Systems that run on wi-fi or use radio communication are susceptible to this type of breach. That has now inspired me to grow many trees in their path. What's behind this? Hello floyd, it is possible that the vehicle is beyond the detection range of your camera.

I only have 3 (two now). Security companies are continually working to make these systems as efficient as they can be while resisting interference. Do you know what brand does? Another good way to blind your neighbor's security cameras is to plant a grouping of shrubs or grown trees that are tall enough to block off where the camera is aimed.

IF you're doing anything criminal, stop doing it.

Security cameras can be jammed.

It’s also vital that we keep an eye out for one another and report anyone that might be illegally interrupting signals. HE WAS IN HIS UNDERWEAR!

I placed cameras pointing at all entrances of my house. Told them no, so they started drilling large nails into one that is obviously in the way of one of the cameras. I let him in and his paws were bleeding, bruised and his claws were chewed/ripped/hacked whatever... right back to the quicks. guys like him to be eliminated from earth.

and that was for parking too close to his presumed property, or cussing at his security camera the day after he slammed his brakes on while pulling into his driveway while i was in my front yard looking at a tree that wasn't doing well. I don't want them to touch their porch light and that sounds a bit ridiculous to even ask. With the advent of smart technology comes recording devices that are connected to Wi-Fi, so you'll need to check your home network, scan for radio signals and do a … Note that the inferior cameras will shoot grainy pictures at night.

From his angle all you see is the camera not where it was pointing.

Hi Kelli, we are sorry to hear about your experience. at this point, i turned my head toward him and the light from my headlamp shone on him.

And oftentimes with these solutions, there’s someone very determined to override that solution to go back to the same problem again.

He DID say the cams are pointing to his entrances... you got three felonies and he got seven years? We are entitled to quiet enjoyment of our properties, we should not be expected to live in the dark with closed curtains and paper on our windows! Many websites have a “flag” or “report abuse” link.

I'll check this out...Two of my cams are Foscam which I'm surprised they don't have this options but they are older too...TY regardless. You may talk with your neighbor and explain to him/her about your original purposes of installing security cameras. That's about all I can do. They were pointing on my property not his. Everyone should be using their front and back porch lights at night no matter what. The biggest advantage of a PTZ security camera is that your neighbor will never know where the camera is pointed and you can also zoom in to identify details.

You cannot reason with a drunk. How can that happen and what would he have on his vehicle to stop my cameras??? How can I block the security cameras from viewing us?". but he purchased some kind of jamming device over the summer since he cut his grass right in front of the camera and it didn't pick him up. As soon as the cameras went up, ALL problems went away.". Paranoia is a common and unfortunate refrain and I don't know what you can do beyond trying to make your friend feel better.

Finding a hidden microphone or camera is no longer as simple as combing through your entire house. The privacy fence, bamboo curtains and yard shade sails are also effective tools to disable CCTV security cameras. He hid the cat somewhere before I could get over to his place.

i imagine he is plotting how to kill my dog as he has said as much — August 2017, when she barked at him after he made noise from over his side of the fence — he said, ”shut to put you on the other end of this, that will shut you up”. Then find a good time to talk with your neighbor and ask him/her to face the camera to other directions. i have a neighbor beside me who has vandalized my Jeep tires with nails so long you could never drive over them – like 7″ long – and that has been 4x now. ③ Daycare Forum: Neighbors have surveillance camera pointed in my back yard. And then you may take advantages of this to negotiate with your neighbor again. So now I have a camera facing my back yard, shed and well..most of his backyard.

he called to report dead tags on my car.

Freakin loser needs to be caught...and fast. Argggh! Ask him whether he is using a fake security camera or a real one.

Can you provide a link?

Thanks! Jammers are a direct safety threat. Imagine this: you disable or destory the security camera that is overlooking your property, and leave alone the owner, you might get 10 times the security cameras installed there viewing you.

This neighbor is a felon who I can't prove that he's vandalizing my home.

I have 4 all different brands and none have this feature. Disable Security Cameras with Jammers — Disrupting security cameras with jammers requires the information about the camera broadcast frequency and the right equipment to jam that frequency. Check out these Special Deals before you leave: Right now, you can get EXCLUSIVE & BIG discounts on a wide range of Reolink security cameras & systems, wire-free & plugged-in, indoors & outdoors. Hello Meesha, we tell Barrett to communicate with the neighbor only because we believe that it would be a possible solution to ask the neighbor to move or change his/her porch light. Hi there, we do not suggest you blind or disable the game camera in person.

Also, you can confirm with him whether your house is within the blind spots of his security camera.

So I put one more camera pointing into his yard from where he reached over and broke off the camera.

it went dead black cold and will not reboot.

he currently has found some other way to kill the cams since i had the last two cams which were installed in the birdhouse tree pointed to his back yard have failed, one temporarily, one permanently. Have there been any further developments with this problem neighbor? I'm sorry you had bad circumstances; did you ever think Vic's are different? I don't want to mount them outside because I rent.

So in this instance, it would probably be better to speak with your neighbor instead of engaging in illegal activity.

Hello Lyn, there is no such a way to make the camera go still while the time still runs. How do I stop this?

Here are a few reasons that someone might want to jam a security camera….

Hello Mary, the intruder may take advantage of the blind spot of the security camera and sneak into your friend's house without being caught on the camera. You are already subscribed to this email list. That's probably the only real way to fix it. There are a couple of hitches though. How can he do that and what dose he have on his vehicle if he can??? I'm not crazy, I'm out to catch a psycho neighbour who hates cats. Maybe your neighbor is even oblivious to the fact that his camera is aimed at your window or back yard. If you also have such an annoying neighbor pointing security cameras directly into your property, you must feel violated and want to look for ways to disable your neighbor's CCTV security cameras. so i installed the cams ON MY FENCE shooting down the fence line.

② Reddit: I've got a snoopy neighbor pointing 2 of his CCTV infrared cameras at our house and yard.

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