Xsolla is an authorized global distributor of Paradox Interactive, EUIV: AAR's, Let's Plays, and Fan Fiction, EU IV: Alternate History Short Story Contest Contr, [1.27] 1596 Manchu -> GH -> Mongol Empire WC, [1.25] VH Three Mountains One True Tag/One Faith, [1.24] 1568 HRE Kazan -> Golden Horde -> Manchu -> Arabia WC AAR, [1.23] 1599 HRE Ottoman -> England -> Manchu -> Qing -> Mughals WC, [1.23] 1511 Ottoman to Coptic England Fast Revoke, Religious Ideas finisher allow for conversion in territories, Territories have a -2% conversion strength. World Conquerors. Territorial cores are not shown unless they belong to state provinces. In comparison, religious gives +1 to TF tolerance and cheaper stability.


As the game progresses cavalry become more and more obsolete with western factions, hence about 4-6 cavalry and no more is ideal regardless of combat width. That’s all I needed.

If the shown data is not enough, it is possible to hover over the present data to get a more in-depth tooltip. Hovering shows the province's percentage contribution (its weight) to the current overextension level along with a break-down of the cost and time modifiers. Using this category To put a template in Category:General wiki templates: Use [[Category:General wiki templates|{{PAGENAME}}]] on the documentation page (see Template:Documentation for more info). Humanism gives reduced nationwide RR, less seperatism, and +3 tolerance to all who aren't your faith. it could be bad for your empire. 1.1k. There is no quicker way to shred your own armies than marching into an enemy that is positioned in a mountainous province and taking a river crossing while you are at it. I haven't read the patchnotes, but I like the religous changes. Supply limit determines how big an army you can place in a province without taking attrition.

- Added the missing max absolutism malus for republics. This page was last edited on 7 July 2018, at 16:26.

If not, they probably deserve one. This tab gives an overview of diplomatic actions that are available to the player. This allows me to break siege detachment and still have enough infantry left to not incur the cavalry ratio penalty. Super Mario Land really should have been a turn-based strategy game. The section at the bottom details currently defined.

This tab allows decreasing/increasing of local autonomy in provinces. - Disable "conform to template" action on embarked Armies and Navies with embarked troops.

Created Aug 10, 2012. At the top give the template a desired name.

Late game you want to have as many artillery regiments as you can because of the flanking bonuses, huge offensive capabilities and the fact that they confer half their defensive pips onto the unit in front. I think that a nation that has taken religious ideas should be more stable, long term after conversions of course, than a humanist one. A gold star indicates primary culture; a silver star, accepted cultures; a bronze star, cultures in the primary culture group. The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. During war I toggle between my normal political map and the simple terrain map, to understand which province is ideal to defend and which province is not ideal of attack. For nations without built in ICA you might want to for for 8 or 10 cavalry to utilize flanking bonuses better. Then when I can get a little bigger I go 12/4/X. JavaScript is disabled. However usually as Prussia or Sweden if you outnumber the other army you'll wipe them anyway. IMHO, and everyone please chime in, Humanist will still be "better," which is a BAD word in strategy games. To use a saved template click on it and choose an area to build in (the units will be built simultaneously in the surrounding provinces). Cavalry move faster so they can occupy far flung places a bit quicker. They are pretty awesome and remove a lot of micromanagement of recruiting armies. Just remember to split them up again after the battle to avoid attrition. Infantry takes the most attrition and casualties in any war and this is why in order to preserve manpower, it is often wise to use a sizable quantity mercenary infantry if your economy can support it. The Production Interface, or as it is more commonly known - the Macro-builder, is a button located under the left side of the country crest at the top-left corner of the in-game screen. You already have 40k on the front line and adding the second stack will just make those infantry take morale damage and otherwise do nothing. A button allows starting the conversion process. Provinces are displayed with current religion and, Hovering shows current religion bonuses and expanded tooltip for. Selecting a culture will display only the provinces that can be converted into that culture. So I always go with 10/2/X (1/5/10 depending how many cannon I can afford, and number of armies I need to spread them through).

