Flower Arranger with Pink Flowers, Pansies, Limited Code, Florentine Treatment, Nativity Bell, Vining This Fenton Art Glass site is dedicated to the Fenton collectors and maintained by fellow Fenton … A deep purple color. Tiny violets, also called decorated violets. By 1974, Fenton was putting their logo on all the pieces they made. (replaced by Peach Crest), Peach Crest, Fenton ceased "traditional" glassmaking at the Williamstown, WV factory in July 2011. [2] At first they painted glass blanks from other glass makers, but started making their own glass when they became unable to buy the materials they needed. 1972 -1973: Added to the "Hobnail" line and some other items, 1975 – 1979: Featured on almost all of Fenton's items. [28], Vasa Murrhina is a cased glass, the name means vessel of gems. (also known as 'slag'), Code used

Black (Autumn Leaves on Black), Blue Satin, Chinese Reproductions - NOT Victorian Art Glass Amberina, an unusual cased item, Peach Blow There were 12 annual ChrisTmas in America plates; nine annual Mothers Day plates; the Bicentenial Glassware in 1973-74, and many more collectors series. [8], Another type of mark is found on glass baskets. White with Plum and Flowers, Peking Jamestown, encased Jamestown Blue and White with crest, Silver Colonial green over milk glass, used only on lamps. Bimini and Orplid Glass by Raymond Berger Orange (Gold Adventurine) Vasa Murrhina, Gold Opalescent History of Art Glass Lampworking by Robert Mickelsen Fenton had a long history of decorating glass that goes back to its beginnings in 1905. Prices range dramatically; while some items are easily affordable, others can be worth thousands of dollars. A red color that is deep when held to a light. Created by attempting to make a cranberry opalescent that could be used in pressed molds. Venini Glass by Ursula Losch Frank L Fenton and his brother John decided to open their own glassworks in 1905, based on Frank's seven years' experience working for other glassworks. Click here to see Fenton glass currently for sale on ebay. This is an interior pattern showing two large cats, the outside pattern is Butterfly and Berry. Pressed Glass in Post War Britain by Angela Bowey on Petal Pink (Pink w/Flowers), Golden Click on any book cover on this page to read more about a particular book. Web site designed by: Angela M. Bowey.

Full acknowledgement of the author and Glass Museum URL MUST be included, and copying any pictures is forbidden. In 1983 Fenton introduced the Connoisseurs Collection, a series of very high quality limited edition pieces introduced not so much to make a profit on these particular items, as to enhance A mistake in naming that stuck because Dogwood only has 4 petals. a tupe of pressed 'amberina', Plum and Blue and Twilight Tuylips, Blue Roses, This Fenton Art Glass site is dedicated to the Fenton collectors and maintained by fellow Fenton … [3] Towards the end of 1907, the Fenton brothers were the first to introduce carnival glass, which later became a popular collector's item. Take out the guess work :). Pre-1958 Fenton milk glass is said to be easily distinguishable because it is less dense, less opaque, than their milk glass made from 1958 onwards. Code, Chocolate Roses on Cameop Satin, Primrose This shoe was made by the Fenton Art Glass Company in Williamstown, West Virginia.It is a purple slag or purple opalescence baby bootie, and came in many popular colors. Code, Special assortment of small items, Victorian This Fenton Art Glass site is dedicated to the Fenton collectors and maintained by fellow Fenton Fanatics. Orrefors Swedish Glass by Bill Geary However, the factory remained open as a jewelry making operation, producing handcrafted glass beads and Teardrop earrings. But the many different colors were the work of Jacob Rosenthal, a famous glass chemist who is known for developing chocolate and golden agate glass. Green Satin on Cream Background Milk Glass, Historic Mercury Glass - Silver Glass from Europe In 1975 the Fenton Art Glass Club of America Inc. was founded, and two years later a Fenton museum was set up at the factory. Fenton has an extensive line of MILK GLASS that also is offered in an array of patterns. Baccarat Glass Rare Picture Paperweights by KevH Appears at odd times after 1907 till 1959. Fluorescent (uranium) Glass White Satin, specially decorated anniversary plates, Green (Code Another highly successful Fenton product was introduced in 1970, namely Burmese glass. The Fenton logo of an oval with Fenton written in script was introduced in 1970 on carnival glass pieces, to distinguish them from pieces made in earlier times. a "spatter glass", blue & white pigment in crystal, Blue Opalescent, [31] However, on December 4, 2007, Fenton Art Glass released a press statement, saying that due to an unexpected buying frenzy and internal restructuring, the company would stay open until at least the spring of 2008. Code, Daisies on Custard, Decorator ", Their plans involved laying off 25 employees immediately, and in the following weeks, the rest of their workers would be laid off. (Autumn Gold Opalescent), Amber (Antique And special thanks to all of you who share your knowledge by answering questions on the Message Board. The Glass Market Place

(See below for more info on marks.). http://www.theglassmuseum.com/Fenton.html. Garden, Sea Mist Green ... Green with Flowers, Sea Mist

Many Fenton pieces are hand decorated and signed by the artists, again very popular with collectors. English Carnival Glass by Glen and Stephen Thistlewood Visitors to the factory were still able to watch the beadmaking demonstrations and purchase Fenton Art Glass. Reseacrh Fenton Art Glass labels and learn more about the history of the Fenton Art Glass company. [6], In 1970, the company added their logo to the bottom of their "Original Formula" Carnival Glass pieces to distinguish them from their older Carnival Glass pieces. Preferred Seconds sold primarily in the Fenton Gift Shop after August 1998 featured a solid "F", Fenton logo featured "Fenton" in script with an "8", "9" or "0" below it inside a separated oval. Fenton is known for their darling ruffles. Fenton glassware from the 1980's can be identified by the tiny number 8 under the n in Fenton; and similar in the 1990's there is a number 9 under the n. This kind of clear identification and dating ensures that Fenton glass will continue to delight collectors. Greg Smith Contemporary Art glass

Code, Cardinals in Winter, Chinese Unfortunately in 2007 it was announced that the Fenton Art Glass Company was to cease production and close down. Links to useful and interesting glass sites Blue (First 25 Years price guide), Decorator This kind of glass is opaque, matt, cream Many importing companies could no longer obtain supplies from Europe, and turned to home producers to supply the demand. Debbie Tarsitano - Master Glass Artist

& Berries on Red Carnival, Rose with a spatter color with pink and white encased in clear, Ruby Irridescent [1] In 1908 John Fenton left the company and founded the Millersburg glass company in Millersburg, OH.

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