: Autoroles, Custom Commands, Announcements, Joinable Ranks, AFK Status, Reminders, and much more.

The feature I love the most is the message embed save, if you close your embed it remain saved on your dashboard to edit it and repost it later which is a huge thing for me!

Type ?help for a list of commands.
Logging, Created By:

New features are built off what users ask for. 6. (customizable), Visit Thanks for this awesome bot!! Sign in with Discord. All Dyno is used on 3,000,000+ servers, we invite you to try it out and hope you enjoy! This Bot Powers the Following Communities: Type ?help for a list of commands. Login, Dyno

A simple bot to display information for steam account from our API to see if player is EAC Rust banned or not.

Only with the support of the community will the servers be able to stay on.

Hi, apologies for the late reply.

Sorted in a random order.

Server management just got a whole lot easier! 0002. A fully customizable server moderation Discord bot for your Discord server that features a simple and intuitive web dashboard.

Good bot, i use it since 2017 but since 2019 dyno is going down a bit too frequently. etc.

NoobLance# Auto-moderation/anti-spam, fully configurable. How do I auto delete everything except a specific command in a channel? share. Much More!

UnbelievaBoat is a Discord Bot featuring money/economy/currency customisable per server, casino games, store items, moderation, fun commands, and much more! Dyno does it all!

No bullshit, just HQ content.

… Thanks. Clean dashboard, dev open to ideas and are alway improving the bot, a lot of support. Choose a Tag.

save hide report.

The prefix is changeable for your server using the prefix command, and in the Web Dashboard. Gooimeer 8, 1411DD Naarden, The Netherlands. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If there are any features that you would like to see, request them in our Discord server! I cancelled my premium with mee and carl and only now use Dyno for everything, no need for 56 bot for what I need such as Message embed, auto message delete, timed channel purge, anti raid and spam. The prefix is changeable for your server using the prefix command, and in the Web Dashboard.

If there are any features that you would like to see, request them in our Discord server! Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I used mee6, carl bot and another one with a weird spelled name but by far Dyno really is my favorite. New features are built off what users ask for. Posted by 2 days ago. Join

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