The car itself is salvaged, but I have never had a single issue. BMW Technical Service bulletin: SI B 650704.

I removed the fuse as a temporary fix. The code may be in your owner's manual, or you might have to contact a dealer.

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Tighten down these bolts and the grounding issue should be fixed and the radio should work normally.

That means car radio codes almost overwhelmingly become headaches for the lawful owners of those car radios, instead of the thieves they are meant to inconvenience. The biggest danger in jump-starting or charging a battery is actually related to the explosive nature of the hydrogen gas that can leak from a lead-acid battery.

HD1 stations include all traditional AM and FM stations, but with improved sound quality. Michael Heine is a CompTIA-certified writer, editor, and Network Engineer with 25+ years' experience working in the television, defense, ISP, telecommunications, and education industries. Basically the battery stays hot, no matter what, so the only way to fix it is put in a killswitch.

If you open the driver's door, you will see three bolts in the door jam on the body of the car. on. Doing a soft reset for these systems will force the head unit to rest. If you’re lucky, it might just be a fuse, and if you’re not, then this will just have to serve as a lesson as to how important it is to hook up jumper cables and battery chargers correctly. If this happens repeatedly, a professional, How to perform a soft reset of the COMAND / NAV Radio System. The screen will now show the serial number of the radio. Radio Type: BM53 with Widescreen Monitor 09/01 up to 03/02, Found on vehicle: E39: 5-Series, E46: 3-Series, E53: X5. When the radio is first switched on, it automatically enters an initial Service Mode ('No Area" is displayed). Depending on whether you’re trying to tune into your favorite talk show on the AM band, or listen to some music on the FM band, anything from tall buildings to solar flares can adversely affect your listening experience. the switch untill I can get it replaced. If the connection is loose, you’ll probably notice the tuner drop and then reacquire the signal. However, if your reception problems persist, you're probably dealing with an equipment malfunction, most of which are easily fixed. BMW uses several different manufacturers of radios.

turn off my Nissan, the GPS/music would stay

However, you may find that your car radio suddenly quit working for a totally unrelated reason. 3.

If your radio doesn’t work, but you can listen to CDs, MP3 players, and other audio sources, then the problem is either related to the tuner or the antenna. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums.

Jeremy Laukkonen is tech writer and the creator of a popular blog and video game startup. In most cases, fixing a car stereo that quit working after the battery died is a lot simpler than that.

Radio stays on after car is completely turned off. He also ghostwrites articles for numerous major trade publications. Scroll down and find the car radio wiring guide you need.

Find the car stereo wiring diagram you need and save time.

Pulling it back out, if you find it shoved in, may be all it takes to vastly improve your reception. If you hook directly to a battery, and any hydrogen gas has leaked from the battery, the resulting spark could ignite the gas and cause an explosion.

off after as normal. 6. I removed the caps on the 3 bolts on the inside of both driver's side and passenger's side of the car and tightened them.

(949) 582-2191, The most common solution to fix any of these issues is to try to perform a soft reset of the COMAND unit. If that’s properly seated, then you may want to find a station you can tune into and then gently wiggle the antenna itself back and forth.

This is why it’s so important to know how to hook up jumper cables and never, ever let anyone, no matter how well-meaning, hook them up wrong. trouble. When two things happen at exactly the same time, it's easy to just assume that they are related.

If your car radio stopped working after a jump start, or after a battery charge, then the problem might still be related to a car radio code anti-theft feature.

Take out the key from the ignition and don’t turn on the car for at least 15 minutes. Press and hold the \"m\" button for 5 seconds.4.

I used to own a Chevy Astro van where I could listen to the radio without turning the car on. Radio Type: BM53 with small screen Board Monitor, Found on vehicle: E39: 5-Series, E46: 3-Series, E53: X5, E38: 7-series.

Easy step by step video. You can spend as little as $50 or as much as a few hundred dollars getting access to RDS radios.

BMW Service Engineering bulletin: SI B65 28 03. Selections for the desired service function can be made by using the radio station preset buttons #1-6. Check Your Antenna Connections .

In the case of your car radio fuse, it is designed to sacrifice itself to prevent a dangerous amount of current from flowing through your car radio and the associated circuit.

Play with these at your own risk. The car itself is salvaged, but I have never had a single issue. loses power and it doesn't want to run over 60 MPH. On earlier vehicles Bavaria, Becker and Phillips were used. You don't say if it's a 451 but if it is try turning the radio off prior to shutting the car off. The first, and by far most common, is that the radio has an anti-theft “feature” that kicks in whenever battery power is removed. These flat antennas have some aesthetic benefits, and they can’t be broken off by a car wash or a vandal, but they often suffer from poor reception in big cities or hilly areas. Except now your radio doesn’t work. 5. Turn radio OFF to leave the service mode. What Causes Error CODE C249F or the Brakes Defective Stop Vehicle Error?

When that happens, all you have to do is enter the right car radio code, and you’re back in business. If so what can be done to fix the... How ironic.

So if you are listening to Radio 2 and select Radio 4 then it knows what the corresponding Radio 4 frequency is for the area. Doing a soft reset for these systems will force the head unit to rest.


Has anyone experienced these same situations. turns off the radio, turns on the interior dome light and moves the drivers Within 8 seconds, press the 'INFO' button. 4. Turn radio OFF to deactivate Service Functions. It wasn't jerking or sputteri... Today for instance in addition my low tire pressure light came on and then went out after about 30 minutes of driving. Don’t Ignore These Signs Of Transmission Trouble. I left it

'Service engine soon' light is on, My Nissan Altima loses power after driving one hour. That

When inspecting your antenna connections, you may find that your antenna mounting hardware or mast is corroded, rusted, or broken in some other way. Chances are the symptoms may return. I always thought the TP setting was so that when you were auto scanning the tuner would only stop on a radio station carrying a traffic programme, then if tuned to a TP the TA would interupt the cassette or CD when active.

If you bought your car used, the previous owner may have written the number down in the manual, and some manuals actually have a place to do so. It

battery plugged into the smoke outlet which was Press and hold the "RDS' button for at least 8 seconds.


The Audio Gateway is the brains of the Mercedes-Benz COMAND system.

Since antennas function by picking up radio waves, it only stands to reason that being shoved down inside the car might make it difficult for your antenna to function correctly. Was this issue ever fixed? Radio Type: Alpine I-BusFound on vehicle: E36: 3-Series from 09/19961. The speed sensitive volume control can be adjusted from level 1-6 using the 6 preset audio buttons.

Procedures for accessing BMW radio service-mode settings for making base radio adjustments or for visual checks.

Turn controller 1 increment clockwise (right). I am having the same issue with the radio staying on.

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