At the middle assign the desired numbers to the types of units and chose a … Unit Composition You should have as many artillery as you can afford, up to your current combat width, but with no more than you have infantry. Provinces with unit construction in progress display percentage progress and number of units in the queue. This tab has eight subsidiary tabs, corresponding to seven of the categories of diplomatic actions plus improve relations.

Cavalry depends on unique ideas(e.g. You must log in or register to reply here. General wiki templates. Well that was different than I expected of the revert religious conversion change. Selecting one highlights valid provinces with cost and time, and then clicking on a province begins construction of the template, setting that province as a rally point. ... More posts from the eu4 community. At the top there is a button to chose culture to convert into (advanced culture conversion requires DLC; without it, only primary culture is available). Provinces in mid-progress display percentage progress. At the middle assign the desired numbers to the types of units and chose a number of provinces to build in simultaneously. Poland),tech group and miltech.So if I play Poland which has a neat +33% cavalry combat ability,plus it is in the eastern tech group which means that you can go up to a 60% cav ratio,then that means that I will usually hit that ratio unlike with an western nation that does not have any boni,in which case I would usually keep 4-6 in my army. - Added tooltip for Conform to Template view when province is not controlled by you or your overlord - Added tooltip to Italian Wars event explaining that relations with Spain will be worsened. Prussia and Sweden with big bonuses to Infantry want to stack as much Infantry as they can. r/eu4. The macro-builder contains some of the more commonly used actions in the game, presenting them with relevant color-coded and sortable information allowing for easier decision making. Reduce how much you get on continents where it did not spawn. In Cradle of Civilization this is taken a step further with the ability to Conform to Template.

In the Unit View, an army can conform to a template that you have specified earlier. In late game (above Level 40) I create 60 stack armies (37/3/20) which when merged into a 120 stack has a (72/6/40) as 40 is the max combat width and I have more than 150% infantry to ensure that my artillery is safe and never pushed forward. This tab allows development of provinces. Thank you.

Depends on your nation.

Finally, sticking with the military theme, let's talk Templates. I like, for each army, where c stands for your current combat width: New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I don’t want to see papal state get a province in india. Choosing an estate will color-code non-estate provinces with (. Join. Army templates? # War & Peace - At most 25 war score can be demanded as gold in peace. This tab allows conversion of provinces with non-state religion. The Iron Mountains: EU4 Ryukyu World Conquest AAR, Pre-industrial historical music epic megathread. Hovering shows trade good price, the percentage of impact from development and effects of development type (an expanded tooltip as well). Provinces with unit construction in progress display percentage progress and amount of units in queue. Poland for example can have 50% cavalry combat ability without policies or having to go innovative. This tab allows recruitment of land units. If I need to attack a bigger army I merge two armies since combat width is a max of 25 early game and a single army of 15 can be outflanked by a larger army, therefore merging two 15 stacks before engaging in a province is ideal. Only contiguous provinces will be used for unit construction, and only up to the limit set by the template. Artillery are a lot more expensive to maintain than infantry or cavalry but late game they are monstrously powerful due to having a 8.4x fire multiplier and 5 flanking range. Provinces are displayed with most likely rebel type to spawn, Provinces acted upon will be colored red for the duration of the action taken (, Provinces are displayed with current culture color-coded for acceptance (. If you have cavalry bonuses (especially to combat ability but cost is important as well) then you'll want to push more cavalry into your armies, usually just a bit under your tech group's maximum. Expansion Features. Basically, can you guys please add more true faith tolerance to religious to make it at least somewhat balanced? Hovering over it gives an expanded tooltip icnluding. r/eu4. In mid game (Level 8 - Level 14) when the supply limit averages 25-30, I use a 30 stack (16/2/12) notice infantry is approximately 150% times the artillery and by merging two 30 stacks I get a 60 stack (32/4/24) which has a formidable back line considering max combat width is 29, adequate infantry to fill the front.

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