Then Donna learns from Alex that Kay is keeping it a secret so that she can stay working longer. Alex growing a mustache turns out to be quite a controversial event in the Stone household. Smitty feels like he's being used by Jeff. Donna disapproves and enjoys seeing the young women make the boys see the errors of their ways, Jeff most of all. Donna fills in for the director of Mary's drama group when he is called to Hollywood for a part in a movie. Trisha "decorated" the living room wall and then Donna finds out that Alex invited company over for dinner.

Mary was a typical teenage girl of the time, pretty, popular, and prone to bouts of insecurity now and then.

Aunt Lettie is coming to visit, so Donna and Alex try to find the wedding present she gave them so she would be certain to see it. He's a good boy and hardly ever cries. After much pleading, Donna finally gives Jeff permission to play high school football. Donna finds an abandoned baby on her doorstep. As Jeff's graduation approaches Donna looks back fondly on her son's early year and escapades.

S01:E18 - It's the Principle of the Thing. But don't monkey around with Donna Stone! Donna tries to get a concert pianist to perform at a benefit at the same time Jeff is trying to raise money for a football tackling dummy.

So how will they do in the upcoming car rally where it's the girls against the boys? Alex and Dave are less then thrilled with the idea, so they try to discourage them. Alex caves in to Donna and allows the baby to stay for the time being.

This drives him to find out who she might be, anxiously looking around at school, but no luck.

Frantic Donna and Alex try to stop Jeff and Bebe from getting married. As Alex puts it, ""springtime has come to Petie!"" Mrs. Haskell needs the money to pay for the bus that will take the class to the picnic. Donna agrees to take a group of boys camping. Alex buys Donna the very expensive evening gown she modeled in a fashion show.

But don't monkey around with Donna … Trisha's friend, Nancy, has been pampered too much by her indulgent grandfather. To top it off, Ricky comes over and brags about how his dad is taking him on an exciting camping trip this weekend.

Her baby is sick and her husband lost his job due to illness. They soon realize that leading a humdrum existence is what they want. The family becomes involved in recovering old debts. She avoids him and quickly changes it back to the color it was whew! Jeff plays an outstanding baseball game and is soon approached by scouts. Can Mr. Trestle's sage advice possibly do Jeff and the guys any good and stop the conflict?

Alex and Jeff go camping in order to spend more time together, but the trip turns out to be a plot cooked up by Jeff to meet his friends. Mary decides to forsake college and embark on a singing career. Alex must contend with overly anxious new parents who constantly call him in a state of panic, thinking that there is something wrong with their baby. Mary gets an engagement ring and phone calls from Matt, a freshman at UCLA, but doesn't tell anyone in the family about the ring or why Matt is calling.

The Stones' application for a card was rejected.

When Donna decides to run for town council, Jeff and Mary agree to take care of the house.

Now what could possibly happen? Donna and Alex spend weeks attempting to assemble a complicated stereo set for Jeff's birthday—unaware that Jeff and Smitty sneak in every night to repair the mess.

She has an idea to make Midge happy. Working towards getting Seasons 6,7,and 8 on DVD! Jeff sees an opportunity to gain popularity by using it for a fraternity party. He tests himself by going to a strange town without any money to see whether or not he can make it on his own. Donna and Alex try to arrange a family weekend. Jeff learns a valuable lesson in humility. Was the radar unit accurate or not? Not wanting to disappoint Mary and Jeff (who are both experts at verbally matching wits and insults wit.

Donna applies for a credit card at a department store and is denied.

Eventually, Jeff and Smitty use a radio wave locator to find her.

Then the expenses mount up, as she needs the School instruction book, the School grooming aids, etc. 1.7K likes. Donna and Alex have second thought about spending the weekend in the mountains in the same cabin with the Kelseys.

Watch The Donna Reed Show Free Online.

Will Donna's plan work?

Midge isn't happy and Dave tries to change his former flame's mind. Alex mutters the word Pinafink in his sleep,and Donna tries to figure out what it means.Alex doesn't remember at first-but later he realizes what he was saying.He keeps the secret from Donna for a while.

Will their romantic friendship last through this experience? She then tries to read the lengthy novel in a week... Jeff's class has a new teacher, Miss McGuinness. Jeff likes the idea of going to Alaska, Saudi Arabia, Malaya, Australia, and doing whatever he wants, just like Uncle Dan. Could he, oh, I don't know lose it?

How can Donna and Alex break it to her that they can't keep Tiny?

The tree outside Donna's house: does it belong to Donna or to the city?

Yeah, she wants to go to the dance now! When they separate, the 2 girls manage to get lost trying to drive home. Donna calls to state they can not attend. This is the very first episode of the long-running series, in which audiences were introduced to the beloved Stone family.

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