Akbar leaves Ali with an impossible dilemma. I cannot figure out why you would try to do a historical detective story which should be serious and then add two lunatics trying to play two comic policemen in the story. Kaan Urgancioglu as Otto Petrovic Boris wins the favor of his patron, who intends to gain power beyond the Ottoman Empire. Will Mustafa manage to prove his innocence within 1 year? Esat Paşa makes a deal with Gıyaseddin to free Anita, but she spells more trouble for Mustafa. The drama takes place between the years 1850 and 1900. 1. There are no crew records added to Season 1. Filinta Mustafa (56 Episodes) Kamil Güler. Aug 29, 2018 - Explore Tasia Tyler's board "Filinta Mustafa! Kadı Gıyaseddin Hatemi (26 Episodes) Cem Uçan. Cast Onur Tuna Serhat Tutumluer Mehmet Özgür Naz Elmas Kayra Şenocak Kamil Güler Ceyhun Ergin Burcu Çoban Umut Kırcalı Sencer Serta More TV Shows & Movies

Gıyaseddin tracks down the man behind the smoking gun. Abdullah tells Mustafa about his past with Boris. Kendisine ve en yakın arkadaşına tuzak kurulan kahramanımız Filinta Mustafa tuzağı kuranın kızına aşık oluşunun çıkmazları da epizodik hikayelerle izleyiciye sunuluyor. He serves as a policeman … [1], As of 2017[update] it was one of the most expensive television series in Turkey. Cemil's political ruse fails.

Ahead of the Berlin conference, a shady organization rescues Akbar in exchange for an assassination. Mustafa is close by, and Leyla's fate lies in Farah's hands. Anita has an unpleasant surprise for financial director Hüsamettin Efendi, and the padişah's assistant suspects Boris's involvement. With Boris behind bars, Cemil schemes against him with a partner in crime. To spark a war, Miloş orders the assassination of the Russian envoy. He is of an easy-going and coolheaded temperament. Davut Paşa reveals that he has an informant among the Brotherhood Syndicate.

Episodes 26. Süreyya meets privately with Sir Rhodes about the bank. But realize this isn’t a documentary. Khadi Giyaseddin Hatemi is the tutor of Mustafa and knows his innocence but he has to prove Mustafa’s innocence with evidence. Our story begins with a conspiracy against Mustafa and Ali. Mustafa and Gıyaseddin uncover a conspiracy behind Sir Thomas's alleged death, and Boris has the European dignitaries wrapped around his finger. Unfairly accused of a heinous crime, he must fight to clear his name "and save his life", while also investigating ongoing cases.

Onur Tuna as Filinta Mustafa Cemil invites Feriha for tea and sweets. April 2016. Akbar calls for a High Council ballot on Miloş's seat, and Cemil casts the deciding vote. Accompanied by Farah, Mustafa attends a dinner party, where he tries to steal critical information. In filinta tv series story, you will explore an Ottoman detective drama during the years 1850-1900. Lastly, Queen Victoria as a constitutional monarch would have had no part in the spying and international politics with the British portrayed in series 1. I found it hard to take that you portrayed your countrymen in such a bad light.   | 

А его цель – это раскрытие самых запутанных, порой даже безнадежных дел, кроме того, он ищет иностранные сети…. Ottoman Sultan gives an order that could be a solution for this problem: Filinta Mustafa will return to his position at the Istanbul police department, will work on this conspiracy and find the true culprits within 1 year; if he cannot prove his innocence within 1 year, he will be sentenced to death.

Mustafa is a very smart, skillful, handsome young man. At the High Council meeting, Cemil brings unpleasant news to Yüce Efendi. Onur Tuna as Filinta Mustafa Serhat Tutumluer as Boris Zaharyas Mehmet Ozgur as Kadi Giyasettin Hatemi Naz Elmas as Azize Damla Aslanalp as Lara Zaharyas Hakan Yufkacigil as Sansar Cemil Bulent Alkis as Sultan Kaan Urgancioglu as Otto Petrovic Nur Fettahoglu as Sureyya Berrak Tuzunatac as Farah Asena Tugal as Leyla Hakan Kurtas as Sultan Abdülhamid Han … Mustafa tells Farah there may be many more like her. Mustafa investigates the death of an Arab sheikh and questions Abu Felat, who colludes with Boris in a plot. Young policeman Mustafa is on his way to career prominence, but a shadowy figure threatens to undo everything. Thoroughly: shallow, pouty, spoiled, insipid. Tam bir Alman fanatiği. Foto Abdullah (56 Episodes) Ceren Yılmaz. He was suppose to be the HERO??

