Buy your parts online and pick them up in-store in 30 minutes or less! MILITARY DISCOUNT ON ALL LABOR! Be sure you get the correct kit by verifying and providing your vehicle year model. Utlizing stock pivot points the WeldTec Designs lift kits do not upset the RSC. Thanks for reaching out. Our Baja Performance kit yields 4-5″ front lift, 2.5″ rear lift and 10″ of wheel travel.

Aim Headlamps. Remove the lower shock bolts and the sway bar end link attaching points. Lastly, don’t forget you can order your Ford E-150 Econoline Lifts & Lowering Kits products online and have them shipped directly to your home. See images. The Stage 1 lift allows you to level out your van and eliminate the stock stink bug appearance. This is a E150 2WD SUSPENSION LIFT that is super heavy duty and designed for heavy duty diesel applications. please give us a call or send us an email and we will help you pick the perfect kit for your Ford Van. Force the axle half down so that the coil spring comes loose. Chevrolet Express 2-Wheel Drive Suspension Lift Kits. You may have to use a coil spring compressor.

However, I have notified the Orders Department for you, and someone will contact you shortly. Install the Stud Extensions (if needed) onto the lower coil stud & install the coil spring spacer onto the pad. Note: Although manufactured with the added weight of the diesel engines in mind, this kit will also work with gas engines*. E150 2WD SUSPENSION LIFT KIT 2 INCH - Ford Econoline Lift Kit! I just placed my order a few minutes ago.

As for wheel and tire size,  this can vary for many reasons because there are simply too many combinations out there for us to make assertions as to what will work best for you. Hello, I accidentally ordered the E-250 Lift Kit, and mine is a E-150. That inventory means we either have the exact brand part you need, or plenty of options to compare. You’ve been working hard on that Ford E-150 Econoline and have determined you need a Lifts & Lowering Kits part to finish the job. -The Ford Parts One Team. With all that said, typical ship times are within two business days for orders that are correct, complete, and can be verified. Our Lifts & Lowering Kits OEM and aftermarket parts range from $105.99 to $333.99 for the Ford E-150 Econoline. Lower the vehicle ontothe ground.

Baja Grocery Getter 6″ kit Octillo Cruiser 4″ kit Performance Leveling Kit 1.5″ Our Ford E-Series Suspension lift kits are perfect for any year van as well for 2008 and newer models that have RSC. THIS IS A SUPER HEAVY DUTY KIT THAT IS DESIGNED FOR HEAVY DUTY DIESEL APPLICATIONS (WILL ALSO WORK ON GASOLINE POWERED ECONOLINE 150 SERIES).

Receive free standard shipping on orders over $25 to addresses in the continental United States. section on our website's FAQ page. Install the upper and the lower coil spring clamp bolt and nut withwasher. For Ford E150 Econoline Club Wagon Air Lift Leveling Kit Firestone 72251NP (Fits: Ford E-150 Econol… There is nothing in the kit that adversly affects the drive-shaft in any way. BEWARE OF KITS THAT "LOOK" THE SAME, BUT ARE NOT THE CORRECT DIAMETER OR THICKNESS, AND DO NOT STAND UP TO THE WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS OF YOUR ECONOLINE. You can also see the, "When will my order ship?" The WeldTec Designs “No What-If’s” Program for Vans. It is recommended that you have a front -end alignment. Most orders ship within one to two business days. We can help. Also, "the biggest tire that will fit" differs from one person to another because some want NO rubbing (recommended), and some don't mind a slight rubbing when backing up, etc. We have finally designed and manufactured an All Bolt-On Suspension Lift System for Ford E-Series Vans from 1992 to Current models. All of our kits are designed to improve performance while lifting your van to allow for larger tires. Savings for Soldiers! You have to always consider tire height, but also wheel offset and tire width. Re -torque all boltsand nuts after 50 miles. Your first stop should be Advance Auto Parts with an inventory of 2 Lifts & Lowering Kits parts for your Ford E-150 Econoline. Read complete instructions and check Bill of Materials before beginning. Install the coil spring onto the coil spring spacer and then into the frame. It's because the stock shocks and free-fall suspension amounts on the E-Series is sufficient for the additional 2" of lift. Yes! Remove the coil spring and the coil spring rubber isolator. Free battery installation & charging, check engine light scanning, starting system testing, & more! Manufacturer and Distributor of High Quality Suspension Systems for E-Series Ford Vans. We make it cool to drive a van again! See images. Torque all bolts and nuts to factory specifications. If you want a boring, run-of-the-mill Ford van that looks like a regular delivery van, that’s okay, but if you want a stand-out van that you'll be proud to drive, then call Action Van Suspension.

Ford E-Series 6″ Suspension Lift Kit “Baja Grocery Getter”, Ford E-Series Van -4″ suspension kit – “Ocotillo Cruiser”, Ford E-Series 4″ suspension performance package, Ford E-Series Vans – Performance Leveling Kit, Ford E-Series Negative Arc Platform Spring (PAIR).

Rear Adjustable Add-A-Leaf Kit with 1"-2.5" Lift Height by Rancho®. I hope this helps!

Are the kits the same? And beware of kits that “look” the same, but are not the correct diameter for the varying coil spring sizes used on the various builds of the E-150 vehicles. Things that can cause a delay would be, holidays, weekends, incorrect information entered on the order (incorrect or incomplete address, incorrect payment information or address associated with payment used, incorrect vehicle information, VIN, etc.)

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