The same with animal products. Cyanide. Yes, carrots are artificial and they were made by crossing what? When they meet another Dandelion plant they come together and they unite and they call that a monocriotic union. Vegetables that are low in starch are the best. What is the chemical that alter the brain and interfere with resonance? Sorrel Soy – is a complex starch that creates sulfides in the body, it in turn eats up the iron and oxygen. They rape the Wild Yam.

You may have guessed by this point that consuming an alkaline diet is key. Dr. Sebi says to stay healthy one should eat less glucose rich food, starch rich food, drink lots of water, inhale natural fresh oxygen, exercise and work, avoid solid … These foods are produced and marketed by Dr. Sebi’s company Cell Food. Union, a union that is based on the chemical affinity. Did that make sense? When God made a Dandelion plant and you see that Dandelion plant releasing at the spring those little balls, they go into the air. Lets start with what we learn from our chefs. Editor’s note, 7th of August 2016: We are sad to report that Dr. Sebi died yesterday while imprisoned in Honduras. It is a hybrid mushroom. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Moreover, mucous in the retina of the eye will cause blindness; if it is found around the thyroid gland, cancer of the thyroid is the result. Around the age of 30, Dr. Sebi’s unhealthy lifestyle led him to suffer from various conditions like diabetes, obesity, asthma, and ED. Dr. Sebi says to stay healthy one should eat less glucose rich food, starch rich food, drink lots of water, inhale natural fresh oxygen, exercise and work, avoid solid food. I need to know for once and all simply to reduce my high blood pressure As it happens, he has been curing some of the most deadly diseases on the planet for almost 30 years. But, he first reduced intake of Lactose, Uric Acids, Non Carbonic Acid (nonvolatile acid), Starch, Milk, and Meat. They call it starch. Now when I look at my African brothers eating garri, you think I feel good?

This book has to offer you 12 Delicious Dr. Sebi Smoothie Recipes to Cleanse and Revitalize Your Body by Following an Alkaline Diet Through Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide. Who never hides the truth if asked. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. But out of that particular understanding comes many things now. His claim was “It is impossible for you to get sick if your iron levels are up to par”.

Dr. Sebi believed that the raw and live foods were “electric,” which fought the acidic food waste in the body. Apart from these books, Dr. Sebi has his own team doctors and a company that manufactures compound products to treat and cure all sorts of diseases. You see. It’s inorganic silica. Is it just because they are not too acid and not hybrid? Dr. Sebi uses the CHO system. Dr Sebi cured his very first patient by making a compound, and giving that to the patient, of Phosphate, Carbonate, Iodine, and Bromide; that to vitalize the body- he says. No.

They call it cassava. For example, if there is excess mucous in the bronchial tubes, the disease is bronchitis; if it is in the lungs, the disease is pneumonia; in the pancreatic duct, it is diabetes; in the joints, arthritis.”. The basis behind Dr. Sebi’s approach is clearing the body of excessive mucous, which is believed to be the root of all disease. When he instead furnished 70 witnesses to support his argument — showing without a doubt that he did in truth heal all the diseases listed in the ad — the judge declared the doctor not guilty on all counts. And before we close out, Dr. Sebi can you please talk a bit about gluten, I’ve got a cofession for you [Dr. Sebi: Oh gluten], yes, yes.. Dr Sebi: I remember when I was a Seventh Day Adventist, and Seventh Day Adventists specialize in Gluten and gluten again is starch. (All hybrid food) Hybrid Foods. The story of Dr. Sebi starts with curing himself and then others of addiction, obesity, aging, cancer, vision and depression. If your favorite food is missing from the list, our research and results have proven that it has no nutritional value and may be detrimental to your health.” [source].

That man is crazy, he’s ignorant. (All hybrid food). All rights reserved. So for that to be chemical affinity with a hundred has to be what? Basically, disease will arise in the body wherever there’s an accumulation of this stagnant toxin. To read about the circumstances surrounding his death, as well as tributes to his life and work, please read the article Dr. Sebi, Renowned Holistic Doctor, Dies in Police Custody in Honduras. Am i right? According to Dr. Sebi, blood and starch in the diet are the main reasons we can be overrun with clogging plaque. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The book is a tribute to Dr. Sebi and follows his teachings. What we have today is a version far from the one Dr. Sebi was recommending. Also, drinking plenty of fluids to flush out toxins is crucial. Here is the list of products his company produces. Dr. Sebi-approved foods – How to slow down or reverse disease with Dr. Sebi’s diet? To note Carrot is a starch. If want to learn How to Naturally Detox the Liver, Reverse Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Through Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet.

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