This article outlines all of the tips that you need in order to catch halibut. Then thread on the hook. My harpoon is about 6 feet long with a smooth flying tip on the end that punctures halibut easily. 2, Feb 26, 2013 Bait injectors are the perfect secret weapon for halibut fishing. Always mark, The window of opportunity may last a few hours or 15 minutes. Anchoring is one of the fundamentals of halibut fishing. We recommend circle hooks with approximately a 1.5″ gap for halibut fishing. I can quickly swap out leaders with this setup and when my guests hang up the gear in the rocks I’m not losing a spreader bar "and" a bunch of gear with it.. Harpooning Halibut 5:24 am said: Robbo on

I also used mine to replace some worn out lines on my downrigger clips. The days are ticking away until I head north to begin yet another charter season in Southeast Alaska and low and behold my phone has been ringing to do some last minute seminars here in Washington before I zip outa here.

Spreader bars come in 2 sizes, short (approx 10 inches) and long (approx 18 inches).

Use the bait injector and fill the body cavity with scent. 2, Jan 26, 2013 To purchase Procure Bait Injector check their website:

Rigging is done completely by the BBG crew. May 01, 2012 at The article is long but I recommend you follow through all the information it will ensure you have success on your next halibut fishing trip.

People travel from far and wide for their halibut fishing opportunities. Halibut … 1, Nov 11, 2013 Looking forward to hearing and getting more information on fishing in the Northwest. Salmon bellies are the ideal bait for halibut fishing. Halibut simply aren’t leader shy! It is true that they do a good job of releaseing a nice scent trail but the big problem I have with them is storage. If you do not sharpen the hook because it is difficult, it will still work, but if you find you are getting bites but no hookups or losing fish as you bring them to the boat then you may want to look at further sharpening of the hook. After fishing you have to put it away somewhere and the residual scents and oils makes a big mess. Use this to your, When you find them, work the area hard.

However, if you could provide more pictures of how to tie your hooks and baits then it would be perfect! These baits lay a plume of scent on the bottom that draws both halibut and lingcod in quickly.

Let a halibut munch on the bait until the rod is pulling down steadily and then start reeling slowly.

Halibut Fishing Techniques Anchoring while Halibut Fishing. I like to stick halibut thru the gill plates. Since I run such heavy leaders with my circle hook/bait rigs I don’t have many problems with line twist or tangles on the bottom and don’t need to run spreader bars. In 2012 and 2013 the BC fishing regulations have changed requiring all large halibut to be released. As you start getting nibbles resist the temptation to grab the rod and do a monster hookset. There’s a reason why many offshore billfish tournaments don’t allow offset circle hooks…because they work. The nice thing about harpooning them in this location is that if you hit the spine it’s Good Night Irene! These plastics aren’t just for jigging either. I was looking specifically for the Procure Magnum Injector.

Be prepared with back up rigs.

If you're on anchor use a fairly long buoy line and place the bouy about in the middle, then tie off the end of the line to a cleat. I like to wear the long heavy-duty rubber work gloves when I’m handling halibut and bottomfish. I use the Lamiglas 6080 stand up rods that are rated at 30 to 80 pound for the bulk of our bottomfishing in Southeast Alaska because they have enough horsepower to haul up a big halibut and they are just sensitive enough to feel a jig hitting the bottom. Cheers. Thanks for making the trip up to Anacortes, Robbo. Once they are done thrashing against the bouy you can haul them up the boat and it's game over.

6, Jul 12, 2014 Also, don’t forget to wear gloves to handle the line. Treble hooks are also available but as with J-hooks these are not ideal for halibut with the new regulations. The prices are reasonable with rigging components available for those. To make the perfect halibut fishing rig you need about 3′ of 200lb leader, a circle hook, 2 crimps, a bead, and a skirt. Halibut fishing is something that people around the world love to do.

It’s no surprise that a sharp, smooth hook will penetrate and slide into a halibut’s jaw more easily than a rusty, dull hook.

Circle hook halibut fishing is an art, once you figure it out properly you will find it very enjoyable. A crimping tool is one of the best things you can buy for halibut fishing. This should never ever come off you will need a knife to remove it.

We tuned our halibut fishing gear to ensure that we can easily release large halibut. Skirts, hoochies, and beads are little extras that we use to dress up our halibut circle hooks. Bait rigs add plenty of scent on their own, but soaking baits in additional scent creates a high-octane scent bomb. If you are fishing four rods then ideally you will use a slightly lesser weight on the 2 back rods and put them in the back rodholders, and a heavier weight on the front rods. Keep them suspended from the gaff until the hooks are, Bleed them immediately. You actually do not want excessive pounding of the bottom you want to be just above it. •Link: Bait Injector. Thanks Chris!

Aloha. I will reccommend one exception where it is OK to use J-hooks, that is if you have little experience with halibut or you are spending lots of time putting out scent and not getting much for bites, then when a fish bites you might be extremely disappointed if the circle hook does not generate a solid hookset. 5, Sep 19, 2013 The current will cause your leader to drift and trail out behind, thus avoiding wrapping around the mainline. However if u can tolerate some input i think more people would appreciate see more pictures The meat of the salmon belly is high in fats and for humans this area gives the fishy taste that some people find undesirable.

Don't waste any precious time. What happens if the hook releases and you are at anchor. For the method on how to weigh a halibut from a length table, refer to: For the method on how to fillet a halibut, refer to: Here are some very cool halibut fishing videos from Youtube that I think you will enjoy.

Getting a solid hook set with a circle hook is easy, don’t set the hook. Use a uni-knot to connect the two lines together while you’re spooling your reel. I am from Hawaii and now live in Edmonds, Washington and am trying to learn how to fish here in Washington for halibut and lingcod. Colors Everyone has individual. 8, Sep 14, 2013 The key to bait selection is less matching the hatch and more about finding something that will stay on your hook. If your halibut is small enough then you can easily grab the spreader bar and the 200lb leader and lift the fish into the boat. When there’s a break-off jigging I can quickly tie on a shock leader, spin on a new jig, and we’re back in business quickly. Its been my experience that most people are visual learners so the more pics the better. Most halibut rods will usually have a cap on the butt of the rod that can be pulled off, exposing a seat that fits into a belt. 3, Jul 12, 2013 The moment of truth! Repeat this process with occasional brief pauses until you reach the bottom. Hi Don thanks for visiting FishinBC.COM and for posting the feedback.

Techniques If you're drifting you can harpoon them, toss the bouy over and then pick them up.

It’s really helpful for people like me, trying to learn how to fish halibut.

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