Jugni is the spirit of my saints. From poets to lyricists, to pop musicians, Jugni has come a very long way in its soulful and colourful history. Or so the story goes. Anyhow, some of the translation's of the song is taken from other online sources too. According to this claim, Jugni is sung in praise of Indian sepoys from Sialkot and Mian Mir (Lahore); battalions those escaped from the British but were killed on the banks of the Ravi by English Brigadier John Nicholson and Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar, Frederick Henry Cooper, respectively.

Thank you for the translation as I wanted to find out what Kanika was saying also I can always liaten to this song on repeat and I can never get bored of the song my all time favourite, thanks a lot man!thank you so much for providing the lyrics.superb work!! They also became known for their akharas or public performances. Aashish Kochhar is a history enthusiast from Amritsar who studies at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Jugni is the spirit of the Holy Prophet. Today, Jugni lives on in many different avatars and is sung by major names in the Punjabi folk industry like Rabbi Shergill, Hazara Singh Ramta, Asa Singh Mastana, Gurmeet Bawa, Kuldeep Manakand, Aashik Jatt, Gurdas Mann and Harbhajan Mann. Fifty years after the takeover, in 1908, there were celebrations in England and across India, to commemorate the event. They always sang together and sometimes even composed impromptu stanzas while performing. Each day, Live History India brings you stories and films that not only chronicle India’s history and heritage for you, but also help create a digital archive of the 'Stories that make India' for future generations. During one such Jubilee alias Jugni show, when despite warnings they didn’t halt their performance, Manda and Bishna were arrested. These ‘revolutionary’ folk artistes gave their lives for their country. This song become more popular in India after one of the Indian singer (Arshpreet Kaur - Jugni Ji - Google as "jugni saregamapa") used and sung it in Tele-serial Sa-re-ga-ma show in 2012. It is said that they were thrashed so brutally by the police that they died in custody. Arif has brought in a more contemporary touch by incorporating modern vibes and rock influence in his versions of Jugni with Mukhtar Sahota[citation needed] (notably in his album "21st century Jugni"[1]). A famous version of Jugni sung by Lohar was: Jugni is the spirit of Ali and his followers. The Crown had taken over the reins of the Indian subcontinent from the British East India Company, in the bloody and brutal aftermath of the Revolt of 1857.

jugni ji . However, in his Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English (1911), British scholar John T Plates mentions that Jugni may be a corruption of ‘Jugnu’, a ‘firefly’ in North-Indian languages, and is used to refer to the mystical nature of an individual. Part 3 Every great story has a villain, whether it’s the family that lead to the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet, the jealous friend that always tore up the letters she was trusted with, or a little closer to home, the treacherous uncle’s cousin’s second son’s daughter’s husband who … Live life of the abundant green (some people refer the word sar sabz to a saint), Jugni Ji Song by Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi, Man of the Millennium Mr. Kalayanasundaram, Piles & Fistula hospitals in Bangalore, India. During this time, Manda and Bishna, who hailed from the Majha region of Punjab, were growing in popularity and were invited to perform at many gatherings. However, the first song become popular and the next time brought it in a different sequel, including Cocktail Hindi movie in 2012. Sometime hard to change or replace the natural creation of human organ or no replacement for it including hair, some of them possible and ... Are you suffering from Hemorrhoids or Piles? Even though no one remembers Bishna and Manda, their revolutionary Jugni is immortalised in the hearts of people across the borders of India and Pakistan. Ae way Maula Ali wali Jugni Ji. Poet is wishing that his Murshad or guide lives long life. Much bandied about, this is a hollow claim as the word ‘Jugni’ was already a part of folk tradition well before Alam Lohar began popularising it in electronic form. How did it originate and become part and parcel of Punjabi culture? But the British were soon on too them and banned them from performing. So, in 1908, when the British were celebrating the golden jubilee of the British Raj, Bishna and Manda, being illiterate couldn’t pronounce ‘Jubilee’, and called it ‘Jugni’ instead. Thus, this claim doesn’t appear much legitimate in describing Jugni’s history. That’s probably why the term ‘Jugni’ was used by classical poets to describe the women who wore this ornament. Reactions: XSCAPE and Black Cat. So what exactly is Jugni? Then, nothing to worry as some of them infected person used to worry lifetime for it. Consisting of short, simple verses that use a clever play of words set to catchy tunes, this folk narrative has found its way into the albums of classic and contemporary Punjabi musicians. Moreover, many love songs are composed in the name of Jugni today but most classic poetic compositions of Jugni which were composed preceding the electronic media songs in the early part of the 20th century, rather than conjuring an image of a heart-broken girl, suggests a Punjabi girl trying to break free and find her way through the maze of male dominance. [2][3] The lyrics of the song were based on the works of 17th century Sufi poet Sultan Bahu. This led few people to believe that Jugni represents the heartfelt tale of a Punjabi girl’s separation from her lover. The modern form of Jugni dates to the 1960s, when vinyl records made their debut to the Indian music scene. Customising their songs to suit the location of the jubilee celebration, Manda and Bishna sang on: The folk duo sang in Punjabi, a language unfamiliar to the ruling class, and even sang their revolutionary Jugni at government functions! That’s how ‘Jugni’ found its way into the world of Punjabi folk music. What is the meaning or translation of the Jugni ji song? Well-known Punjabi encyclopedia, Mahan Kosh (1930) by Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha, describes Jugni as a traditional Punjabi ‘ornament’ or ‘jewel’ worn by women around the neck.

