Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery, Dayton, OR, 97114. Paranormal Research Group ~ Treasure Valley, Idaho ~ Est. I felt a cold chill deep inside with a heaviness. Locals say this cemetery is haunted by a woman who was hanged after being accused of being a witch haunts Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery. I’m glad I got out of there while I had the chance. I suddenly felt my chest get super tight almost hard to breath. Reproduction of any material without written consent is a violation of the copyright laws, and is strictly prohibited. I will never go back to Lafayette, and I urge all of you to go with caution. Sometimes we caught strange things on video, sometimes there was nothing. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! The Winery named a wine blends in Lenas honour! We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice social and physical distancing. Blackoot design by Iceable Themes. As the final resting place for departed souls, it’s no surprise that cemeteries are often sites of paranormal activity. Could it be Lena or Anna...or is it just the overactive imaginations of those seeking ghosts? We made it safely to the car and got the heck out of there! My friend and I went to the masonic cemetery in search of an experience and boy we got one. The Masonic cemetery is EXTREMELY creepy. Drove an hour away to come here at 3am. Required fields are marked *. We used to go to the cemetery fairly frequently. Not far from the cemetery is Argyle Winery (pictued below) previously home of Lena Elsie Imus who ended her life by drank carbolic acid. The person who was hanged was actually the son of Anna Marple, Anna is the “witch” in the legend. Your CommentsHave a photograph taken from this location?

Situated along a main route for California gold … Thank you! As we turned to leave mu chest started to burn.

My son and I got 2 EVPs from the Pioneer Lafayette Cemetery. The sound of wineglasses hitting the floor and shattering is common, though when investigated, no broken glass can be found anywhere. I have been at Lafayette cemetery at night time and have asked Anna if she wan5s to tell me anything I asked 3 times before I received an old woman’s voice telling me “nothing and not again” say she didn’t want to tell me “nothing and to not ask again”. Tell us your stories in the comments! Boise City Ghost Hunters does not investigate cemeteries*, *All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate. Let us know! Turn right and continue until you reach Duniway Road. Have a haunt/halloween related news story or a tip? We told him to let them know we will wait for them to arrive which they never did. Visitors to this page: 3,655 It’s 3am, no one would be there laughing. No profanity. Chances are, there’s even been a ghost sighting near you. True story. Anna was actually a “Gypsy” (Slang word, I know but thats what they called her). The Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery in Oregon is believed to be haunted by two lady spirits, namely, Anna Marple and Lena Elsie Imus. First one my son asked for a name and we heard nothing. The information contained within this website is for informational and educational purposes only. He said he felt the heaviness again and it was dangerous. If you want to check out more spooky places, keep reading. Richard Marple (Annas son) was tried and hung for murder in 1887. Let us know if you’ve ever paid a visit to any of these cemeteries. Though Anna Marple is buried elsewhere, the body of Lena Elsie Imus was laid to rest here. Many times there have been visitors reporting audible unexplained footsteps heard and a strong scent of roses is often detected. Stay away from Canterbury Hill. I asked my boyfriend if he felt anything, and he described the same experience without me having to say a word. I’ve also walked through the masonic cemetery at night, that one is spooky. Afraid of ghosts?

Voice your opinion here! Apparently she wasn’t too happy about this, and stuck around to haunt the cemetery and the people of Lafayette. The Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery in Oregon is believed to be haunted by two lady spirits, namely, Anna Marple and Lena Elsie Imus. Yes. While we’re continuing to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, we don’t expect or encourage you to go check them out immediately. Up to you, I’m gonna with yes though. Some have heard her laughing, and one person … I have seen a lady in a white dress it was a ghost three other people were with me and they seen the same thing super haunted, Your email address will not be published. This cemetery is so scary, there has even been a no trespassing rule put into effect. There was a peculiar plant that grew in the exact shape and size of a grave but if they were graves they were unmarked. Many believed that she was a witch, and as her son was about to die, she screamed out a curse upon the town that it would burn. Last edit to this listing: 1/28/2016 (1742 days ago).

Is this place really haunted? At that moment, my memory skips. He’s not a very nice guy. Is The Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery Haunted? When George loses his temper, he will push and slap anyone who gets too close. Get more stories delivered right to your email.

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