The best baits are fresh Hawkesbury prawns and earthworms for the bass, bream, flathead and EPs, bread for mullet and corn kernels for the European carp. They range from the tidal water at Wisemans Ferry all the way to the headwaters. ;����&(� 'Ÿ���e�y$ $ه?��A�����Q����Y�1��~Y�ܥ��u}�㗦�AЭ��د���?�"����J�R��n ŤY��O�=�����y�(�iR� ����.���N|��\�*m�0��72�X^���")ơ�}���_����(�>�,�:���.�5E�ӳ��oG��8(g��dUE�� enable_page_level_ads: true Bait fishing with the Hawkesbury prawns and squid are best for the jewfish. 2 0 obj The mouth features a large drop-off back into the Hawkesbury proper and has coughed up many large mulloway and flathead over the years. If you’re after larger jewfish, poddy mullet make great bait and can be caught in the area. Anglers should use a quality depth sounder to mark out the edges of reef and focus their efforts accordingly.

google_ad_client: "ca-pub-9323040735217768", %���� Alternatively if you head into Brooklyn there is a much larger and well-protected ramp at Parsley Bay. I think this is due to the recent inflows from Warragamba, restoring some health back into the system and triggering all sorts of chain reactions that we will hopefully benefit from in future years.

“Over this summer there have been six or eight major carp kills.

This is a very tourist-friendly township that has some great attractions and accommodation options. Cast to the same structure and these lures will take fish all day. Fishing at night is the most successful approach. Using live fish baits helps these apex predators to find your bait in the often stirred up, dirty water.

The flathead are still in good numbers and should bite better as the days gradually get longer as we near spring.

<>>> You can get them into some nasty country where other lures will foul up. They will be holding on deep rock walls and reefs in the lower reaches up to Spencer. These include river and creek mouths, drop-offs, rock walls and tree snags.

Hey guys chasing mullet Or fish frames for crab bait ? With over 150km of navigable water, the Hawkesbury is as diverse as it is large. The tide ces through here so a heavy sinker is needed. Troy Ireland is a local trawler, when available he will be happy to deliver an order of fresh prawns, for enquiries phone him on 0407 664 756. There are plentiful flats that can turn on explosive surface sessions and deeper rock walls to probe with bait and lures. Fish the tide changes with bait or lures for your chance to do battle with a silver submarine. To avoid boat traffic, try to anchor on the inside of the red marker (let’s hope it’s restored after going missing in the last flood).

I highly recommend surface lures and spinnerbaits here because it can get quite overgrown with weed late in the season. 13. 12. Live bait and big dead and butterflied baits are the go, fished on 30lb-50lb spin or overhead gear to help put the brakes on marauding mulloway. Fish with the tide towards the bridge. The Retreat’s pick of spots to fish are: – Off the Wisemans Ferry beach You should find warmer water and more active fish hunting the bait that will gather and hold in these locations. It always pays to have a bigger bait set deep, just be sure to use a heavy sinker to keep it vertical and relatively tangle free. x��}[����;#�����X���c�qx�D�"uHz>�>�x���9C�����/@�����t�Z�*l (\@"���L��������O�ݾwg�ݸ��u��J�^}uMt�֮�S[�WFl�J�m�z��k/��յ���n����P�m;�r�^I�5�J����Y([�!b��䪲Q�֓����k�귝^=y*���?��l�P�˭�WO�~u���ꛯ�=]�u#��ds]��6����ƅ�����kwC����kG���ֵ��1���'�[-ܯ�[U�w�a ��˅׼�[W�",w�G�Qr� ���-P�_�4ּ����xm�[zU�53��!�K�>�G4���Z�R�b����ճ���=y�­j ��P�uf�1��5a4�Sb��յ���������7+�Q44���k�T��"�Xڭ�Ba~�࢝[I��o�K3�����vZ�'Z��vg��"d\M&��{��z���_�7�������V�A Ბp-ۥi����u����'ѭ��h�ֆ�����SZ�=��@D��%b�+ F ���l�AH?�� �-&���7 The Colo is a 4-knot zone and many anglers seek refuge up there from the onslaught of skiers and wakeboarders. Anglers should keep an eye out for clumps of algae on the surface and avoid eating fish from areas of high concentration. 12. a great relaxing activity for every age. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ If lure fishing isn’t for you and there are some kids to keep entertained, have a picnic in one of the many bankside parks.

Catching your own live ones will get you into some great fish. Use bread suspended under a float.

Let’s face it, I’d rather warm up catching bass on the surface than wait until the sun is high enough to take the chill from the air! From there it continues on its snake-like path, flanked by sandstone cliffs down to the brackish reaches at Wisemans Ferry. A live herring was the undoing of this impressive mulloway.

The Hawkesbury is home to some trophy estuary perch, like this 48cm specimen. Long, cold nights not for the faint hearted are required to capture these fanged silver ooglies. Bass inhabit the headwaters of most creeks that adjoin the Hawkesbury.

If it’s too rough, you can take a right hand turn and venture into the Cowan system. So next time you think of heading to distant destinations, consider exploring what’s in your own backyard; you might be pleasantly surprised.