Alif Allah chambay di booti, tey meray murshid mann vich lai hoo, My master (God) has planted the fragrant seed of love in my heart, Which flourished with modesty, piety and acceptance of his existence, My God is present in every throbbing pulse, The spirit of all the messengers who brought His message to this Earth, Dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gootkun… karay Saeein, Every-time I think of you God, my heart flutters, Parhay tay kalma nabi da Parhay saeein pir merya, So I recite the Kalma whenever I think of God, There is nothing that you can get from other human beings that you can, Just keep your actions and intentions pure and true, So absorbed was the creation that she stumbled into a ditch, But there was no one who enquired about her, Remember, there is no salvation for anyone without remembering your creator, Those that you get at your Master’s shrines, That with each passing day, your youth slips by, Even gold when put in the furnace molds itself, there is absolutely no, They are the ones who truly love the humanity, Whenever you visit the darbar of any saint, God fulfills all your wishes and showers you with his blessings, O wanga charha lo kuriyon meray daata tey darbar diyan, Put on your bangles, girls … Those that you get at your Master’s shrines, O wangha charha lo kuriyon meray daata tey darbar diyan, Dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gootkoon, gootkoon gootkon. She (Jugni) travels from village to village to find her lover but in vain. Many liked this song despite they doesn't know the complete meaning of the song or even some confusion between Punjabi and Urdu mixed language song etc. Although neither any scholar can represent the timeline, nor are they able to pinpoint a geographical location for the love story’s origin. It is so much a part of Punjabi culture that it has travelled across oceans, to new lands, where the community has settled. Would you like to know who is Man of the Millennium? It is an adaptation of Punjabi folk "Jugni" in a Sufi version. Jugni is an Indian romantic musical film written and directed by debutant filmmaker Shefali Bhushan. While doing some online research on this topic , I came across an online reseacrh paper on the origin of Jugni. Just like Lohar, his son Arif Lohar is a popular folk singer in Pakistan, and he’s even sung a version of Jugni for Coke Studio Pakistan, which is available online. The folk singers were allegedly buried in the dead of night in unmarked graves in an unknown cemetery.

I have read that the word Jugni has no real meaning. It was the famous Pakistani-Punjabi singer Alam Lohar who, for the first time, recorded Jugni in electronic form and popularised it by singing and performing it in various forms till his death in 1979.

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