Do you know if the 2+2 cage allows the use of the rear seat.

But this is just my experience, never saw one personally.   Your link has been automatically embedded. I think there may be other ways I can get a roll cage constructed with only 30 degree angles. Menu Site Map; Posted on February 4, 2017 by com-news. I was very happy with the S&W setup, but I am easy to please. i just had my NHRA rule book to make sure we followed their BS.

S-10 has annihilated the quarter mile in 6.97@195. I checked into it, $149 for the 8 point cage. I'm glad they at least delivered the pieces with mutiple bends. I had my brother weld it in since he is certified.

What should one expect to pay for an 8pt custom cage? $30.39 JEGS SFI Low-Profile Padding Fits 1.25" to 1.5" Roll Bars.

Ultra Case glide with trans brake.

I drive mine on the street with no helmet. I am thinking I will just buy the pipe bender from harbor freight for $100 and make my own. I paid 600 bucks for a shop to build/install a 6 point cage in my Z. If you are planning on ever doing more than one cage, this is the only way to go. Custom cage to fit the cage to you and the car. For a cage (or rollbar) you're going to want 90s and 45s, so, the bender ain't gonna cut it (I speak from experience here). I called and they faxed me a sheet that will supposedly help, but all it has is a small pic of the cage, and it says this diameter tubing is for primary stuff, this diameter is for everything else--I coulda saved myself 5 minutes out of my life by not bothering to call. they have the standard 105 bender package for $635. $10.49 JEGS SFI Low-Profile Padding Fits 1.5" to 2" Roll Bars.   Pasted as rich text. what do you guys think? It says the tubing is notched on the jegs cage. Don't have the latest Jegs, but I know the Z isn't listed, you have to call and ask for the cage. They offer free instructions on building one of their benders that uses a hydraulic jack. havent bought anything yet so cant say but they are a nother source for cages, A bit expensive though. Steve Wheeler’s Chevy. Um, $250 for a custom cage? x 6 in., Set of 6. Thats what I'll tell myself all the way to the hospital.

  You cannot paste images directly. Rhodes Race Cars 14-0028 - Rhodes Race Cars Elite Series Swing-Out Door Bar Kits .

Was gonna go that way but cheaped out.

Save $10 off $299, $20 off $599, $30 off $799, $100 off $1,599 - Promo Code: BUYNOW, Coil Spring Lowering Kit/Shock Absorber Kit, Coil Spring Lowering Kit/Stabilizer Bar Kit, Secondary Air Injection Fresh Air Duct Hose. Just my .02. i have the JEGS 6 point in my car. only cutting was trimming pieces to length. Just as an update to this thread, I bought and installed the S&W racecars cage/roll bar system, 8 point.

You are now signed up to receive great E-Mail Offers! Steel, 6 in.

With the stand, two extra sets of dies, the bender, the degree ring, and a good notcher, I spent $1400.

1973 Vega Wagon Backhalf for sale in BRAZORIA, TX, Price: $7000. Most of the "pre-made" cages will require additional modifications to work. Accessories, Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! If the work is top notch and the they don't charge an arm and a leg, go for it. By

We're gonna try and get installed within the next month or so, when it's done, I'll put up pics and opinions. 1973 Vega Wagon Backhalf for sale in BRAZORIA, TX, Price: $7000, Fox Body Roll Bar Install The use of sway bars reduces body roll without making the suspension’s springs stiffer … and illustrated instructions. This might be possible to do for $300 and the Harbor Freight Notcher with a couple of bi-metal hole saws for another $50. Just curious if somebody bought one yet and could comment on the installation. Roll Cage Kit Deluxe Intermediate GM 1978-88 GM G-Body, Roll Cage Kit GM 1964-77 Chevelle/GTO/ Cutlass/Skylark, Roll Cage Kit GM 1978-88 Malibu/Monte Carlo/Grand Prix/GN/Cutlass, Roll Cage Kit Chrysler 1967-80 A- & F-Body, Low Range Off-Road Suzuki Samurai Complete DOM Sport Roll Cage Kit, Please select the checkbox to SignUp for text alerts, Line Lock / Roll Control Kits & Components, Thermostat Housings, Filler Necks & Water Restrictors, Exhaust Kits - Catalytic Converter/Axle Back, Fasteners and Accessory Mounting Brackets, Throttle/Carburetor Linkage, Choke Kits & Components, Wiring, Wiring Harnesses, Switches, Connectors, Breakers & Relays, Axles, Axle Housings, Housing Braces & Components, Tire Gauges, Pyrometers, and Stagger Tape, Bug Deflectors, Side Window Deflectors & Visors, Chrome Accessories, Dress-Up Items & Graphics, Grille Guards, Bull Bars, Push Bars, Brush Guards, Air Valve Stems, Stem Caps & Wheel Weights, Tire Pressure Gauges, Tire Durometer & TPMS Sensors, Golf Cart/ATV Wheels, Tires and Accessories, MOPAR Backup Camera Systems and Components, Decals, Pins, Patches, Signs, Banners, Magnets & Lanyards, Car & Truck Programmers, Modules and Chips, Lifter Valley Oil Control Trays, Baffles & Screen Kits, Oil Filter Adapters & Remote Oil Filter Mounts, Oil Pan Drain Plugs, Oil Change Systems, & Engine Magnets, Oil Pan Windage Trays, Baffles & Crankshaft Scraper, Oil Restrictors & Lifter Valley Breather Tubes, Steering, Chassis & Suspension Restoration, Transmissions & Components for Classic Cars, Shifter Replacement, Service & Mounting Components, Chassis, Roll Cage, Frame Rail, Subframe & Front Suspension Kits, Panhard Rods, Track Rods & Rear Axle Housing Locater Rods, Storage Shelves, Cabinets, and Misc.

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