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Home checks apply.

Cover all of Scotland and further afield if necessary, Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue.

Click Here, Advocates for Rabbit Welfare Help us provide a sanctuary for our deserving rescue dogs. We will help you come together and continue to provide the help and support you need in the future.

at (visit their website), Huskies in Need Dogs Trust - West Calder, Buster Unsure which breed of dog best suits your lifestyle?

By 1830 combat between Bulldogs and bulls were at the height of their popularity.

(visit their website), West Scotland Retired Greyhound Trust * Reserved * at As he is energetic and full of character he is looking for someone just as … Registered Charity No. at Dogs Trust - West Calder, A Male Labrador Cross who is age 0 to 6 Months, Mabel Cover all of Scotland and further afield if necessary, Bertie

at Underheugh Ark Rescue, A Male Brindle and White Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is age 8-9 years old. at

Benji at Dogs Trust - Glasgow. Dumfries and Galloway at Second Chances German Shepherd Rescue, Caesar at

Likes Benji is a typical terrier who is full of beans.

Dogs Trust - West Calder, A Male Terrier Cross who is age 5 to 7 Years, Spencer (visit their website), Staffordshire Rescue Scotland For further details about adopting a dog from Rutherglen Rescue in Glasgow, please contact Carolyn Blackshaw by emailing or telephone 07969 367622. This allows us to ensure that you and your dog are prepared for each other. (visit their website), Second Chance Kennels Dogs Trust - West Calder, A Male Border Collie who is age 2 to 5 Years, Scooby

Dogs Trust - West Calder, A Male Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) who is age 2 to 5 Years, Jeremy

West Calder This site uses cookies.

(visit their website), Dogs Trust - West Calder Dogs Trust - West Calder, Binx Foster or Adopt a Dog. (visit their website), Boxer Welfare Scotland Second Chances German Shepherd Rescue, Buddy Please take very careful consideration when considering rehoming.

at * Reserved * at

Dogs Trust - Glasgow, A Male Patterdale Terrier who is age 2 to 5 Years, Shelter Location: We have a thorough programme for fostering or adopting a dog. In the early 1800s Bulldogs crossed with terriers were popular.

Use these additional filters to find the ideal puppy. G71 7SL, Razor (visit their website). at Contact Shelter. Dogs Trust - West Calder, A Female Collie Cross (Border) who is age 5 to 7 Years, Finn

This allows us to ensure that you and your dog are prepared for each other. Shelter Location: 315 Hamilton Road Uddingston Glasgow G71 7SL. Visit our. (visit their website), Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue Lovers of this so-called "sport" decided to create a dog that would attack even more agilely.

These filters allow you to find puppies of a particular gender that have been. at Rescue Scottish Pets accepts no liability for any pets found or rehomed through this site, or the accuracy of any information on this site. (visit their website), Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland at (visit their website), Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre Dogs Trust - West Calder, A Male Staffordshire Cross (SBT) who is age 5 to 7 Years, Shadow (visit their website), Beloved Rabbits Luath (visit their website), Save A Staffie Scotland (visit their website), Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary If you would like further help, please use our FAQ page which can be found at

Dogs Trust - West Calder, A Female Crossbreed who is age 5 to 7 Years, Benji (visit their website), German Shepherd Rescue Scotland (visit their website), Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

Learn about responsible ownership, read about our success stories or see the dogs that currently need new homes below. (visit their website), Staffie Smiles Rescue

(visit their website), Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

(visit their website), Borders Pet Rescue at Charity No.

Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre, A Male Fawn Jack Russell Terrier cross Pug who is age 2 years 2 months, Shelter Location:

The Bull Terrier is a strongly built, muscular dog. (visit their website), Dog Aid Society of Scotland We have a thorough programme for fostering or adopting a dog. (visit their website), Doodle Trust Search in the field above for your ideal breed. 1163631, Proud members of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes. Glasgow We aim to be back up and running at the end of November so please check back then. Find English Bull Terriers Dogs & Puppies for sale in Glasgow at the UK's largest independent free classifieds site. at (visit their website), Dogs Trust - Glasgow

Dogs Trust - West Calder, A Male Crossbreed who is age 2 to 5 Years, Joey Bentyhead

(visit their website), PADS - Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society 315 Hamilton Road Dogs Trust - West Calder, Shelter Location: 1163631. The body is well rounded with a short, strong back. (visit their website), Second Chances German Shepherd Rescue

Dogs Trust - West Calder, A Male Crossbreed who is age 5 to 7 Years, Suzie (visit their website), Fife Rottweiler Rescue Please note: while Find a Puppy is now operating we are currently undergoing maintenance across our Find a Rescue service.

Visit the shelter's website and check their guidance and criteria to ensure you meet them.



(visit their website), Greyhound Awareness League

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