There are caves, fallen timber, boulders and weed beds to probe. The Hawkesbury is famous for its big blue-nosed bream, which can be encountered along the rock walls, oyster leases, reefs or, like this specimen, on the tidal flats. Casting tight to the rock walls, allowing the spinnerbait to ‘helicopter’ down the steep face, is a proven method for targeting big fish sitting deep.

Spring and Summer are the best times for encountering the local bass after they have made their annual migration back upstream and negotiated the new fish ladder at Penrith Weir. There is a good stretch that is accessible by boat when launching from Windsor’s Governor Phillip Park. Pilchards and slab baits of yakka, mullet and slimey mackerel are great for ganging and suspending under a float or drifting unweighted down a berley trail.

/Length 163255 If you’re feeling adventurous, there is the Great North Walk on the northern side of the main ferry. Once you’re familiar with this large piece of water it can produce some great catches. All contents copyright © 2014 Fishing Monthly. 1 review Access to the water is quite limited here due to private property. If you’re after a serious mulloway, focus from the road and rail bridges back out to the heads. The best approach is to single out a piece of water and give it a good work over with your chosen method. All of these areas can produce good mixed bags of bream, flathead, trevally and the elusive mulloway. Rigging for bait fishing. Most methods work well here with the local prawns standout bait. endobj For non-fishers there are a couple of nice cafes, restaurants, art galleries and knick-knack stores. }); August in the Hawkesbury can be challenging but the rewards are there if you can brave the cold. x�ԽK�n�v�߿�Z�9Fn��{1"؎-��ᆑ���L��i�p~}8������|�d��l��99ߜ����[���?������|�ӿ����bxu���x��헍��B~��Vfm��3����g����_|�o�-�6��x+�����[������������o���^����=����{��-���B�>�'7�Gloq��ױW�z��G>6��j_���3r~��5ܘ�{���ֱ����Y���uX���@r��V )��Q�@�_}~��ہ�? Those chasing the elusive mulloway on lures should probe deep holes, drop-offs and small reefs with 3”, 4”, and 5” soft plastics on the tide changes. For the fishing family there are several options for kid-friendly land based angling. Perhaps the best known or most written about fishing destinations are Juno Point, Patonga and Jerusalem Bay. ��!#��3����y���^�I#>t� ��N7`=8_W�m��w��"���j��oh->�c�� &A|j�f$�����P��}` �@� ܞ7Mӵ�����Vݶ�2�D����X�w,����!Y�� �b� ۼ�lz^�J�e�Ú~���P"�Yt؝���93_��z�Gi/2׬m�}��hZ���wK0P�4'fѾBN�/�^nd���Q��yY��{�:�. The main species encountered are bass, estuary perch, mullet, carp and, in the Summer months, the occasional bream and flathead. Carp are regarded as pests but can offer some great sport on light tackle. Anglers shouldn’t be surprised if one grabs a lure or bait aimed at larger quarry like a jewie at this time of year. This area can see a lot of boat traffic at times but can be a good producer of jewies when everything quietens down through the night. Back in the Hawkesbury, just a few hundred metres downstream from the public boat ramp at Skeleton Rocks Reserve is a large reef complex known as The Skeletons. [])), +((!+[]+(!![])+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![]+[])+(!+[]+(!![])+!![])+(!+[]+(!![])+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![])+(!+[]-(!![]))+(!+[]+(!![])+!![]+!![])+(+!![])+(!+[]+(!![])+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![])+(!+[]+(!![])+!![]+!![])+(!+[]+(!![])+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![]))/+((!+[]+(!![])+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![]+[])+(+!![])+(!+[]+(!![])+!![]+!![]+!![])+(+!![])+(!+[]+(!![])+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![])+(+!![])+(!+[]+(!![])+!![]+!![]+!![])+(!+[]-(!![]))+(!+[]+(!![])+!![]+!![]+!![]+!![]+!! As we continue down river, Pumpkin Point is the next great spot that yields good bream for the bait brigade and the occasional school jew. Break out the sea gars: catching garfish for food and bait, A Beginner’s Guide to Northern Moreton Bay Pelagics. stream Some big mulloway call the Hawkesbury home. Try to arrive before dark if possible to track down some live yakkas or squid and you have a deadly mix of baits for all manner of species that inhabit this picturesque part of the Hawkesbury. Whiting aren’t that common in the main river but the ones that do take a bait or lure are usually of ‘elbow-slapping’ size. Other surprises include blackfish on lures, bass being caught 30km below the jewfish and flathead, and a run of bigger jewfish I had not yet encountered in my years of fishing the Hawkesbury. Hawkesbury River is a stream in New South Wales, Australia. Most techniques work well here, with the key factor being accurate casts. As you round Juno Point, the effects of the swell are generally felt. If you like to toss lures, your efforts should be focused around the neap tides, which allow the suspended sediment to settle and the water clarity improves for lure fishing. Pilchards and slab baits of yakka, mullet and slimey mackerel are great for ganging and suspending under a float or drifting unweighted down a berley trail.

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