In Toronto, gangs commonly establish themselves in and around the area in which they live or conduct their illegal activity. Whether it’s a motorcycle gang, prison gang, or a street gang; they are all organized to create violence by assisting in illegal acts such as taking control in neighborhoods, amplifying their illegal money-making activities, which include robbery, drug and gun trafficking, fraud, extortion, and prostitution rings. At least 10 shootings between the two neighbourhoods, two of them homicides, appear connected to the videos, according to the Gangs in Toronto “overview” report prepared for Dunkley’s murder trial in Superior Court last year. They’re going there to sell their drugs because the market here might be a little bit saturated,” says Matthews. Toronto Star - 2012-09-22 - NEWS - ANDA LU­PASCU/TORONTO STAR GRAPHIC. There are so many reasons kids decide to join gangs. That’s the difference,” says Wilson. “They Poison our streets with drugs, violence, and all manner of crime.” (FBI 1) There are currently about 1.4 million criminals today that are gang members in the U.S. Grant, 31, lost his life only because of where he happened to live, Clark said. Toronto Star articles, please go to: Along with the “no snitching” code of the streets, police in 2019 are dealing with a new kind of gangster who inhabits both the street and the internet, where online feuds can escalate quickly, fuelling real life violence. A gang could just be a social group of friends and family that just hang out, but many of these gangs are involved in criminal activity like murders, robberies and drug dealing. The diffrence between the gangster disciples and the other... ... Matthews won’t get into gang numbers or names, not wanting to “glorify” any crew. Toronto is on track to set a record for the number of shootings this year. Anti-gang crackdowns. Joe Matthews, head of the integrated gun and gang task force. In 2011, a judge sentenced an alleged member to 13 years in prison after nine weapons, crack cocaine, two pit bull dogs and a four-foot alligator – police said it was the club mascot – were seized from his two-bedroom Eglinton Ave. W. apartment. Easy bail. In recent years, gangs are participating in more non-traditional crimes such as prostitution, alien smuggling, and human trafficking, identity theft, and mortgage fraud. They are also more sophisticated and have branched out into different criminal enterprises, including firearms importation and human trafficking, according to police.

“Street gangs have evolved to a level where many are now operating as recognized criminal organizations,” according to a summary of a session held at a national gang seminar in June. Republication or distribution of this content is Find all the transport options for your trip from Jamestown to Toronto right here. Operate in low-income housing complex in Rexdale.

Thunder Bay, in particular, has seen an influx of gang members from southern Ontario. Operates in area of Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue West. He’s baffled that anyone in the criminal subculture would want to advertise it on the internet, “which to guys like us makes no sense,” he says. “Gang activity doesn’t respect postal codes,” he tweeted, to the ire of Toronto Mayor John Tory, who said the remark wasn’t “very constructive.”. According to a synopsis of a seminar at a national gang conference in Mississauga last June, the Galloway Boys have used “their near celebrity status and association to the entertainment industry to turn their small-scale criminal enterprise into a well-known international product.”. Most of the time gangs are related to violence and other crime related activities. Smelie, who has convictions for robberies and firearms, has been in custody for 3½ years. 4. The Liberals promise to ban assault weapons, spend nearly $330 million on a national guns and gangs strategy, and earmark $51 million over five years for enforcement at the U.S. border.

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