From Mistipedia. About Strahd and vampires, the Barovians believe the following: Barovians know the following facts about their homeland: Barovians have deep-rooted religious beliefs and superstitions that they pass down from one generation to the next: +1 AC, +1 to Saving Throws (included above). I really like be basic setup, less certain about the "GM acts out a scene by themselves" -aspect. I have been watching some people run CoS on youtube and it seems that players are more disappointed/confused than relieved when she gets sucked into the pond. "Sergei.

However, if you want to add some choice points, that's an option too. The party found her naked in the brush some distance outside the village, and she was rather disgruntled and rushing everyone on to the Abbey so she could get her curse lifted. Rather than targeting the Sergei player, Strahd might instead direct his anger at the spy for allowing the two to reunite, blaming him for this. I decided to make one of my players the reincarnation of Sergei shortly after his PC and Ireena became involved with each other, mostly as an explanation as to why Ireena was in the mood for romance so soon after her father’s death, as well as because it Strahd’s advances. He cannot manifest beyond this pool, but he grants the weapon to a party member. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. 657 BC (d. 729 BC). It is widely believed that she has forsaken the Barovian people and sent the devil Strahd to punish them for their ancestors’ offenses. The villagers are afraid of her and avoid her. Sergei was born in Castle Ravenloft, eleven years after the birth of his elder brother Strahd. It reminds me of the werewolf attack we had three months ago. Anyone who attempts to leave the land of Barovia begins to choke on the fog. Wolves, dire wolves, and werewolves prowl the Svalich Woods, and hungry bats fill the skies at night. I have waited here for you all this time Tatyana! I have been running Curse of Strahd for a little over a year now. IREENA KOLYANA Medium humanoid (human), Lawful Good Armor Class 15 (breastplate) Hit Points 14 (2d8) Speed 30 ft. Sergei is actually trapped beneath the surface.

MathJax reference. Alberon's Mistake Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Could keeping score help in conflict resolution? This is great. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Ireena and Sergei had the following children: Barov von Zarovich (7th Century) (b. ", Ireena, still clutching her head, mutters "S..Sergei? Thanks for the feedback: I definitely wanted to let this encounter reopen Ireena's role in the story, regardless of how GMs choose to use her. 659 BC, d. 729 BC) was the wife of Sergei von Zarovich of the seventh century (b. The characters are Ireena's best hope for protection, so she is willing to accompany them under certain conditions. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ireena Kolyana was the brother of Ismark the Lesser, the burgomaster of Barovia.She was escorted by the Fangs to Vallaki, where she became the burgomaster after the previous burgomaster was slain.Ireena was targeted by Strahd as she was the reincarnated soul of Tatyana, Sergei's lover the object of Strahd's affections. Ireena should be there to take down Strahd with the party, and her power should be her lineage. Based off of certain interactions in the module, I can tell Ireena is supposed to be a very important NPC. if Ireena is still alive and hasn't been reunited with Sergei yet, it has an optional passage you can read that shows their souls (Ireena as Tatyanna) being at peace and leaving Barovia (presumably to the afterlife). Two divine forces watch over the Barovian people: the Morninglord and Mother Night. 678 BC, d. 731 BC]] Andrea von Zarovich (b. Strahd will want Sergei dead the moment he reunites with Ireena, and Sergei, being as gentle and kind as the prince that unconditionally loved his brother, will forgive him for killing him in a past life, and plead for Strahd to stop playing the Dark Powers' game and put his tormented soul to rest so that he, Ireena, and Sergei can finally be at peace. They’re off to the castle in a few weeks and I can’t wait! It was never really her he wanted but his wasted youth back. I'm adding this to my next CoS campaign. For centuries, Sergei's soul remained at Krezk Pool, until Ireena Kolyana traveled to the pool and encountered him there. Holy crap this is amazing. Using arduino-cli? Good write up, and I must say if I ever do run the module again I like the idea of Ireena getting a bit of a 'power boost' so she can take a more active role. Secondly, I honestly am just really bad with running friendly NPCs in combat. GLB (GLTF) export, how to include color/material information? In Curse of Strahd, who's feeding everyone? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. She cannot be turned and is immune to fear. Sergei invited Ireena to come with him, telling her he could bring her somewhere where she would be safe from Strahd, but Ireena demurred, instead choosing to continue to fight Strahd. During the celebration while everyone’s guard was down, the Monk PC (who had a standing offer from Strahd to bring himself and Ireena to Strahd in exchange for Strahd ‘freeing’ Barovia) invited Ireena off for a walk and gave her to Strahd. He truly did love his brother and would Weep if he could remember back to the first days they had met and how close they had been to each other despite the lack of time spent together. Some Dark Lords have more or less power over their Domains, as it suits the nature of their punishment. I remember far too much. Danm, this is really good. Soundtrack: Tyranny OST - Binder of Fate. Ireena, a striking young woman with auburn hair, has been bitten twice by Strahd. He helps, but is just a remnant.