It’s so frustrating to watch many episodes... gt: I watched Winter Sun, Intersection and Black Money Love. Yüce Efendi unveils his master plan and pays Padre a visit. I have no idea what Season I am on, as Netflix has all episodes listed as “Season 1”. AND, They all died????? The director at the school catches Farah at his door.

Osmanlı Devleti’ne bir dizi konser vermek için geliyor. A charismatic and successful Khadi (a high level judge) Giyaseddin Hatemi (Mehmet Ozgur) is assigned to proceed the case of Mustafa. He and his teammates are working hard to keep the peace in the streets of the Ottoman Empire. Süreyya (30 Episodes) Berrak Tüzünataç.

After a standoff with Maruf, Mustafa learns the location of the Brotherhood's school. Dönemin en gözde Alman şarkıcısı ve dansçısı. Official Site 2: https://www.trt1.com.tr/arsiv/filinta December 2014 Leyla sends an important warning to Yüce Efendi. Yüce Efendi lashes out against Cemil when he finds out what really happened to Sheikh Bender. Yüce Efendi uses Ali to force Mustafa to hand over Şehzade Mehmet. Şehzade Murat realizes he has been tricked. Miloş plans to sabotage an agreement between the Russians and the Ottomans. Then, he married a woman he did not love because his father told him to marry her????? He is a former mentor of the Sultan.

#Filinta #Lara. We did start Ertugral , but that was before we realized that not all the seasons were available. English Title: Filinta Boris unleashes his wrath on Sir Henry. couldn’t wait to see all. Lara's involvement in the foundation puts her life in danger. He and his teammates are working hard, 114 Likes, 4 Comments - Filinta Dizi Fan (@fanfilintadizi) on Instagram: “Bu sezon en son yaptığım afişin #FilintaMustafa versiyonu. Leyla accepts a high-stakes mission. Despite all these allegations, Khadi Giyaseddin Hatemi knows that there is a big conspiracy against Ottoman police department and for this reason, he wants to save Mustafa. Mustafa's absence leaves the padişah without defense. I never knew much about the Turkey.. but WOW to their TV programs.. best story and actors strong performance.. from USA. Boris revisits his past and opens old wounds. I saw no emotion from him except when a fake tear would run down his cheek. And to Mustafa wanting to protect her, I say “meh, get a woman like that wonderful nurse who had a mad crush on you.” The endless thuggery is tiresome, and at this point seems to have the winning hand. Bulent Alkis as Sultan Broadcast Network: TRT 1 Mustafa’s close friend Ali is killed in this ambush. Jaine: In 19th-century Istanbul, a young police officer investigates crimes and falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy merchant conspiring against him. FORGET TO mention ” FILINTA” the show name and wonderful/ strong character actors of Onur Tuna ( Mustafa) and Cem Ucan( Blazer Ali)..

Lara Zaharyas (26 Episodes) Mehmet Özgür. Miloş is nowhere to be found. This series has been favorited by 3 people.

Farah attempts to win Miloş's trust and learn Süreyya's whereabouts. Ali and Mustafa rush to Çerkez's rescue before the trial begins. Bekri vows to take down Mustafa and Ali. Wary of becoming dependent on the Americans, the padişah spurns Boris's proposal. Enver falls out of favor with Boris, who receives a threatening message that forces his hand. Hakan Kurtas as Sultan Abdülhamid Han Boris exposes Yüce Efendi's motives. Boris seeks Leyla's help and asks her to keep a secret. He shows us his refined wisdom in every scene. Rüştü Paşa and Sultan Abdülhamid Han come to blows over allegations regarding Ali and Mustafa, who find Süreyya's traces. Esat Paşa leverages information against Boris to gain a seat at the High Council. Farah is left to choose between the children and her loyalty to her brothers. Celal's conscience begins to haunt him. JoAnn: Started this series in the US.


Abdullah helps Mustafa with evidence linked to the stolen cross. As the sultan scrambles to keep the state intact, Mustafa and Ali find the last mole in the palace.

June 2015, September 2015

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