson and Rayner reveal that the baby, Albert, did not develop rat phobia.

Whether or not Watson took the baby’s mother’s permission before conducting the experiment, is a matter of debate. After these two stimuli were paired on several occasions, Albert was presented with only the white rat. Retrieved October 16, 2020, from https://newyorkessays.com/essay-little-albert/, Save Time On Research and Writing. Watson J. The Little Albert experiment has been criticized on the basis of observations made by some of the researchers who investigated the matter. How about receiving a customized one? The apparatus used in the experiment was a white laboratory rat, a hammer and a steel bar. How do shaping, generalization, and discriminative stimuli influence operant conditioning?

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