It only takes a minute to sign up. Suddenly, Ireena just stops being Ireena and is yeeted into the pool by a ghost. Why is character "£" in a string interpreted strange in the command cut? Dealing with Ireena. I decided to make one of my players the reincarnation of Sergei shortly after his PC and Ireena became involved with each other, mostly as an explanation as to why Ireena was in the mood for romance so soon after her father’s death, as well as because it Strahd’s advances. The ghost's voice follows Ireena's like an echo. He's been sitting in this puddle and now he gets to be a savior. Sergei reached for Ireena and she grabbed his hand. How family-friendly is the Ravenloft setting and the Curse of Strahd storyline? Panic "From the dream!

A vampire must rest in its coffin during the day. He is a coward who calls her a fool and tries to leave without her. At night, it can summon wolves and vermin to do its bidding. This subreddit serves as a helpful place for anyone running the Curse of Strahd module for D&D 5e. Strahd could turn her, she could regain her memories and immediately start plotting against Strahd to get revenge for Sergei and also the shit he put her through as Ireena. A.) Why is the current flow shown to be flowing from the negative area towards the positive area? Never harm a raven, lest ill fortune befall you.

Ireena Kolokoff. Before the curse of Strahd befell the land, the Morninglord watched over the Barovian people from sunrise until sundown. The ghostly woman that rises does not separate from Ireena as the others did. Sergei von Zarovich was the second-born son of King Barov von Zarovich and Queen Ravenovia van Roeyen of Barovia. No. I don't think so. The terror is not our fault but it is our history, and we must face it." But we will fight." This section contains canon info from officially published sources : Irrena Kolokoff (b. It also really sells Ireena as Tatyana and gives a lot of weight to her past. I think you could back off of Ireena's insistence on fighting. Comments can be sent to rpgadmin(at)sandcat(dot)nl. digging back to prior editions), Ravenloft is just one of many Demiplanes of Dread. "63 lifetimes!" "Woah, that was intense today. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm not sure if the other players know yet that he's a spy, but what that "something" is depends on how the other players might feel about it. And in that time, they've likely learned very little about Tatyana, let alone about Sergei. It was a bright, shiny illusion as Strahd actually stole Ireena away from the party. What prevents dragons from destroying or ruling Middle-earth? If you want Strahd to be a redeemable character I think you can keep the same scene and replace "fight" with "stand up to" or "redeem". There's an ease to her, a confidence that feels like an aura. But your characters aren't that kind of party...or are they? He helps, but is limited: His soul is tied to a weapon he carried in life.

She refuses to be taken anywhere while the burgomaster lies dead on the mansion floor. Other ideas include Strahd turning her before the team can rescue her and having her attack them. This is my first time running a WotC module and I am generally enjoying the experience. Detailed explanation: what is "dayspring"? Sergei, in the pool near the Shrine of the Sun, is just such a connection. Is it acceptable to retrofit a new-work plastic electrical box by screwing through it into a stud? Close.

I really like Ireena, as she is one of the few powerful (and good) female characters in the book. As she speaks, the other incarnations become wisps, spreading into a shell of light surrounding the pond. Which is why Sergei's Pond in Something Blue is a terriblescene.

", A flickering form appears at the center of the pool, and you now hear the voice. If one player wants to work against the party, make them work for it and make sure the other players have a chance at discovering his duplicity so that they're not completely blindsided. I'm new to being a DM, but I made a home-brewed version detailing some of Ireena's abilities how I want to play them in my campaign. Sergei's flickering spirit arrives before Tatyana, helping Ireena to stand, his voice full of joy: "My love! The village of Barovia sits at thee east end of the valley. Ireena is an incredibly compelling character; the recycled soul at the center of Strahd's Curse. Sergei interrupts, "We can forget our history! I feel like I dropped the ball on her introduction and wasn't able to really "sell" the fact that she needs the party's help., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CurseofStrahd community. Reaching for him, she was torn from his grasp by Mahel who mistook this figure for one of evil. In general, do European right wing parties oppose abortion? A different take on Krezk, Ireena, and Sergei. Then, Sergei could travel with Ireena and be the very tool which kills Strahd, which would be kinda poetic. In his paranoia he might accuse him of actively working against him. i've actually been looking for something to do with ireena and this is perfect, thank you~, after she gets to this she's going to be looking to rebuild the order of the silver dragon i think, and this is probably the perfect chance to buff her too.

You can also buff her with some class levels or abilities (depends on your party composition and whether you want another combatant).

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